These Timeless Ideas Can Help Attract More Visitors To Your Blog

attract more visitors to your blog SEO

Gain more traffic to your small business blog. Expose your brand anywhere. Take your show on the road. Optimize your headline and content URL for the search engines. Use keywords in your headline and content URL. These strategies have been proven time and time again for small business marketing. Using these proven formulas is smart and effective. At least you know that you do not need to experiment from scratch. Innovation is important, but they already done it, so just follow them!


Don’t be afraid to borrow what you have seen work from elsewhere, but try to figure out how other sites bring in visitors and try their techniques. You do not have to copy directly. Just tweak things to suit your own needs and audience.


Repurpose content. Reuse what works until it doesn’t work any longer. Look through your old content and think about how you can reuse and tweak your content into something that would attract the attention of potential customers.


Repurposing content means finding new ways to recycle your existing content and reformatting them for different mediums. Only repurpose the evergreen content you have so it stays valuable and relevant.


The best way to do this is to dig into your Google Analytics and see what your most popular posts have been over the past few months. Figure out why it performs so well and what works for your audience.



For improved click rates, you can take those blog posts into a complete guide that you may use in your lead generation efforts. Work hard on crafting quality blog posts so they don’t become lost and forgotten. Recycle old blog posts and they will live to serve your readers longer.


Multiple pieces of content around the same topic can generate additional opportunities to target a desired keyword. Repetition can be good in sending a message that really sinks in.


Content repurposing doesn’t just mean that you reuse the old piece you have in your archive. True repurposing requires that we alter it to make it fresh and appealing to a new audience.


Modifying content this way is a straightforward process. You may be able to salvage majority of your archive by changing a few details, such as adding a quick note at the beginning or end.


Quality content can lead to new ideas, stories and articles on your own blog. Your new content can easily be the spark for your outreach efforts and guest posts. This improves your SEO with relevant, high quality links back to your site.


Another trick is to repurpose content on social media and see if you can catch the attention of potential customers on these sites. You may not need to create extra content or blog posts from scratch.


Just add a few touches to tailor your evergreen content and you are good to scale your traffic. Google and the search engines penalize websites only if you excessively copy blog content in a manipulative manner.


repurpose content and experiment response of target market


With a repurposed content, you only try to increase the awareness of your brand, so you do not violate Google’s guidelines. Repurposing can be like experimenting with infographics and videos, which is good for your content marketing strategy.


You can actually start building your brand and get your site in front of people through your content. There is no other magic formula for content marketing success, but this simplest, easy to follow idea.


Despite what some would have you believe, it is not easy to create maximum impact. Try to vary the length and format of your content to make it as appealing as possible to different kinds of readers.



Get links. Repurposing content can be a big time saver for online entrepreneurs. In short, create many remarkable link worthy content. More links means more traffic and more traffic means more potential customers.


Get social and promote your content. Be active on social media. For example, if you have a Twitter account, you can join in group discussions with relevant hashtags.


Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and success is difficult to achieve without it. No matter how much time and effort you spent in building your website, if you are not getting traffic, you will not make money online.


You can start making friends with influencers and other great content creators and hope they would link back to you. Recognize that content is king so amaze them with your content.


Writing quality content is far more likely to be shared. This results in more backlinks to your small business blog.


A good online business blog is like having an extra employee that works for you 24/7. Online entrepreneurship is not easy, but maybe you can improve your SEO and search engine credibility when you repurpose content.



Internal linking. The strength of your link profile isn’t solely determined by how many sites link back to you. It can also be affected by your internal linking structure.


Internal links are hyperlinks that point to a specific post in the same domain. Linking your content to another page on the same website can be your cornerstone in increasing traffic to your website.


The links allow users to easily navigate within the site for related content, help establish information hierarchy and boost the spread of link equity around the website. Internal links are most useful in spreading link equity.


You build an SEO friendly site architecture through your internal links. Strategic internal linking is an SEO power technique, especially for content marketing, but is one of the most straightforward and simplest ways to experience an SEO uptick.


You can do thins on an going basis. In keeping with the content theme of internal liking, your internal links should use anchor text.


Use links that are natural for the reader. Internal linking requires a user focused approach to adding value and information.


The link value that gets distributed throughout the site is secondary to the key point, which is providing value to the reader. When a user sees an informative link that truly matches the context of the content, they are more likely to click on that link.


small business marketing repurpose content


Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number. 3 or 4 links are acceptable depends on the length of the post.


Do not create massive blocks of site wide footer links because it can quickly multiply into tens of thousands of spam links. Many websites were hit by the search engines because of this practice.


Also, make sure that your pages are technically optimized as possible. This includes your image file sizes, page structure and the functionality of third party plugins.


Write, publish and repeat. Over time, you will have hundreds of posts that link to each other. Link your old articles to your new articles.


If you are a newbie, you can actually improve your SEO through internal linking and you can do this as you write and publish a post. No need to hurry.


Internal linking increases the backlink earning potential of deep content pages. When you create an internal link with an anchor text as opposed to with an image or navigational text, the value of the internal link goes up.

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