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Travel Photography and videography are at the forefront of most men and women wanting to get out of the 9 to 5 daytime jobs. Indeed, these artists have just converted blogs and websites into one fascinating portfolio representing their CVs. Their careers and how often they work are totally in their hands. With the present business competitive landscape, new magazines are being set up every single day. This means an opportunity for more events needing coverage than ever, which is just like websites looking new photographs for their blog post updates.


The need for photographs is never ending. With the rise of social media, taking good eye catching photographs is trending. The internet has blown up with the need for constant text, video and photo content.


What makes this travel photography thing exciting is the idea of going to places you have never been before and meeting and engaging with all sorts of culture. You could be covering a wedding, and all sorts of occasions for your freelance photography business. The opportunity is endless!



This job can take you anywhere at any time. Nobody can really tell you how to do it or even stop what you are doing, because you are your own boss. Although this sounds like a dream job, not many people who own a DSLR take nice looking photos. Like any job, travel photography is work and this is usually very demanding.



Yup, this job does not total spell fun the way it should be, especially if the brand you represent requires specific photos. You may get to travel, meet different people, and make the world as your office, but, you have to embrace individuality and be bold in showing it! This means implement and make your creative photography ideas work.


Many government tourism bodies strive to promote tourism in their countries, and in order to entice more visitors, they need photographs and videos to show the things and activities tourists may visit and do in their country. Budget wise, they do have an extensive budget for promotions!


However, this can be quite difficult, because they usually work with large magazines who can provide them a bigger audience. The technique here is to create yourself a brand and become a small media icon yourself.


What I mean is …


If you have a large and influential presence on social media, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Google Plus, then they might notice your work. How do you start being one? Set up a blog, and gradually feed your content to social media for better and wider exposure.


There are not-for-profit organizations that need visual materials to help them support their cause and attract donations. This is one of the best ideas you can start volunteering. Through your working relationships with these people, you might become their paid photographer in the future.


Taking the first step is not that difficult. How to find your clients who can pay your bills is what makes things quite overwhelming at times. Established a working relationship with a known brand. They will most likely give you a credit under the photo as a source and it can be a good addition to your CV.


Love your craft and try to learn more about photography each day, because you really need to be good with what you do in order to make a living out of it. Get paid to travel – become a photographer and a blogger!


Do you have what it takes?


Having an eye for a great shot is not enough, because you have to catch the perfect sunrise and get up at God knows what time, skip meals in the quest for daylight, and somehow missing out the travel experience being too busy taking photos. If you have a back problem like me, you cannot carry a camera that is heavier than 4 backpacks.


So, start with your Huawei mobile phone. I use this brand for my photo shoots. These days a good smartphone can already take incredible photos for you. Even the pros are establishing shots from their phone, which quickly are becoming the best small cameras for travel you can buy.


Simple phones nowadays are fast becoming the best portable, easy to carry tool for travel. The best camera is the one you have with you, which is the one you can afford to buy at this time. They are the most discreet cameras you have at all times that you can use in just about anywhere.


You know what I mean? You are not allowed to use cameras in malls or some places, but with the smartphone you can take pictures as discreetly as you can! Having an iPhone is a leverage, but if it cost too much, make use of your Huawei phone, so you do not miss any great photographic opportunity.


If you intend to grab the greatest photos and videos possible, get the latest smartphone like the iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei. They are perfect for any time snapshots and are worth spending money on.


Find a camera with great low light capabilities, shoots pretty wide, and provides an excellent zoom. Look if it takes HDR photos, captures bursts, shoots video in 4K, and has the exposure and focus lock features.


Here are some recommendations

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Huawei P9
  • Sony Experia Z5
  • GoPro Hero6



Vlogging is the newest craze in town that has made some Vloaggers earn thousands from their YouTube channels. This is really quite handy and effective means of reaching out to a wider audience around the world. Get the camera, start filming, and upload great videos on YouTube.


Get something like a DSLR for half the size and weight, and also the cost. Get a smartphone with a good zoom lens, best wide angle lens, and best prime lens. Your smartphone is the single handiest gadget you carry around that can perform a multitude of tasks.


I actually prefer taking into the road of mobile photography, because I cannot carry the weight of big cameras plus my bag. It will break my back in a second. Besides, they cost more!


The smartphone camera technology has come very far, and today you can find them in all shapes and sizes. Most people nowadays are using their phones as their main or only camera when they travel. Remember, smartphones are cheaper and weigh less more than DSLR bulk cameras.

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