Is Body Acidity Your Key To Weight Loss?

The human body has been designed to maintain its acidity level or body pH balance regardless of what you eat, but it can go whack your weight loss goals, if you go beyond or less the normal range. One reason you were unable to lose weight, despite of the shakes and intermittent fasting you had, is because of your high body pH. Maintaining your body’s acidity level has increasingly become critical in moving your fats out. The idea of revamping your eating habits and developing a better diet meal plan has been popping up lately, because of the way an acidic body pH has affected


Weight and fat loss programs can be truly expensive for many men and women around the world. This is especially true when you decide to enroll in a gym with premium membership, not to mention the supplements and the diet shakes that go with it! However, there is one key to all of these fads, tips, and tricks – your body’s pH!



The right pH of your body should be within the range of 7.2 to 7.3. This means that for each tenth of a decimal point under 7.2, you are ten times more acidic than you should be.


The acidity or alkalinity of the body is measured in pH, which represents the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion. The p stands for potential and the h stands for hydrogen. The pH values refer to the pH level of the fluids inside and outside of the cells.



The pH imbalances may demonstrate a profound effect on the body chemistry, because most parts of the body are water based. The acidity or alkalinity of the human body impacts the cells and fluids significantly that it governs the metabolic activities, as well as the organs and the cells.


The pH of the body varies from one area to another with the stomach having the highest acidity of 1.35 to 3.5 ph. Maintaining the acidity level is essential in protecting against the microbial organisms, which includes aiding digestion.


The skin is quite acidic with a pH range of 4 to 6.5. The pH is expected to provide an acid mantle against microbial overgrowth. The urine may show variable pH depending on the need to balance the internal environment.


It’s quite easy to check if your diet is acid-alkaline balanced using the pH of your saliva or urine in a litmus paper. The reading will change throughout the day depending on what you eat and drink.



Fat and sick

Do you know that a high body pH can make you fat and sick? You gain weight, develop stomach issues, and put yourself at risk of cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, when you are unable to maintain the correct body pH.


Reducing acid is a major piece of the weight loss puzzle that most people often overlook. Acid imbalances adversely affect your ability to lose weight. If you are struggling too much to lose pounds, then acid may be the issue.


Don’t you know that bacteria and viruses thrive in an acidic environment? An acidic environment is the favorite breeding ground of the anaerobic pathogens. Whether bad bacteria and pathogens remain dormant or became active, all entirely depends on the ration of the cellular pH.


As the body accumulates acidic waste, the waste products often results in a disease. You are likely to get sick of gout and osteoporosis.


Know that oftentimes, a large amount of acidic products enters the bloodstream after a meal high in animal protein, fat, and sugar, which also increases free radical attacks.


The excess acids you gained from eating too much acidic food builds up in the blood and are being released into the tissues creating more metabolic acids. Cancer and degenerative diseases are caused by over acidity or systemic acidosis.


The cells produce metabolic acids from the acidic foods you eat. When metabolic acids are kept in the tissues, they create illnesses, such as cancer.



Fast food, processed food, and modern diet

In response to an acid load, which is usually the result of the modern diet, the calcium salts are released to bring about pH homeostasis in as high as 480g over 20 years. That would be almost half the skeletal mass of calcium.


The excess of sodium in the diet can predict the degree of hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis. There are adverse effects of sodium chloride in the aging population. It exacerbates bone and muscle loss.


Excess dietary sodium results in hypertension and osteoporosis in women. In addition, the two most common forms of arthritis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, have been linked to pH imbalance and the accumulation of acid deposits in the joints and wrists, which damage the cartilage.


Correction of acidosis with bicarbonate or potassium citrate may increase growth hormone significantly and neutralize the daily net acid load. Stress can also greatly increase acid in the body, so remember to relax and take care of your mental health too.


Having a low pH can also lead to chronic diseases and serious low energy, accelerated aging, inflammation, and auto-immune disorders that are sometimes accompanied by weight gain. Being over and being less acid is not good for the body.


In 1933, a New York doctor claimed that diseases and aging are caused by self-poisoning or autotoxication, because of acidosis in the body. An acidic body steals pH from your organs and bones. You should maintain your 7.2 to 7.3 pH at all cost!


An excess amount of acid stored in the body will cause fatigue and trauma to the body on the cellular level. A high pH level also causes the blood to cluster in the bloodstream.


When there is so much shutdown going on in the body, you tend to lower your immune system and your ability to fight diseases. The best way to avoid upsetting this delicate bio chemical balance is to consume an alkaline diet and to drink alkaline water, thus ensuring your red blood cells deliver the oxygen and nutrients throughout your body as efficiently as possible.


Here is a trick to bring your body back to its optimal physiological condition at a healthy pH or 7.4 in the tissue fluids. Eat more fruits and vegetables, plus do some daily exercises!



Why exercise?

You are able to tilt the pH of tissue fluids toward alkalinity when you exercise and perspire. You increase the excretion of acidic waste through perspiration and increase the output of carbon dioxide through expiration.


What am I talking about? Exercise reduces the likelihood of developing any number of chronic conditions, and if the condition already exists, it can help reduce its symptoms, if not eliminate the condition entirely.


An exercise can create the necessary physiological foundation and gives the mind and body what it needs to function optimally. Exercise can reduce the likelihood of weight gain and help speed up weight loss, alleviate or prevent various forms of gastrointestinal distress, including bloating, an overly acidic stomach, constipation, and diarrhea.


The following chronic conditions respond well to exercise as preventive, if not curative,

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure, with the possibility of stroke or heart attack
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood sugar
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer
  • Obesity



Exercise and good nutrition are the two legs you need to stand on, when you want to enhance or maintain optimal health and fitness. You must understand that high fat, high carbohydrate, high sugar, high salt, high calorie, highly chemicalized, and highly processed food, such as airport food or fast food, is not only a prescription for poor health, but over time, for the development of chronic illnesses.



Alkaline diet

Keeping your diet in good acid-alkaline balance promotes strong bones and lightens the acid burden your kidneys have to deal with each day.


Alkalizing foods also promote younger skin as they aid the removal of toxins from the body. An acid free alkaline water neutralizes harmful acids, disposes of them safely, and lowers the acidity of the body’s pH.


This results in high immunity against disease and also, reverses the aging process on all levels. You may be able to slow the aging process when you drink lots of acid free alkaline water.


The human body cannot survive for long in a purely alkali environment. The key is moderation – acids and alkalis are meant to work together.


The acids break down the food and converts it into energy. The alkaline waits in the intestinal track and neutralizes as the food is being metabolized and absorbed in the stomach.


Keeping this harmonious relationship ensures that what they send in your bloodstream is within the optimum pH level range. What does aging have to do with the pH and the acidic or alkaline foods?


Some studies contend that the amount of acidic foods you eat can facilitate aging. As one gets older, the body becomes less effective in removing the toxins and the waste.


Regardless of the food you eat, they are composed of the same elements, namely, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen. The cells oxidize them, burn them, and turn them into natural acids, such as the carbonic acid, uric acid, lactic acid, and fatty acids.


These acids are being expelled through the sweat and urine. The body can get rid of them quickly if you can maintain a body pH of about 7.4. Maintaining this body pH balance means having fully functioning body systems.


The body is unable to rid of the acids correctly when you are sleep deprived, lack exercise, overworked, stressed, are smoking, exposed to environmental pollution, and are following a high acid diet.


All green vegetables have an alkaline reaction in the body, thus changing your food choices can be the most effective way to change your body pH. Research has proven that diseases cannot survive in an alkaline state, but thrive in an acidic environment.


On the other hand, diets high in dairy and meat products produce too much acid, which makes it difficult for the body to get rid of it immediately. Most diets, especially the American diet, appear to have a major influence in the increase and decrease behavior of the body’s pH level.


Ultimately, the acidosis deactivates the electrolyte potassium and sodium channels. The pH governs the enzyme reactions and the rate of burning fuel.


Having a blood and cell tissues that are too acidic creates less electric potential between the cytoplasm and the nucleus. This means a diminished bioelectric potential that leads to a reduced cell vitality and function.


The body consumes the food you eat at the cellular level. Seriously, you age faster and become sickly with a high acid diet.


The metabolic acids are first kept in the blood, then kept in the tissues. Your body may not know what to do when you consume too much acidic food and follow a lifestyle that produces even more acidity.


The risk of not knowing how what you eat affects your body systems – fat, sick, ugly, and aging! The body simply does not have enough energy to get rid of the rest of the acid waste. When it collects in the body, you are going to experience damage at the cellular level.


When acid is kept in the tissue, it causes sickness that may lead to the development of cancerous tissues. Cancer, in another definition, is the acidic liquid from metabolism that accumulates in the body.


It affects the cells around it, creates it like a rotten apple, and then spreads the effects from cell to cell, thus causing aging and disease. Some cancers may not be caused by the mutation of cells, but the cells not changing themselves or are limited in their function, because of the presence of the excess metabolic acid.


If your daily diet contains excessive proinflammatory foods, such as trans fats, your risk for cardiovascular disease increases. This makes the normal cells highly acidic.



Outcomes of an acidic body

The outcome of a high pH diet is a sick and older person, which looks a bit unhealthy with a paler skin color. You grow fat each day, even though you have a very good weight and fat loss exercise program.


Remember that diet and exercise complement each other. You ignore one, the other will suffer!


Too much acidity may dissolve the calcium and the magnesium in the bones to alkalize the blood. In other words, the condition of having too much acid in your system could result in the precipitation of the calcium and magnesium in the wrong places.


Too much calcium can result in hypercalcemia, which is characterized by nausea, vomiting, confusion, and other neurological symptoms. The gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) occurs in 65% of patients with primary hyperparathyroidism and high calcium.


The acid reflux occurs when stuff in the stomach that contains the acid flows back into the esophagus, irritates the lining of the esophagus, and cause acid indigestion and heartburn.



How to prevent aging and balance your body’s acidity

Certainly, stress can be your worst enemy. Stress suppresses your immune system and decreases the ability in tissues, including arterial walls, to contain the inflammatory response.


Physical and mental stress results in acid deposits. The physical activity, mental status, and mental activity mediate or moderate aging. It is extremely difficult to assess the levels of their effects.


Physical malfunction produces toxicity in the bloodstream such as, lack of exercise, physical and emotional stress, mental strain, general fatigue, and overweight. It gives extra pressure on the joints that results in diminished vitality and resistance to disease, lower glandular activity, hormonal imbalance, and autointoxication.


Fundamentally, the regulatory mechanisms, such as breathing, circulation, hormonal production, and the digestion have the ability to balance the pH by removing acid residues from the tissues and prevent cell damage.


If this is not working, you are suffering from an imbalanced pH. You can potentially reverse the aging process and the onset of age related diseases only if you can neutralize and remove the excess acids.


You need to eat more alkaline based foods and help your body develop a better system to get rid of the waste. There is no need to stop eating meat. You only have to eat in lesser portions in a week, so you can facilitate the removal of toxins from your body.


The book on Reverse Aging suggests that the human body should learn to oxygenate the body by drinking alkaline water. The water offers high negative electrical charge and pH, which helps the body release toxic waste and heavy metals, including correcting the damages caused by the free radicals.


Physical activity is important to healthy aging. It improves balance, gives better mood and sleep, prevents functional decline, and avoids decrements in the sarcopenia or gradual loss of muscle mass that usually affects people in mid 30’s and beyond.


Physical activity should be encouraged throughout the life span to improve the immune system response, counter regulate oxidative cellular damage, and decrease visceral fat adiposity. Visceral adiposity has been closely linked to metabolic syndrome and risk for disease.


You may want to learn some stress management relief, such as listening to music, hobbies, massage, and meditation. Boost the immune system so you are able to restrain inflammatory responses in tissues.


With a balanced pH, you are unlikely to get osteoporosis, cancer, and other diseases. Is there a secret to slow down the aging process? Yes, there is – find out and figure out how to balance your body’s acidity level.



Here are simple tricks you can use

As soon as you wake up and have passed urine, open the window and take three deep breaths and expend all the stale air out of your lungs, by filling them with fresh morning air.


Drink at least 1 to 1.5 liters of pure spring water with a pH level of at least 7.4. You may add a freshly squeezed juice of one lemon to increase the electrolyte content and cleansing power of the water.


This morning hydration routine has been known to help with a number of ailments, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation, migraine, arthritis, and many stomach problems. The treatment has no side effects. Only you find yourself urinating more than you were used to.




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Shift to a diet of more plant based whole foods, such as green veggies, legumes, seeds, and whole grains. Address stress if that is a factor. Sit upright, stand or take a gentle walk after meals. Breathe deeply, exhale to let out carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals. Body acidity results in a myriad of degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, asthma, digestive and immune problems, headaches, dizziness, seizures, depression, panic attacks, and sleep disturbances.


Get the body you have always wanted eating an alkaline diet. The human body is all about maintaining equilibrium. With this diet, people cut out most grains, dairy, meat, eggs, sugar, salt, and all processed foods, including alcohol and caffeine. Boost your weight and fat loss fitness routine program with an alkaline diet and improve the acidity of your body that results in a better managed weight loss.

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