Can Body Shapes Influence Anti Aging Fat Loss And Metabolism?

Do body shapes play a role in your anti aging fat loss? Are you aware that the effect and efficacy of your weight loss diet plan can be influenced by the type of body shape you have? Several articles emphasized the importance of eating for your body type. That is right, those chocolate fudge bars or choco caramel sundae may do a lot more damage to you than your friend. This is because your body fat and its location are a major determinant of your insulin sensitivity and weight gain.


Your eating habits and unique body metabolism will determine the percentage of lean muscle mass and fat that it stores. The body shape is not something we get to choose when we were born. We have very little control about our natural basic underlying proportions.



A person’s body shape is directly related to differences of the individual’s physical chemistry, hormone production and sensitivity, metabolism, and possibly even personality. The single most powerful predictor of a woman’s future health is the shape of her body, but with the rising trend of body sculpting, we can’t say much about it anymore, can we?


The abdominal fat causes insulin resistance and inflammation, which can result in developing a metabolic syndrome. However, you may be able to lose it with the appropriate diet. Due to the irregular insulin levels, usually caused by the abdominal fat, researchers found that a low glycemic diet is most effective for anti aging fat loss.



Choose a fiber rich plus a low glycemic diet. Cut out foods which you did not think can introduce more visceral fat, such as white bread, rice, pastries, pastas, cookies, and candies. The best way to get the body you want is to embrace what you already have and eat right for your body type!



Losing weight is not a one size fits all. The key to figuring out the best weight loss diet for you could just be your body shape. The question is, can you cheat if you work out to change your body shape? How to eat right for your body type? One hint – fiber plays an important role in improving your blood sugar control and weight management.


Your body stores fat differently from the other bodies. When you start to eat right for your body type, you will be surprised at how quickly your body will respond to your new diet. Definitely, your insulin is your key to losing weight. You should get your blood sugar levels under control at all costs.


Different weight loss meal plan produces different benefits to different body types. This is also related to the person’s exercise regimen and other lifestyle changes. Training with good nutrition can totally change the appearance of a person’s body and beauty.



What I am trying to say is stop copying other people’s lifestyle and diet fads. Certainly, you have to develop a fitness routine and anti aging fat loss diet that is targeted to your kind of body shape, which is one reason you have to determine your body shape first.


Figuring out your body shape is fairly easy by simply using the tape measure. If your WHR is 0.80 or lower, your body is classified as pear shaped. If your WHR is higher than 0.80, your body is classified as apple shaped. Your basic body shape does not change. Whatever body enhancement you do, your natural and original body shape remains the same.


Based on this fact, women who are widest at the bottom were found to add extra pounds around their hips, buttocks, and thighs. They are what people defined as having pear shaped body shape. This leads us to understand one thing. You cannot change the number of fat cells you have.


An effective anti aging fat loss plan that can really induce weight loss does not decrease the fat cell number, but only shrinks the cells. Fat cells play a large role in the control of appetite and the ability to gain or lose weight. Because you cannot change the number of fat cells you have, you will not be able to lose enough to get down to the ideal body weight if you do not rethink your lifestyle and eating habits.



Knowing your body shape is one way of learning how your body stores fat. When you know your body’s pattern of storing fat, then it will be easier for you to create your fitness routine and weight loss diet meal plan. If your body stores fat around the hips and thighs, then you need to burn it to lose the fat around your problem area.


Recently, choosing which food is right for you has become extremely complex and confusing due to the increasing number of fad diets. With promises and advertising from almost anything, making a healthy food choice can be totally confusing for you.


Eating fiber can be a good thing for you. It is something the body needs, but never actually digest it. Honestly, it remains the same from the plate to the toilet. Soluble fiber turns to gel in the stomach, slows digestion, and helps lower cholesterol including the blood glucose.


The absence of a daily dose of fiber in your diet may result in constipation. Eating too little fiber can make it tough to control blood sugar and appetite. The main reason for this is that fiber regulates the speed of digestion and contributes to your feeling of satiety.



Eating fiber can be good for weight loss, but overdoing it may mean moving the food too quickly and having to absorb fewer minerals. One study recommends eating at least 38 grams of fiber each day for men under 50 and eating at least 25 grams each day for women. Examples of fiber rich foods are the black beans, oatmeal, avocados, pears, peas, flaxseeds, chia seeds, spinach, carrots, and black beans.


The human body is more than mere storage tanks. Because it saves up fat, eating high fat meals tend to increase its activity. High fat meals play a role in some type of obesity. Therefore, filling your plate with body type specific foods can literally help shed pounds.


To lose weight fast, you should follow a calorie restricted diet and a high fiber diet. Limit fat intake so you can prevent excessive weight gain. Do you know that eating fiber is the key to losing weight for those with an apple body shape?



Apple body shape fat loss tips

Your shoulders and hips may be of the same size. The chest and waist measurements are fairly close. The hips may be 6” smaller than the chest.


You gain weight mainly around the abdomen or waist. Shows slender lower legs and arms. The body may be dominated by higher levels of androgen, a male hormone, which makes it possible for the body to store the fat in and around the waist, breasts, and back.


The visceral fat surrounds the internal organs, disrupt the hormonal system, lowers the metabolism, and is quite difficult to lose weight. The health risk would be metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, higher stress levels, increased inflammation, and certain types of cancer.


The abdominal fat also influences the respiratory functions, such as apnea, pulmonary hypertension, and cardiac arrhythmia. In short, if you have this shape and an excess weight, you should watch what you feed your mouth!


This kind of body shape most likely developed as you grow older. This becomes the classic appearance of the middle age spread. Yes, it is true.


The middle age spread comes with a barrel like appearance and a tummy filled with visceral fat. If you go to the mall and just sit in the corner, you will notice men and women 35+ to have acquired (across time) an apple body shape.



The vital factor is the location of your fat. You store it in your middle or around your waist and knock your head off to trouble. The visceral fat stored in your belly constantly breaks down and circulates in the blood. Individuals with this kind of body shape crave for starchy, flour based foods, as well as salty and spicy foods.


You are on to developing a heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes with this kind of body shape. You are also prone to water retention and constipation.


People differ in fat distribution or where the body stores fat. Your body shape is important because it will also determine where problems may develop as you lose the weight.


You would be surprised how easy it is for excess calories to get inside the body with the wrong food choices. You may want to do some swimming and weight training. They are perfect in helping you reduce your body fat.


One thing to remember though. Doing the same kind of physical activity over a length of time repeatedly conditions the muscles involved in that activity. After your muscles are conditioned, they become more efficient and burn fewer calories.


It is because different exercise routines work out different muscle groups. When you change your exercise routine to use new muscle groups, your muscles have to work harder, thus burning more calories in the process. However, if you really love your routine, then you can make it more challenging by increasing the intensity.


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Body sculpting guide

With the unique, unwelcome nature and the role of the human body in deciding about body fat distribution, sometimes even though you follow a good anti aging fat loss program, it still won’t get you the perfect body shape you want without the help of a surgery.


A leading psychiatrist just reminded women who are too obsessed with achieving a size zero to get treated with their eating disorders. You cannot manipulate nature. If you manipulate nature, you will just destroy it and you get to suffer in the end.


Although living happily with your own body can be quite an emotional and a physical challenge, women oftentimes experienced competition and certain degrees of body scrutiny due to the relentless promotion of thinness, which adds intense pressure in attaining some level of body perfection.


If you are one of these women who are aspiring for perfection, then you should first determine your body type and learn what to feed your kind of body type. If you have an apple or pear shape body type, not every food may benefit you.


Eat more fiber. They are found mainly in fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Fiber can help you lower your risk for diabetes and heart disease, as well as maintain a healthy weight. Selecting tasty foods that provide fiber isn’t difficult.


Depending on your age and gender, nutrition experts recommend you eat at least 21 to 38 grams of fiber per day for optimal health. Add fruits to your breakfast and always keep fruits and vegetables at your fingertips. Make sure you eat the peel of the apple and pear.


You may search for great recipes and bulk up in soups and salads. Make your own soups at home with broths and veggies. Veggies are low in calories and should form the foundation of your diet.



You can prepare the size shrinking soups and super salads at home. They are a convenient way to eat nutrient rich vegetables while preventing cravings that result in overeating, but just please don’t forget to watch your salt intake while you sip on the soup and rave on that salad.


Your diet meal plan and anti aging fat loss fitness program should be based and customized around your body type. The physiology of the apple body shape is highly affected by the large amount of visceral fat that surrounds the internal organs, which may result in hormonal and metabolic disorders that cause more weight gain.


Your body shape has a lot to tell about your health condition, specifically the metabolic syndrome. People with an apple body shape carry a lot of weight around their abdomen, which puts them at risk of developing the metabolic syndrome and its related complications, such as diabetes and heart disease, including difficulty in obesity weight management.


Losing weight is not one size fits all. Your body type is the key to figuring out the best weight loss diet meal plan and exercise program. A person with an apple shaped body tends to crave more on starchy, flour based foods, such as bread, high fat spicy foods and salty wheat snacks.


Often a person with an apple shaped body type benefits from a high protein diet with minimal carbohydrates and plenty of fiber. Any type of aerobic activity is fine with this body type in reducing the layers of fat, such as swimming and weight training.


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How your body shape reveals your health condition?

Currently, increasing studies and medical journals encourage determining a healthy weight by measuring the waist size and looking at the body shape.


Several studies suggest that the female body shape predicts accurately its hormonal, metabolic, and emotional health, which makes a lot of difference when dealing with weight loss. You may assimilate the nutrients differently because of a dramatically different metabolism.


Your body may respond differently to some dietary health supplements and medications, but knowing what to eat and what not to eat can maximize the advantages of your body shape.



Pear body shape, your winning weight loss formula

The hips are wider than the shoulders. The hips are usually 5% more than what the bust or shoulder measures. Shows round, sloping shoulders, but a well-defined waistline. This classic shape is bemoaned by women worldwide.


You gain weight on the bottom and thighs, but usually demonstrate a full and round butt and thighs. Fat is like a real estate. It’s all about location.


You can’t help nor theoretically change your body shape. It is based largely on your genetic makeup. Your body shape dictates where you store fat, which includes what type of exercises you need and what illnesses you may be prone to.


A person with a pear shaped body usually craves for sweet creamy or starchy foods. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you need to significantly cut down on your fat or sugar intake.


This body shape, which shows a small waist and distinct hips, is closely associated as a variation of the hourglass body type. The health risks are usually osteoporosis, cellulite, varicose veins, ovarian cancer, breast cysts, endometriosis, eating disorders, and menopausal hot flashes.


Take note that after menopause, you are expected to be 20 pounds more overweight, and may be developing similar health problems as with the apple body shaped women. To work on the major leg muscles, you can run or do some power walking.


The body shape is a substantial risk factor in terms of premature mortality in the general population as measured by the ABSI. The best diet for a pear shaped body is to eat minimum fat, avoid refined carbs and all animal fat, and favor complex carbohydrates and high quality proteins.


No matter what you see in the mirror, there is always a solution to help boost your metabolism with your kind of body shape. You are more prone to ugly cellulite problems when you carry weight in your hips and thighs.



You gain weight more easily when the fat stored in your hips and thighs is simply magnetic for more fat. If you have a pear shaped body, you need to be especially careful about the food you eat and your daily level of activity.


Have as little fat as possible, because when you consume a meal, a pear body shaped type automatically burns away the carbs and protein and then stores the fat. The weight carried around the bottom and thighs are more of subcutaneous fat and not the dangerous visceral fat.


Carrying extra weight on the hips may lead to an increased risk of osteoarthritis and the fat is more likely to appear as cellulite. One study found that a person with a pear shape may find it more difficult to lose weight, because the fat in the upper body, chest and abdomen is mobilized by the body to burn more readily than the fat stored in the bottom, hips and thighs.


Women with pear shaped bodies should choose higher protein foods and lean meats. If you have a pear shaped body, make sure you do not skip meals, because you have a tendency to get emotionally upset easily. Eating regular meals can help stabilize mood and blood sugar levels.



Inverted triangle body shape

If you have a broad shoulder, narrow waist, and perhaps look very athletic, then you have an inverted triangle body type. Triangular shapes have high metabolism and do not gain weight and fat easily.


However, if you eat a diet laden with sugar and salt, then you are likely to store fat and gain weight. An inverted triangle body type is at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis. To prevent this, a high amount of protein in the diet, such as fish and poultry, would be good for your health.


Persons with inverted triangular shape body type can focus on building up the bottom half, such as the thighs and the buttocks, to define the waist. Fitness routines that can help strengthen and build the lower body and core can be stepping, lunging, and squatting.



Aging and your changing body shape

As a person grows old and age, the body shape changes, because of the shift in the fat cells and the location. When you are 20s and 30s, the fat cells in your body tend to be fewer and closer to the surface. By age 40 or 50, the fat cells become larger and get closer to the internal organs.


Have you figured out what causes the middle age spread? In your late 60s onward, the total weight is often lost, but the visceral fat can increase. The visceral fat can further push many people towards an apple body shape, which generally slows down metabolism that also occurs with age.


Your health implications are directly linked to where your body stores your fat. The fat definitely impacts the production of some hormones. Fat cells release inflammatory substances contribute to the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.


The visceral fat cells in your stomach promote inflammation and release less leptin than the cells around the thighs and backside. Fat around the stomach releases less leptin than those fat cells around the thighs and backside. Leptin hormones regulate your appetite. The fat cells around the belly are generally larger and are less insulin sensitive.


They are fat we can’t see, but really matters, because inside this slightly forward waist lurks a potential killer. This active fat affects the hormones. If you just like to know, the fat stored around the thighs and backside is the most mobile around the body and has less chance of the fat moving to and being stored in organs, such as your pancreas, liver, or heart.



Get rid of visceral fat

Getting rid of visceral fat around the tummy may not come easy. Visceral fat is toxic, highly active, and is constantly pumping poison into the bloodstream. The visceral is the bitch that causes inflammation in the colon and the artery walls, and is a major cause of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. It affects the mood by increasing the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, and reducing levels of feel good endorphins.


The visceral fat may start to disappear as soon as you go on a diet or start a physical activity. Blood tests show that within half an hour of starting exercise, visceral fat metabolic changes take place. Visceral fat is intended to be stored as energy, which is one of the reasons it can disappear largely depending on your diet and workout program.


When you reduce calorie intake and increase calorie output, this fat begins to be digested. The regimen can be as simple as sticking on a low fat diet, avoid processed food, and take more exercise. Having a fat tummy could be more deadly than being obese all over.


Even slim people carry visceral fat, which typically occurs in the absence of an exercise. If a person lacks muscles, it means the body is less able to take up sugar in useful ways, and ends up being stored as fat.


Studies show that when you take steps to lose weight, the visceral fat is likely the first to go, because it may have a better blood supply than the fat in other parts of the body. One of the best techniques to shift this fat is to exercise, such as brisk walking, running or aerobics.


In 2008, 27 middle aged obese women found that jogging and walk – jogging high intensity workouts can actually help lose significant abdominal visceral fat that those who did low intensity walking. They also found that eating oats and bananas may stop you from gaining visceral fat too. This dangerous abdominal fat can be lost with simple changes.


The visceral fat yields fairly easily to exercise and diet. Exercise and dieting can help you get rid of belly fat. To start, you can do a regular moderate intensity physical activity of at least 30 minutes per day, or perhaps up to 60 minutes per day. Strength training can help fight abdominal fat. Try circuit training, biking, brisk walking, running, swimming, jogging, sprinting, weight training, or any activity that gets your heart rate up and you moving for an hour. However, sit ups may tighten abdominal muscles, but it won’t get at visceral fat.


To significantly improve your health, you need to avoid smoking, drinking, being inactive and eating high fat, processed food. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and take time to destress.


For the exercise, make your main activity work like the fast paced metabolically demanding weight training. You should know that walking is not completely a form of exercise, but it is a necessary activity to help lower cortisol.




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The body shape highly indicates the fat distribution in your body. Making lifestyle changes usually take a combination of time plus trial and error. You might have heard this myth. If you are really determined to lose weight, you need to eat a light dinner by 6-7 pm and eat nothing after that. Give your body enough time to digest the meal before you go to bed. Anti aging fat loss is not just all about food and exercise, it also requires food digestion and eating timing.

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