APA Citations, End References And Format Sample Paper

Writing can be totally different when it comes to APA formatted academic essays. I need to refer to this APA Format Sample Paper every now and then, to make sure I got the right format. The APA writing style can be tricky. You have many things and rules to refer with each time you make a paper. One reason this blog came into being is to help me locate a specific APA rule quickly because I organized everything as I would do with my desktop folders.


If you cite a work discussed in a secondary source, make sure you indicate the secondary source in the reference list; within the text, also put the name of the original work, and create the citation for the secondary text.


Use n.d. (no date) when a publication date is not available. Also use the URL that links the entry to the home page if there are multiple URLs within that web site.


You can split a “www” at a “/” or “\” to maintain the one inch margin on the right. If information is obtained from a document on the Internet, provide the Internet address for the document at the end of the retrieval statement.


If the information is obtained from an aggregated database, providing the name of the database is sufficient; no address is needed.



The APA, which is short for American Psychological Association, is commonly used to cite various sources. For me, this is the easiest way to create an in-text citation and the reference page. There are many tools in the internet you can use to make the APA citation. Just make sure the tool has been updated with the latest 6th edition APA manual guide.



The most comprehensive guide for the APA format is the

  1. Purdue Online Writing Lab
  2. APA Style Org
  3. University Guide For APA Citations



There are two major components to the APA style, namely the in-text citation and the detailed reference list at the end of the document. All in-text citations must have its corresponding entry at the reference list. The citations specifically credit the source for the reader within the body of the document and at the end of the document.


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