Create Your Small Business Blog Strategy

small business marketing blog strategy

Today, age and experience no longer necessarily determine credibility for your small business blog. Readers tend to care more about ideas, generosity and your willingness to share powerful, valuable information that can help them find solutions of their problems. It isn’t enough to simply set up international business blogs. Businesses need to spend ample time creating a business blog strategy that includes creating high quality content and build a reputation that will pay off big time in the long term.


Learn and apply content marketing to your business. Clearly articulate the purpose of your blog. Collate everything into one defining statement. Create a powerful anchor for all future blogging and marketing decisions.


Writing high quality blog content is a great start in running a successful small business blog. When it comes to blog strategy, promotion simply means getting your content out there so people discover it, read it and share it.


Using an inbound approach to promoting your blog content requires lots of deliberate effort up front. Identify key influencers and if they have a blog, read it, comment on it and share it.


It is important that you remain in regular contact with your list of influencers. If you work hard on mapping out your social media strategy, you expand your network to a group or people that command great authority with your ideal customers.



Growing an influential business blog in your niche is a surefire way to nurture your potential customers. By creating regular content that solves the challenges of your readers and fulfills their biggest curiosities, you would gain some attention and traction.


Slowly unpack the individual levers that will contribute to your blog marketing performance. Whether you are running a personal blog as a hobby or small business, monetizing your work is possible, but may take a good amount of time and effort.


Attracting your audience attention with helpful, educational or entertaining content creates a larger pool of traffic that you may convert into leads and close as customers. Craft compelling blog content people can easily find through social media or Google search.


Amplify content distribution on social media. Nurture qualified leads with more blog posts. Learn how to craft posts and videos that follow the formula for virality.


mapping your small business marketing plan


Social media

Social media is exactly that social. Building up your business presence requires knowing who your business is and creating a voice and personality that connects with your target audience.


Don’t just promote, cite features and benefits, or simply share links or content. Talk with your fans. When you focus on providing value and building a community, awareness will take care of itself.


With most people already on the social media, especially Facebook, neglecting to establish social media accounts may hamper your business. This the most overwhelming tasks but the most effective small business marketing and cheapest way to amplify your online business brand.


The social media is increasingly a channel of choice for consumers looking to engage with brands or raise service issues, so how do you weave social media into the customer journey?



Sponsored content

Doing your sponsored content right may create a sustainable revenue stream for you. Content marketing and sponsored marketing work hand in hand in promoting your business internet brand.


Craft content for your sponsored content game. Sponsored content is a form of paid ad, but also a form of content marketing. If done right, it can serve its purpose.


Sponsored content can be your long term strategy. Online content discover adoption rates are high. To maximize visibility, you need to create your content promotion ecosystem.


Publishers nowadays are creating beautiful and effective pieces of sponsored content that engage readers while delivering on advertiser objectives. We all know that finding your target audience is hard and capturing their attention is even harder.


While content marketing is also native advertising, the sponsored content is a one stop marketing shop that includes both content creation and distribution. Sure you can write an exceptional article and stick it on your blog, but if you don’t have a strategy for promoting it, you are not going to get as much mileage out of it as you would like.


Feature click worthy headlines and eye catching images that keep your visitors engaged. All the articles should be optimized with strategic links and plenty of fun pictures. In short, the sponsored content allows the luxury of telling a story in a way an ad never could.


If you can create infographics with easy to read format and bite sized tips, that would be awesome, but they sure take time and talent to build. Sponsored content is all around us.


Make sponsored content work for your brand. Create one that is related to your niche and make sense for your brand.


Build your ideal audience with the kind of content you create. Drive leads, build brand awareness and nurture key relationships creating useful content.


With customer experience so vital to brand success, it is increasingly recognized that social marketers need sponsored content integrated with their small business marketing in different social media channels.


Sponsored content is a perfect way to reach out to small business decision makers as well as showcase your brand around engaging content relevant to your targeted small business audience. It builds a positive sentiment toward your brand. The sponsored content helps how the small business community perceives your brand.

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