Enjoy The Luxury Of Seclusion At Semi-Private Boardwalk Beach Resort In Compostela, Cebu

Boardwalk Beach Resort in Cebu

Grab your flip flops, pack your bikini, and get ready to soak up the sun with the best spot to host your weekend in Cebu. With the best place to buy seafoods fresh from the docks, the first word you ever hear that would escape from your mouth is ahhhh! With a getaway that is never crowded, this Cebu semi-private beach resort is just perfect to bring some excitement with the trip and wear exciting beach vacation outfits that truly suits your fantasy and stylistic variations of what bikini means.


Boardwalk is a budget friendly beach resort that won’t let you travel far to stake out your toes in the sand. If you prefer your sunshine sunbathing at the lounge and nights soaking wet at the pool, the Boardwalk Beach Resort definitely is the best semi-private place you could wish you would be.


Have a romantic old fashioned weekend getaway here for as low as P2,500 a night! Girl, you deserve a vacation, even for a day, so you can indulge in some anti aging weekend treat.


If you are looking for value and want to stay footsteps from the semi-private swimming pool and the beach, I would recommend the Boardwalk Beach Resort at Compostela in Cebu. The Boardwalk Beach Resort is one of the beach resorts I want to spend time to relax and chill with my family.


You will never get intimidated here being watched by a crowd, because the place is semi-private. This place offers the best accommodation you can spend quality time with friends.



It has three big cottages with air conditioned rooms. The room can accommodate a group of five persons. The allowed number of persons per room in big cottages is max of five only.


If you have a big family and would want to stay in the same room, you just ask them for additional pillows or beds and also, pay the additional fee required for each person in excess of the allowed max headcount.


The simple, tropical landscape adorned with white sand and green plants are adorable and refreshing to the eyes. This resort is the favorite destination of private persons who would want to find a quick weekend getaway from the stressful, loud city.


The Boardwalk is my destination for a quick budget friendly weekend getaway or even for just an out of the city escape for a day. Considering that every room or cottage has a fridge, many sleeper beds, and a great, clean spot for cooking your meals, I would say, yes, take it, take it!


live in style at Boardwalk Beach Resortkiddie pool Boardwalk


This is the view of the adult and kiddie pools…

Kiddie and adult pools at Boardwalk Compostela Cebu


This is the view of the cottages that accommodate at least 6 persons…

native cottages at Boardwalk Resort

Photos taken May 8 2013 at Boardwalk In Compostela, Cebu, Philippines


There is not much parking space in the area, because the place is not designed for a crowd similar to the ones you see in large beach resorts. If you get the idea, the place is for a special trip meant for small family gatherings, employee conferences, or a semi-private barkada hangout.


The Boardwalk is where you want to be. You stay close to the pool and the shore is just a few steps away. The wet market is also very near, you can practically just walk around and buy fresh seafood for lunch.


The recreation center has been designed to accommodate small groups for conventions or short one day conferences. When not in use for group conferences, you can play badminton there.


Ready for some fun in the sun? Take a dip in one of the refreshing pools or unwind in its spacious sunbathers’ lounge. It’s all here just waiting for you to come and chill!


Chasing waves at Boardwalk Resortfishing at Boardwalk


There is an adult pool about 5 ft deep and a kiddie pool. The sunbathing deck is right beside the adult swimming pool. It is made of wood slabs and spacious.


From the sunbathing deck you can see the sea on the other side. You would enjoy the view of the calming sea. Sometimes, if you get lucky, you see fishermen fishing near the place.


Small bamboo, tropical huts around the big cottages, and near the swimming pools can be rented for the day. You will love the sea breeze blowing softly through your hair when you sit in on one of the small huts. The tropical huts are open.


Are you looking for a place to rent on a monthly basis? Inquire at the Boardwalk. The first cottage is being rented sometimes on a monthly basis.


Of course, here I am…

Boardwalk Sunbathing

Photos taken August 13 2014 at Boardwalk, Compostela, Cebu


Small cottages near the pools…

small cottages without rooms near the pool


You can really take a super nap here considering that the place is very silent and the sea breeze is cold and very nice to feel at night.


Whether it’s a romantic couples retreat, a memorable family vacation, or a weekend chill getaway for friends, the Boardwalk is the place you would want to be. The place is perfect for  clean oceanfront accommodations with small private balconies.


They accept reservation for events or party venue good for 25 to 30 persons.


Room Rates:

Room 1———–3,000.00

Room 2———–2,500.00

Room 3———–2,500.00

Room 4———–2,500.00



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Extra Person /Room: 200.00 per head

Extra foam: 350.00 per foam

Entrance Day Use: 100 per head

Entrance Night Use: 150.00 per head

Cottage: 1,000.00

Tables 500.00

Exclusive Overnight: 15,000.00 (All Rooms with TV and Ref, No Corkage)


Swimming at the pool is an excellent way to liven the place and keep the excitement going during your stay. In this resort, you won’t go insane in the evenings, if there is nothing to do. You can always go the nearest wet market and eat barbecue without fork and spoon together with the other diners.


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Get a feel of cheap secluded beach vacations that is also a few steps near to the crowded street food hangout. Ask the caretaker if you can put a hammock at night at water’s edge, get some fine sand waiting to be sifted through your fingers just next to the resort, or just stay seated at the pool lounge all through the night. Do whatever pleases you.


Even if the money is tight, you can still take a quick weekend getaway for couples at the Boardwalk. Enjoy your stay at this family friendly beach resort.


enjoy weekend getaway in Boardwalk Compostela

Photos taken May 8 2013 at Compostela, Cebu


How to get to the Boardwalk Beach Resort


Compostela, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone 032 239 5654

Mobile 0925 500 7803


Get directions

One ride from the SM Mabolo. Just ride a Compostela jeepney and tell the driver you are going to Boardwalk. It is along the highway and you cannot miss it. It is near the Compostela Municipal Building and wet market.


See more of it here http://philippineswhitepages.com/boardwalk-beach-resort/


At the Boardwalk semi-private beach resort, you can either get a refuge for romance as a couple, find a place to keep the little ones engage at the kiddie pool, or book a pleasant all exclusive beachfront wedding ceremony. Boardwalk offers a chic, trendy and fabulously brilliant wedding venue under the town’s most spectacular sunset. Relax and enjoy each and every moment of your seclusion without boredom, if you come here for a Cebu budget friendly weekend getaway.

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