Blogging Basics In Choosing A Profitable Niche, How Do You Find The Perfect Niche For Your Blog

To earn money from your blog, finding and choosing a profitable niche is most important. A blog cannot generate income in the absence of demand, or without a profitable niche. Starting with the right niche can kickstart your money making machine and keep your blog running longer than the normal expected life.


New bloggers usually get excited to start a blog as soon as possible that they end up writing anything and everything without planning and doing some research. Most of these newbies do not earn money from their blogs, even after many years and would finally stop updating.



Google and the major search engines prefer highly searchable quality content focused on a specific niche. If you want to cover multiple niches, then first decide the core topic, analyze your categories, and cover as many keywords as possible. Let me give you a clue about how to go through your blogging opportunities.


If you want to monetize your blog through Adsense, then explore high paying niches like insurance, health, fashion, technology, relationships, finance, digital photography, celebrities, social media, blogging tips, and real estate. Find the topics that deal with human problems and were highly searched on Google.



You can definitely classify them as profitable niches for Adsense advertisements. Consider blogging on evergreen topics that people cannot ignore, because it happens in their day to day life. Insurance is the most expensive and high paying Adsense niche. The highest paying ones are in the $200+ cost per click. You can enjoy up to $30 to $40 just for one click.


Health ranks third in the list of the most profitable niches for Adsense. CPC can be as high as $20. The blogs in this niche are searched enormously by people, especially targeted traffic from developed countries who are more concern about wellness. Below are top Adsense sub-niche of health

  • Health & beauty


  • Bath & body


  • Cosmetics


  • Health food


  • Nutritional supplements


  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Self help


  • Vision care


  • Wellness



Source of Photo Wordstream. How does Google make its money: The 20 most expensive keywords in Google Adwords.



Earn money from your blog niche or topics teaching people how to make money online search is growing, because nowadays nobody wants to get out of the traffic for work anymore. People get excited to know any form of deals and tricks related to make money online.


This is one reason why blogging tutorials and search engine optimization blogs got a lot of visitors. People want to be either part time or full time bloggers who earn money while sleeping. New bloggers usually visit these sites for more content management and website optimization blogging tips.


The web development niche and IT related information how to guides and whatever relates to this field pay high advertisement fees. You can talk about the gossips on IT future, reviews on IT products, IT news and general how to guide articles.


If you are a female with a good face, you can start publishing beauty tips, which is one of the most profitable niches to earn with Adsense. Females are more conscious about their beauty, body shape, and makeup. Charm suggestions, how tos and other things can all be covered in this niche. Easy money for you if you got the face to convince them!


Breaking news delivers huge amount of traffic although the CPC is a bit low, but well, it is money. You can cover details of everyday events about home entertainment and celebrities, but I tell, these are not evergreen topics. You should write more about evergreen topics also.

Cryptography makes a lot of high bids in Adsense. It creates a high volume of searches per month in Google. Troubleshooting computer errors gives good dollars on a single click. Advertisers pay a good amount to display ads on these blogs. Flights and farming pay a CPC of $0.20 to $30. You can write about technology that can reduce damage and enhance production.


Most successful bloggers started with Google Adsense in an attempt to maximize profits from their blog. High paying niche is what people prefer to search for in the internet, so they can find tips and solutions in dealing with their problems and issues.


New bloggers who did not do any research before they start a blog (which is what usually happens) were not able to earn money, because they were not aware of the niches where Adsense pays the best and highest revenue. As we all know, Google Adsense is the best way to make money online. Here are some high paying keywords in Adsense you may want to consider integrating in your articles, visit


Why am I talking about highest paying Adsense niches? As I have told you before, if you are just starting out, you need to find the perfect niche that can help you make money blogging. It is imperative you know that publishing the right content can make you earn good amount of money, and how you establish what content to talk about should depend on which topics reflect huge amounts of searches on Adsense.




Picking the topic, choosing the niche

What do you want to write about that can connect you to like minded people? The type of information and the topics you write about should fit your personality. The best way is to make a trial and error writing about all the things you love to blog.


Over time, you will find yourself focusing on one or two topics. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time to find the perfect niche for you. Choosing a topic you can write again and again without getting bored and being out of anything to write is not easy.


You need to create fresh content for your blog at least once a week. That is why you need to be passionate about what you do and what you write. Think of it this way. How do you find high paying keywords you can use on your blog so you can earn big with Adsense.


Example, if you earned $30 from 60 ads clicks, then your CPC rate is estimated $0.05 per click. This is too low. The solution is to use high paying keywords in your blog posts. Pick a keyword which has high CPC rate about to $2. When you get 60 clicks a day, they your estimated income daily would be $2 x 60 = $120. Monthly income would be $120 x 30 = $3,600.


Moving forward, would you like to blog for a living? By now, you must have understood the big bold line that associates keywords to your Adsense earnings. Write what you are comfortable and happy writing but using high paying keywords, otherwise you will find yourself struggling in producing useful content that can make money online.


Choose a niche depending on your expertise, knowledge, interest, and how you perceive fun in your hobby. Keep in mind that blogging is like talking to an invisible audience. Blog first as a hobby so you do not get pressured in really looking for the right niche to make money.


In my opinion, everything else you publish in the cyber space will earn money depending on how you promote your content and integrate the high paying keywords as they relate to your niche and content. The trick here is to make everything else in your blog relevant to the niche and of the keywords.


Find something you are happy writing, forget about making money, and just think you are blogging because you love to write and connect with like minded people. If you want to build a powerful online audience, you have to find them with your heart, not as a money making scheme.


Do not find a targeted audience. Keep everything simple in your to do list. Just write, because I know later, like me, you will keep only one or two to forever. Don’t worry about gaining an audience. Because you blog as a hobby, it doesn’t matter if you only have one audience for now.


The best way to find your audience is to find yourself first. Don’t do math and keep everything simple. If you find something that would interest you, write about it. This is the best way to connect with people who would become members of your tribe later.


Okay, let me tell you my secret. Create your content and connect with like minded people so you can slowly build a following. Communicate and share ideas. Say hello and share what you do for the day. In short, be a friendly stopover in the internet.


If you are not ready yet, then create a micro niche blog that you can use for any topic or niche that you like. Be comfortable writing about your interests. One blogger at ShoutMeLoud wrote about earning over $2,000 from a micro niche blog.


With Panda and Penguin on the loose, if you create a website with high quality content on any particular topic, your chances of ranking higher are stronger than any existing authority website out there. Now, hear this, if you want to make money from your blog using Google Adsense, it is important to choose a topic that is popular in countries like the US and UK of high commercial value.


Are you ready to write? Of course, you have a lot in mind. Start typing on your keyboard and transform your ideas into print text. If you become a known author someday, call me and say hello!


Managing a blog takes a lot of work. The whole idea of a micro niche blog was not to do a lot of work, but to create a blog capable of earning money. The main goal is to get great search engine traffic, provide solutions, and quickly make money. All traffic should be organic and done with less effort and least costs.


Not approved by Google Adsense yet? You may use

  • Media.Net



Don’t you know that the organic traffic from search engines convert most? The person who performs the search is already in need of something. If he finds it, he will subscribe or buy. Let us recap

  • Find the niche
  • Find the keywords
  • Write high quality content
  • Create evergreen articles
  • Give your visitors what they want
  • Create a plan



There are three things you need to increase Google Adsense earnings

  • Traffic
  • Click through rate
  • CPC


Why talk about Google Adsense and Search Engines?

Google Adsense works by matching ads with content. Its software uses a bidding method. The more advertisers you match will be better, based on the type of content you have. Does your content get more matches?


It is not just quantity, but more of quality. To increase your earnings, you have to create a content that focuses on high paying keywords Google can match with high paying advertisers. Do you understand everything I said now? Knowing which keywords have strong search volume, prediction of increased search queries, a high Google Adsense CPC, and low competition give you major advantages as an Adsense publisher.



How do you pick the right keywords?

  • Pick keywords that have a strong search volume and are likely to increase, volume of traffic
  • Give preference to keywords that are generating high CPC rates, high value CPC
  • Prioritize for selected keywords with lower search competition, reasonable level of competition



Create searchable high quality content and integrate keywords that fit your criteria. This evergreen content will produce not only lots of traffic, but also get your visitor to act by sharing your article through the social media.


You increase your Google Adsense earnings when you drive your visitors to click on the ads within your article and on your page. A good content has always been a good investment. Google has always emphasized that Content Is King!

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