How Can You Benefit From A Syndicated Content?

Content syndication

Content syndication is the bread and butter of companies like the Taboola and Outbrain. In addition, if you look at Yahoo News, most of the syndicated articles do not include attribution links and do not point directly to the original article, but instead point to an internal Yahoo News URL. You can never deny that content syndication is one of the best marketing options you can have today so make good use of it. Content is cash!


Leverage on great content and drive traffic, leads, sales, and buzz to your business blog. All business marketing gurus today would agree that the key to online success is to market with content through your small business blog. Unfortunately, not all small businesses know how to leverage their content for optimum results.


The secret to making money is not just the content. It is how you do your online marketing that makes everything profitable. You may have realized by now, that even if you have great content, you may still have zero traffic!


The main problem with marketing content is the strategy or the systematic method of syndicating the content, which takes your marketing on the internet, which may include highly targeted lead generation to the next level. That is the missing link in every lead generation marketing and the key to unlocking the power of publishing useful content.


Crack down online marketing with your content and try to be strategically creative with your website content. Think out of the box and get amazing web advertising results through content syndication. They say great content is king, but it won’t be if you do not know how to market your content!




Content synchronization

If you don’t get noticed, you don’t have anything. You know you have to be noticed, but the art is in getting it naturally without screaming and with no tricks at all. Obviously, the synchronization of your content distribution channels using search engine marketing and online media will help maximize and monetize website traffic.


Content is an invaluable marketing tool. It can give your business marketing campaign a huge boost for virtually no cost to you! Let your online marketing tactics bring in thousands of new subscribers and earn million of dollars in revenues soon.


This proven method can truly help drive traffic to your website and increase the visibility of your blog on the web. By simply distributing editorial content in a synchronized manner to various internet channels, you can increase your web presence, grow your prospective customers, and create additional sales!


For example, if you already have lots of articles in your blog, you can repurpose it and distribute it at the same time through content syndication networks and syndication partners. You can share it on excerpts uploaded to social communities, article directories, forums, bulletin boards and related blogs.


The technique is called SONAR Content Distribution Method

S = syndicate partners and syndication networks

O = online press releases

N = network communities

A = article directories

R – relevant posts to blogs, forums, and bulletin boards


Posting on blogs and forums can be a powerful way to increase your market presence, assist your SEO efforts and drive traffic to your website. For starters, just make sure your posts are relevant, genuine, and serve some purpose for the readers.


Content Syndication tactics


This effective, yet efficient model will show you how to leverage your content. This model also helps you find content you never even thought of using in a comprehensive way that will gain you an increased website visibility, traffic and buzz.


SONAR is a proven strategy that gets results where you will learn how to harness the additional website visits and exposure for lead generation and sales. Clearly, getting more exposure for your content is essential if you want to build your brand and business through content marketing using the most popular strategy of content syndication.


In other words, your content needs to get in front of as many people as possible. Content syndication is an easy way to achieve broader exposure without much time or effort on your part. You can successfully get your content in front of more people through multiple distributors.


Laugh, but the RSS feed of your blog actually means Really Simple Syndication feed format that serves to republish content without payment. Each content syndication opportunity is unique, so take time to evaluate the potential of your content exposure.


Content syndication has been around a long time, but online publishers must be willing to give up control so the content can spread as far and wide as possible. Syndication of your content is just one tool in your toolbox that you can use to make that happen.


Attract the right audience to your blog and get targeted customers by recommending your content on top publisher sites. Don’t you know that content recommendations provide an 82% brand lift? More visitors, more sales! Use your content to reach your business marketing goals.

Content curation

Syndicated content, such as press releases, can be a great way to round out your content or provide visitors with curated lists of valuable information. If curated content adds more value to your visitors, then there’s no good reason not to do it.


Well, if you ask me about how Google sees it, I would say your commentary or interpretation of the content should add value beyond just the syndication. However, if your site is nothing but a syndicated content site, there is probably not enough value in it for Google to consider your site when it comes time to rank sites.


It is strongly recommended that you do not use content syndication as the primary content of your site. If you have a site that offers no value outside of the occasional commentary on syndicated content, then you are not going to rank for anything except long tail terms.


Google wants original content with value for their readers. You can curate the article and present it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme related and relevant to you blog. The work involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information.


Content curation actually seeks, makes sense of, and shares the best and most relevant content on a particular topic online. Content curation provides value from the inside out. Putting content curation into your small business blog is part art form, part science, but mostly about daily practice.


Now, you got the best out of the box technique in marketing your content. Curate and syndicate! Discover, gather and present. Amass content from a variety of sources and deliver it in an organized fashion.


The internet provides a wide variety of tools and opportunities for effective content marketing. You may have been a content curator without actually realizing it. The key to success in small business online marketing is being brave enough to try new things, tweak and try again.

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