Drink Alcohol To Age Fast, Gain Weight!

Drinking alcohol can make you gain weight fast

There are many stories about drinking alcohol but these two are the most scary, gaining weight and getting wrinkles! Drinking too much alcohol can make you age faster by causing the appearance of premature wrinkles, loss of collagen and skin elasticity, dehydration and puffiness. Indeed, it can highly impact your weight loss program as well as skin care.


Meaning? Although this has a lot to do with the frequency and the amount of alcohol you take, too much alcohol consumption can definitely make you ugly in a few weeks! To begin with, you get no beneficial nutrients from alcohol.


Whenever you take in alcohol, it would be the first fuel your body burns. Although this does not stop you from losing weight, it can potentially postpone the day you are going to get rid of your body fat.


You can still enjoy alcohol when trying to lose weight but by making better choices and in moderation. It can be a good or bad company depending on how much and how often.


For many people, this can be a deal breaker. You may drink alcohol but just be aware that your body will always metabolize alcohol first before metabolizing fat, which may lead to alcoholic fatty liver disease and an increased appetite.



In addition to giving you difficulty losing your belly fat, it can also lower self-control when it comes to eating healthy food. If you want to lose weight, it is best to stop drinking alcohol until you get the results you want.


Most people do not know alcoholic beverages supplies calories. Beer is made from grains, malt and yeast. They don’t call it a beer belly for nothing. Malt beverages give nearly 10% of your daily value.


Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, but unlike food it is quickly absorbed by the body. How alcohol contributes to weight gain is because it provides a source of quick calories and the liver work on it first before fat, protein or carbohydrate.


Drinking alcohol provides a stimulating effect, makes you crave for food at the time of consumption, lowers the testosterone levels, and stops your body from being a fat burner. Most beers should be avoided entirely or consumed minimally if you’re limiting your carbohydrate intake. Add alcohol only if it does not slow down your weight loss plan.


A lower testosterone means less muscle gain, which could result in a lower metabolic rate. Just see the gradual balloon effect on your stomach.


Drinking alcohol may look socially glamorous, but raising a glass every now and then could make you ugly. Alcohol takes on the toll on your body and your looks.


Alcohol leaves your skin dehydrated and dry, which can make it more likely to wrinkle. This is what the author of the Slim for Life book says, “Drinking batters your liver, kidneys, and pancreas, causes obesity, and shrinks your brain.”


How you look and feel when you are older depends on how you live your life when you were younger. To a great extent, beauty and health means making good choices early on. That means you need to get rid of the bad habits now!


You probably realize too much alcohol can make you put on more weight faster. Believe me, it can be responsible in making yourself look much older than your age. The calorie content for a glass of wine is similar to the number of calories found in a slice of sponge cake and a pint of cider is the same as a sugared doughnut.


Drinking alcohol can facilitate aging



Effects on skin care

Alcoholic beverages dehydrate your body as well as robs it of Vitamin A, which is critical for cell renewal. Over drinking can age you rapidly. It not only accelerates aging, but exaggerates it as well.


Alcohol dehydrates the skin that is why it looks dull and tired. It dilates the face blood vessels, thus making it more likely to end up with spidery red thread veins. It is diuretic and sucks the moisture out of your skin. Because alcohol dehydrates, it can lead to fine lines and wrinkles that is visible almost immediately called as drink wrinkles drinkles!


Even a few drinks here and there can give immediate effects, such as bleary eyes, beer belly, bloating, redness, and blotchy dry skin. Drinking alcohol causes zinc deficiency that results in a dull hair with split ends, which may pretty much result in hair loss.


Drinking alcohol causes hair dehydration and makes it more prone to breaking including split ends. Regular drinking can leave it dry and brittle, while too much drinking depletes the iron levels and causes hair loss.


Alcohol increases circulation in the face and dilates blood vessels, which may result in broken capillaries. It can cause alcoholic optic neuritis and, eventually lead to blindness. Mostly, they caused impairment of vision.


Spider angiomas develop. Your blood vessels (the spider legs) radiate out in all directions and blanch when pressure is applied. They usually appear on the face, chest, arms, hands, neck and abdomen. Besides the tendency to pulsate, they are associated with liver cirrhosis due to the elevated estrogen levels.


Because you lose water and electrolytes, your tissues swell and makes your face appear puffy besides the noticeable dry skin. In fact, rosacea, which is a skin disorder that often results in a facial disfigurement, has been linked to alcohol.


While seeing you drink alcohol or champagne is glamorous, drinking too much affects the way you look. Drinking batters your liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Drinking too much alcohol can result in more permanent, detrimental effects on the skin.


It destroys brain cells, shrinks your brain, and dehydrates your body. It weakens your eyesight and causes obesity. You can continue the list about how it can create havoc to your looks. You are more prone to age spots too.


Alcohol is diuretic. It makes you pee more, dehydrate your skin, and puts you at a risk of developing eczema. The skin disease is caused by dry skin and often results in an itchy and irritated skin. One of the main reasons this disease strikes is dehydration.


It also impairs your immune system. Several studies find bacterial and fungal skin infections common to those who drink excessively.


Drinking can cause acne due to the imbalance of the testosterone and estrogen levels. In addition, it can cause candida to overgrow, which is a fungus that results in skin outbreaks similar to acne.


Drinking makes you fat

Startling news for the party goers who didn’t expect to increase their waistlines – drinking alcohol can make you fat! Weight loss experts tell anyone who is on a diet to lay off the booze.


Alcohol is very high in calories and very fattening. To make matters worse, it lowers the blood sugar levels, which makes you hungry and likely overeat.


If you go into the NHS website, you will be informed that a glass of wine has as many calories as a slice of cake. Two pints of beer contain almost the same calories with a full glass of single cream. This surprising truth was disclosed by the British Nutrition Foundation.


Counter study

Drinking may not make you gain weight. The University of Denmark conducted a study composed of 43,500 people in 6 years. Daily drinkers were found to demonstrate the smallest waist.


The University College of Medical School in London conducted a study composed of 49,300 women in 8 years. The researchers found that women who drank below 30 grams a day, which is about 2 medium glasses of wine, were 24% less likely to put on weight.



Your liver recognizes the byproducts of alcohol as toxins. Your body takes care of the toxins first before it processes nutrients from food. As a result, it may burn empty alcohol calories first.


By the time it thinks it should burn food calories, your body may not need the energy. Thus, it ends up storing the extra calories as fat cells.


Besides, drinking can make you hungry because it doesn’t satisfy the way food does. So, there is the culprit of the weight gain. In fact, alcohol makes you want to eat more!


Don’t you know that alcohol triggers cravings mainly for junk food? When you sip more than one drink per hour, your liver can’t metabolize the alcohol fast enough to keep up, leaving more of the booze and the junk food cravings to mess up your neurocircuitry.


A Canadian study revealed the consumption of alcohol before a meal can increase your caloric intake. If you are trying to lose weight, you just have to ditch alcohol to help your body lose the extra pounds.


What happens when you are 40 and still drinking?

Alcohol affects just about every system, because it is a small molecule that goes anywhere in the body. From the gut to the heart, the blood vessels to the skin, its effects are all pervasive.


But, why the effects of drinking are so much worse when you are over 40? The organs that metabolize alcohol, such as the liver and the stomach shrink as you get older, so the alcohol stays in your system longer.


Because the total fluid in the body is a lot less when you are over 40, it may be simpler to understand why you get more dehydrated as you get older. When the alcohol is distributed in the blood, it gets more concentrated and does not break down as quickly as it would in the bloodstream of a 20 year old.


Several studies find chronic alcohol abusers and people who drink a little too much on a regular basis having problems related to the liver. It may start out a little fatty, but if the heavy drinking continues, the fat and the inflammation start to create scar tissues and the liver begins to shrink resulting in liver cirrhosis.


However, the liver has the ability to heal itself. Just give it the chance to regenerate. Cancer diseases most closely linked to alcohol consumption are those of the mouth, esophagus, bowel, breast and throat. The more you drink, the higher your risk would be, because the ethanol in alcohol is broken down into acetaldehyde, which damages DNA and directly impacts cells that cause cancer.


If you drink and smoke at the same time, you literally increase your risk of mouth and throat cancer, because alcohol makes cells more responsive to the toxins produced by the tobacco smoke.


Studies also show that drinking suppresses the hormone leptin, which is one reason you tend to overeat when drinking. As a sugar source, the alcohol raises insulin and turns on fat storage by increasing fatty deposits in the liver.


When you reach middle age, the excess sugar is already seen as the stomach bulge or beer belly, also known as the fat storage around the stomach. If you intend to keep your slim and fit body shape, then consume less alcohol!




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Drinking can make you fat. It can definitely make you gain weight and develop a beer belly! But what you do not know is that the beer belly you often ignore may signal you already have a metabolic syndrome and that your uric acid levels are too high. The alcohol not only causes your body to produce uric acid, it also blocks the kidneys from excreting the compound. In short, any type of alcoholic beverage may cause hyperuricemia or elevated uric acid levels.


Beer may raise uric acid levels more than other types of alcoholic beverages because it is a rich source of guanosine, which is a type of purine that is most readily absorbed by the body. Purine breaks down into uric acid and has a greater impact on uric acid levels than other forms of alcohol.

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