AIM Scholarship And Financial Aid Programs

The Asian Institute of Management MBA and MDM Scholarship Programs are available to Asia’s vibrant pool of aspiring graduates. The institute provides full or partial scholarships to exceptionally qualified students wanting to pursue Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master in Development Management (MDM). These students are chosen not only for their potential to enrich discussions in their case rooms and encourage wider worldviews among the student body, but for their ability to contribute to their own organizations and communities upon graduation.

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Fluoride Turns Children Into Zombies Of Low IQ

The ability of fluoride to damage the brain reminds me of the movie I just saw – zombies! Several studies claimed the overexposure in varying levels can damage the human brain (not yet a zombie) and reduce intelligence or develop an impaired capacity to learn. Water fluoridation and putting fluoride in toothpaste have been creating debates around communities across the world. Is this toxic fertilizer byproduct used to prevent caries and tooth decay doing us harm?

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Dietary Intervention Is Key in Losing Weight Fast And In Preventing Metabolic Syndrome

We all know the billion dollar weight loss industry is full of tricks and myths. We get all sorts of crazy advice from know-it-all individuals who are trying to get some kind of confirmation what they do is right and effective. Well, if you want to be their guinea pig, then go follow, but if not, try to read more about nutrition and plant based fat loss strategies that are easier and proven to be safe. Just how do you lose weight fast in a world surrounded with addictive processed food products and fast food takeaway restaurants?

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You Age Less, Lose Fat Fast With The Omega 3 Anti Aging Properties

Help yourself lose weight fast and age less with one vitamin supplement – Omega 3! The Omega 3 is composed of essential fatty acids, also known as the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), that the body cannot produce, but plays a crucial role in your anti aging skin care goals, brain function, normal growth and development, and your weight and fat loss. The Omega 3 enhances the ability of the skin to hold onto water, which results in a better structural skin support that promotes wrinkle prevention and eliminate existing mild wrinkles. It can improve the moisture, softness, texture, and quality of your skin.

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How Interlinking And Pingbacks Drive Visitors To Your Blog?

Trackbacks and pingbacks are tools that can drive traffic to your website and help you earn money from your blog. However, they are often used interchangeably by most people. Actually, a trackback has been designed to show up the link plus a short excerpt of the post, while the pingback only shows the URL. They both were designed to alert publishers when someone links to their articles. Many blog applications support the trackback functionality without the need for extra intervention from the blogger. This way the pingback or trackback link can increase traffic to both the blogs.

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Can Eating Papaya Help You Lose Weight And Look Younger?

Consuming papaya can be just your plane ticket to an effective weight and fat loss remedy. Its high dietary fiber content helps lower cholesterol, promotes digestion, and reduce fat absorption. The papaya extract does a good job in reducing fat absorption and flushing out some calories. Indeed, a very cheap way to boost weight loss. There are many benefits you derived from using the papaya extract, such as healthier looking and beautiful skin, improved digestion, reduced inflammation, stronger hair, and increased energy levels. However, you should understand that eating a papaya fruit is not the same as using the papaya extract!

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Philippine Permanent Visa

How To Get A Philippine Permanent Resident Visa?

The Permanent Resident Visa of the Philippines is only available to citizens of a country that grants permanent residence and immigration privileges to the citizens of the Philippines. Under the Philippine Immigration Act of 1950, Section 13(a), an alien whose country has an immigration reciprocity agreement with the Philippines is eligible to apply for a permanent residency in the Philippines. The visa is issued to an alien based on its valid marriage to a Philippine citizen.

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How To Franchise Jollibee?

Joining the Jollibee Group is a winning investment. Through the years, the brand has developed into a company with the image that prizes customers above anything else. This is due to the fact that Jollibee has always been up to date with current customer trends, and keeping a keen eye to what their customers are looking for. By constantly introducing new products, and keeping in touch with their customers through various programs and promotions, they practically developed marketing campaigns that truly touched the customers’ sentiments.

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The History Of Krispy Kreme

From the moment you enter any store of Krispy Kreme, you will immediately know you are not in an ordinary doughnut shop. Once you step through the doors, you enter what you would call as doughnut theater, where you see the kitchen and share the fun of watching how doughnuts are made with good taste from heaven. The company’s strategy is very clear. It simply combines good taste with show business!

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