Weight Loss? Eat Avocado

avocado helps lose weight

Cut through the noise and confusion from the online weight loss program advertisements and indulge your way back to beauty and health by simply eating avocados! Avocados are surprisingly a delicious alternative for high fat butter, and eating them is one nutritious way to boost fat loss. Combined with weight training, you’ll enhance your metabolism and thus, shape up your body faster.


You won’t believe how food manufacturers have been designing their menu to fill up your bellies like landfills. To counter their remarkable efforts, you just have to learn how to combine simple recipes at home with store bought meals at your favorite restaurants and create a week of ultimate nutrition. Eat and beat the fat!


Together, let us discover the secret that will help strip away the pounds and reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes. Never buy a food with a full day’s worth of calories, salt, fat or trans fat in one order. You might have heard about the avocado, which is called as king of all fruits.


The cure and control of obesity and other countless diseases may just be this single fruit. The avocado is nutrient dense and found to be highly beneficial against cardiovascular diseases, raised cholesterols and diabetes.


Experts agreed that the increased consumption of processed food and a diet rich in saturated fats are the major cause of cardiovascular diseases. To avoid getting sick, the trick here is to lower the intake of saturated fats and increase the amount of good fats that may just come from the avocado fruit.



Studies show that getting good fats into your body can help curb overeating and encourage the body to burn up extra calories for energy. If you plan to maximize fat burn, you just have to take advantage of the nutritious health benefits of the avocado.


Avocados are a very rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium, and dietary fiber. The oleic acid and the lutein are also present in significant amounts.


The oleic acid has been found to reduce breast cancer while the lutein is an antioxidant that provides special eye health benefits. The silky texture of avocado is one delicious way to help your body maintain the proper levels of hormones capable of stimulating weight loss and muscle building.


It reduces your appetite hours after your meal. It prevents oxidation and production of free radicals as well as contains folate that reduces the dangerous homocysteine levels in the blood.


The avocado oil is beneficial in controlling high cholesterol levels and most helpful in regulating blood pressure. Other than Vitamin B6, avocado contains glutathione and monosaturated fats that are also helpful in the maintenance of a healthy heart.


eat avocado lose weight



Smaller waist

Until you are ready to embrace a lifestyle change, you are not going to succeed in losing weight. Food choices are critical to weight loss management.


If you are ready to battle the bulge, keep in mind that both the almond and avocado fats promote cardiovascular health, reverse heart disease, eliminate plaque in arteries, and of course, your favorite, help you lose weight.


If your goal is to follow a lean and clean smoothie diet, the avocado fats and fiber are a good choice for you. The fruit contains higher amount of fiber that makes you feel full, which makes it easier controlling the appetite.


The special types of fat help the body absorb nutrients from plant foods and nourish the skin besides making you feel full. The potassium in the avocado converts food into energy. Research shows potassium also reduces blood pressure and lower the risk for stroke.


In addition, the monounsaturated fat in avocados are burned more efficiently after exercise. This may significantly contribute to long term weight loss. One study found that diets high in monounsaturated fat are more effective than low fat plans for weight loss and maintenance.


Avocados are packed with higher content of proteins and low in sugar. It is a perfect snack on its own. The fruit contains Omega 3 fatty acids that facilitates weight loss and reduces inflammation.


Avocados are cholesterol free, sodium free and low in saturated fat. Just remember, if you get fat eating avocado, it is because you put a lot of condensed milk or sugar in it to add taste. Smile.



Other benefits

Several studies found eating almond and avocado might lower your odds for heart disease, cancer, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. The monounsaturated fats in almonds and avocados help lower total and bad LDL cholesterol.


The study performed by the Ohio State University declared an avocado can increase the absorption of specific carotenoids when added to salads or salsa (Prevention, 2006).


It also increases the absorption of chemicals associated with lower risk for macular degeneration and heart disease. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness.


Some studies suggest its high levels of monounsaturated fat may protect you from breast cancer.


Avocados contain Vitamin E, folate, soluble fibre, and potassium known to protect you from developing heart disease.


Avocado has shown to increase the collagen production of the skin as well as reduce the size and appearance of wrinkles for your aging skin care.


The glutathione in avocado can help boosts your immune system and also, keep your nervous system healthy and fit.


The fruit is nutrient dense and rich in anti-inflammatory, antiaging, disease fighting phytochemicals that includes lutein and other antioxidants.


Provides potassium, magnesium, folate, dietary fiber, riboflavin and Vitamins C, E and B6. Contains 4 times as much beta-sitosterol as the oranges. In fact, it is reported as the highest fruit source of this phytochemical.



Nutrient profile of avocado (1/5th of avocado)

4.6 fat (2.9 monounsaturated, 06. polyunsaturated, 0.6 saturated)

50 calories


Avocado and tofu are both high in vitamins and minerals. Adding both to your breakfast is a great way to pack extra nutrients to your day.


avocado weight loss solution



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Active individuals who work out 30 minutes a day can stay energized by consuming monounsaturated fat, burn fats efficiently and provide stamina for the workout. Approximately 50% of the fat was burned after heavy exercise, 39% after light exercise and 34% after resting. Figure out your weight loss program!


Eating foods with low energy density makes you feel satisfied with fewer calories. Satiety is easily achieved filling up on foods with low energy density. The energy density of foods affects energy intake across multiple levels of fat content in both lean and obese women. The fat you eat from the avocado is your ultimate key to an effective weight loss.

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