Hi there, I am Shirley Chio. I’m a Beauty, Wellness, Fashion, Food and Travel Blogger, Virtual Assistant Philippines, Customer Chat & Email Management Assistant, Social Media Assistant, and a PhD/ MBA Dissertation Help. I am an Industrial Engineer and a Former Banker who retired early, transitioned my life to being an online travel food and beauty blogger, and since then, has been living my life around a world with no doors. In addition to the valuable knowledge gained from my research, I was able to add to my skills being a great content curator, a Digital Social Media Marketer, and a Chat and Email Management Customer Service Admin Assistant. As of this writing, October 2017, I am 50 years old.


My digital life started in November 2006. I had been blogging almost any topic that holds my interest and had fun with it. This website is now the home of my life’s work. The central question I am trying to answer is


How do you stay Forever 30 (or at least younger looking, you know what I mean), while maintaining a profitable blog online that gives you a comfortable life and just be happy doing the things you love to do?


In short…


How do you earn money from your passion and simply enjoy life?




How do you earn money from your blog, stay looking younger longer and pretty, and enjoy the benefits of travel, while offering your list of services online?



In order to answer those questions, I made a lot of research that is worthy of your time. As I share these highly searchable quality content and informative ideas for living a better life, I also applied some to myself.


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I am the founder of this blog, 2GoSelfies.com. In 2006, I was able to network with many bloggers around the world, and made a lot of friends online, until I got so busy completing all my PhD research paper assignments, that I stopped writing with my personal blog and eventually, lost contact with them.


I must say in this year, after over 10 years, if I could turn back the hands of time, I would continue speaking with them, because I missed having real like minded friends.


…So, I decided to do this:


I bought this domain 2GoSelfies to document my life events so it may inspire others, help those who need company in their misery, motivate depressed people, and share a life that is just all ME.


You are welcome to read my travels and everything else about what I write here. Someday, you will overcome your fears and your insecurities. I promise you would if you will just blog and take selfies as you go!



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