ACEF Lending Program For Farming And Fishing

ACEF Lending Program For Farming And Fishing

The Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF) Lending Program aims to increase the productivity of the farmers and the fishermen by providing the necessary credit to them as individuals and their cooperatives and associations, which includes the acquisition and establishment of production, postharvest and processing machineries, equipment and facilities, farm inputs and improvement. A maximum of P5 million can be availed by the farmer and fisherfolk cooperatives, associations, and micro and small scale enterprises (MSEs). A maximum of P1 million can be availed by individual farmers and fishermen.


The ACEF is a special purpose fund created by the Republic Act 8178, called as the Agricultural Tarification Act, out of the proceeds of the in-quota MAV importations to help the agricultural sector become globally competitive, viable, efficient and sustainable.


The fund has been assigned an account called Special Account 183 which is automatically appropriated in the General Fund. The fund release shall not be subjected to any ceiling by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).


As a continuing fund, the fund will continue to be set aside up to the year 2015 after which setting aside of the amount shall terminate. However, any remaining balance(s) at the date of expiration of the fund shall not revert to the General Fund but shall continue to be used for the purpose for which it was collected and set aside.


The Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF) shall finance projects and activities that will help enhance the competitiveness of the agriculture and/or fisheries sectors.



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The fund shall be specifically used for the Capital Outlay (CO) expenditure and MOOE requirements of projects and for public investments such as public markets cold chain infrastructure, access roads and similar products. The total expenditures on all projects for ACEF assistance shall not exceed the available resources in Special Account 183.


The Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) shall manage the credit facility that includes determining the eligibility requirements and setting the required loan security or collateral and reasonable interest for the loan.


See the ACEF business plan for individual farmers/ fishermen below

ACEF business plan for individual farmers fisherfolk



Eligible project proponents

Cooperatives/associations of Filipino farmers and fisherfolk;


Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (MSMEs) in agriculture, aquaculture, and fisheries sectors;


Agriculture and fishery cooperatives and other entrepreneurs engaged in economic enterprises related to agriculture and fisheries;


Government organizations such as Local Government Units (LGUs), government corporations, and other local and national government agencies who have joint venture undertakings with farmers, fisherfolk, women’s group, young agriculture and fisheries graduates, peoples organizations (POs) and indigenous peoples (IPs); and


Academic and educational institutions such as State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and private academic institutions with business arrangements/tie-up with farmer’s/fisherfolk’s cooperatives/associations or private entities primarily engaged in agriculture or fisheries in the locality where the SUC is situated.


Eligible projects for ACEF financing



Eligible projects for ACEF financing



Farm to market roads


Agri-based production and post-production and processing activities


Post Harvest equipment and facilities




Research and development assistance and commercialization of such, including the upgrading of research facilities;


Marketing infrastructure


Provision of market information, public information and promotional activities


Training and extension services


See the ACEF business plan for organizations and cooperatives or the like below

ACEF business plan for organizaiton cooperatives



Funding of a comprehensive undergraduate scholarship program for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary medicine and graduate studies in environmental and marine science, hydrology, renewable energy, and agri-business management programs


Other forms of assistance and support as recommended by the ACEF Project Executive Committee (Execom)which shall include but not limited to management services, agricultural pest and disease management, institutional capacity/capability strengthening activities and project proposal/feasibility study (FS) preparation. Also included are assistance for the protection of farmers against unfair trade practices such as smuggling, dumping of agricultural products or other similar acts of unfair trade practices as recommended by the Executive Committee (ExeCom).


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The ACEF is an ongoing loan and grant program of the national government for agriculture and fisheries. Its main objective is to increase the productivity and cut costs of agricultural and fisheries producers through the provision of loans to income generating and competitiveness enhancing projects, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


Seaweed industry players in the Philippines are encouraged to take advantage of the P5 billion funds provided by the government under the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF) lending program to help the industry regain its position as leading seaweed producer in the world. The seaweed sector exports 90% of its total production and the ACEF may be able to boost the aquatic resources, including seaweed farming.



Submit your application to

Land Bank Lending Centers anywhere Philippines


Loan application can now be availed in a particular LBP Lending Centers nationwide LBP Lending Units (listed below). For any inquiries, the ACEF Program Management Secretariat (PMS), formerly the ACEF National Technical Secretariat (NTS), may be contacted through telephone numbers 922-0930 or 928-8751 to 65 local 2230/2231.

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