Aramintas Souvenir Shop In Coron, Palawan

Aramintas Souvenir Shop, Coron

If the word souvenir brings to mind buying your friends and family novelty gifts, then I guess you can spend an hour or so in this popular holiday gift shop. Many people like a little something that was literally purchased from your travel destinations. Because souvenirs are always linked with the places you had visited, you can shop for keepsakes at the Aramintas souvenir shop.


Keep the memories of your travel and bring it back with you. At the Aramintas, they sell a variety of souvenir products, such as bags, bracelets, decors, and even nuts.


Actually, I found out that buying souvenirs in local native gift shops can be fun in Coron. There were trinkets that may cost more in Cebu. For example, one bracelet costs P300 to P500 in Cebu, but you can buy for only P100 here in Coron.


If you think they are money wasted on meaningless trinkets and knick knacks, think again! The souvenir items were really beautiful and worth to the last centavo you’ve paid for them, especially if you are a foreign tourist.


The Aramintas Arts and Crafts products were mostly made by the indigenous groups living around Palawan. The store is very easy to find, because it is located along the main street of the Coron Town.


Aramintas Souvenir Shop, Photos by Shirley ChioShirley Chio In Aramintas Coron Palawan

Photos taken August 19 2017 at Aramintas Souvenir Shop In Coron, Palawan, Philippines


Handcrafted by the local artists of Palawan and some groups of the Palawan tribe, you can see affordable, unique wallets and coin purses made out of sea shells that were collected from the shorelines of Palawan.


They also offer useful home accessories made out of carved and painted woods. You can buy for P35 each or buy 3 for a P100. Get yours now and enjoy them with your relatives.


Guess what, if you are a bit business minded, you can purchase the items at a wholesale price and sell them back to your place. When you buy the items at wholesale, they will give you a much lower price.


Don’t you just love necklaces and pendants made from sea shells, carabao bones, and pearls? I bought plenty for my own use. I just love to wear native pendants made from carabao bones.


You can tell when you touch the souvenir items that they were really dried animal bones and horns made into a unique fashion jewelry. The Aramintas make use of real carabao bones and horns, sea shells, and tree barks for their pendants, bracelets and other decorative headwear and body accessories.


The designs were simple and pretty amazing. Seeing them, they are very interesting, fashionable and vogue. The jewelries and other products were unique fashion statements of the local artists in Coron.


Aramintas Arts & Crafts CoronAramintas arts & Crafts, Coron Palawan


Common souvenirs

Common souvenirs from the Philippines are crafts made of wood, sea shells or from a carabao bone and horn. Usually, in Coron you can buy cashew nuts prepared in a variety of ways.



Store hours: Monday to Sunday 8am to 9pm



How to reach the Aramintas


San Agustin Street corner Calle Real Street

Barangay 3, Coron 5316, Palawan, Philippines

Mobile: 0917 506 8578


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