How A Blog Can Free You From Your Daytime Job?

Starting a blog from scratch is just as difficult as starting any business online or in a physical location. It requires the same time and effort as running your own restaurant, software company, accounting service, virtual assistant service, transcription service, or store. The first few years are usually the same story of low income, lots of stress, big learning curves, and trying to go beyond the breakeven point. With a blog, your income largely depends on how patient and persistent you are.


One business coach said that with even his smartest, most dedicated student, took at least 3 to 6 years to make enough money from blogging and make him finally decide to quit his job. This sounds like a long time, right?


In 3 to 6 years, you will be able to blog for money, work from anywhere in the world and take a vacation whenever you want, or probably have a passive income until the day you die. This sounds like a pretty good deal.


Making money with blogs does not happen overnight. But, when you start to make money from a blog at your desired passive income level, it is really worth the effort and the patience of waiting.


Try looking at the most profitable blogs out there, such as the CopyBlogger, Moz, The Penny Hoarder, Lifehacker, and the SmartBlogger. They earn millions of dollars per year using different income streams.



Blogging is a great passive income. There is really money in it. However, most bloggers quit. They start a blog, realize the hard work, and walk away!


It is true. Frustration is real. You can make millions in a year, but you have to play smart and walk the hard work. If you are patient, consistent and persistent for years, you may be able to make at least 6 figures.



The trick?

Start writing at Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, or the WordPress platform. As a beginner, you have to test yourself, discover your target market, build your audience, and find the most profitable niche.


Get yourself to write. Over time, you will learn how to create your voice for your specific audience.


Long blocks of text are hard for readers to digest, especially when reading on computers and tablets. Break up your content into shorter paragraphs, bullet points and lists whenever possible.



Page views

Make money blogging by building your own traffic from social media. It is free. Make money with your blog, but do not depend on paid advertising.


Internet advertising costs a lot, especially if you still do not know your target audience. Lead generation can be done gradually through social media. Do not jump into the bandwagon without studying your niche first.


For one, the amount of money you earn on a blog, depends on the number of page views you receive. To do this, you should create lots and lots of content.



Create your own product

Imagine the pitiful rates a beginner blogger earns at the first few years. Advertising your own product is still more profitable than selling ads on your site or doing Adsense. So, start thinking what product to create and sell on your site!



Affiliate marketing

The next most profitable way of making money from your blog is affiliate marketing. You can partner with other companies and start selling their products. You earn a commission on each sale as an affiliate.


Of course, you can start with Google Adsense and slowly evolve into a different business model as you figure out how to make money blogging without breaking your back and your pockets.


Affiliate marketing is one smart strategy. Choose at least one product from an array of the best affiliate programs, and try how your audience perceives or respond to it.


The blog of Pat Flynn makes over a $100,000 commission per month in marketing affiliate programs. Granted you cannot make this much with a small blog, but you are just starting to learn, right?


The income you create from affiliate marketing programs is considered as a passive income. You do not have to worry about creating products or deal with the technical complexity of selling your own products or services.


All you have to do is to invest a great deal of your time into writing useful content and into growing your traffic. This will result in more revenue later. Besides, learning more about the affiliate marketing programs can result in your own product creation.


Don’t think about the long, lonely hours of writing and editing, sitting down to do the hard work of blogging, while your friends are out partying! Your framework for success can be a just a focused plan, memorable branding, own your platform, create and package your content in a way that it has been optimized for the search engines as well as help you grow your social networks, and the last, is to build your email list.


Your blogging journey can be really frustrating. Blogging is not an overnight get rich scheme. Blogging with an affiliate website is a lucrative way of making money online by pushing affiliate marketing programs.


Set up a website, post regularly, and when you develop a following, you will see some $$s coming in. You can blog almost about anything. The more original, the better. The most common and effective ways to monetize blogs are through affiliate advertising, sponsored posts, selling your own products, Adsense, or brand ambassadorships. The affiliate advertising can help you create a passive income online.

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