Brand Your Blog And Cut Through The Marketing Noise To Make Money Online

A blog is a communication tool where you either get paid blogging or make money blogging useful content. A blog has always been a good platform to make money online. Before anything else, you need to identify a profitable niche and determine the demographics of your target audience first. Driving traffic is not easy. To earn with Google Adsense or any other affiliate products, you need to find which topic is likely to bring you huge amounts of visitors, so you get ample clicks and sufficient $$s at the end of each month.


Basically, a blogger needs to learn how to drive the right visitors as well as learn how to drive leads, because without this skill, it would be difficult for you to earn money from your blog. Apparently, without traffic, you will never earn. Who will click your ads? Who will buy your product?


I can remember what my client said before. Without traffic, a good content is nothing, because you have to pay the bills. Just imagine working night and day on the topics you wrote on your blog and all the search engine optimization strategy you did, and still, you are not earning as you expected. That would be totally frustrating!


Google said content is king. Originality is a must. Being innovative is a choice. Good content can build your brand as well as your authority.


Create an engaging and thought provoking content. Google made it clear to penalize copied and pasted content. Whether your blog is for business or a personal hobby, make sure you rewrite or paraphrase any idea you got from the other sites.




With a billion people around the world, believe me, there is no thing called as original ideas or original content. One way or the other, somewhere in the cyber world, another human being has the same thought as you that is already published in print on their blogs.


My advice is to create content that is not copied and pasted. Recombine into some form, but do not make it gibberish. If you do not have anything useful to say about a certain topic, then don’t write anything about it at all.


To be able to consistently write good content, you must have the right drive and passion! You cannot expect to drive traffic if you write once a month only. Start a blog and update it at least once or twice a week. The search engines favor sites that are consistently posting new content in a regular manner.


Be consistent in updating your blog. Blogging is not easy, but you can make it a bit easier if you select a niche or topic that you are passionate about. Use the lingo of your like minded readers and start making a difference.


Have you ever wondered if it is really possible to earn money from your blog? Although you do not need to be a big celebrity blogger with an impressive background, you have to learn how to drive traffic to your website. You have to be creative, so your blog gains the right attention and you stand out as a blogger.

Establish a strong reputation being an authority of your niche. Keep reading and increase your knowledge about your craft so the content you publish gets increasingly deep, helpful, and valuable. In other words, write an article that gives value to your readers.


Use your blog to get exposure, gain trust, and build followers. Strategically plan how do you want to be known for and how you want others to see you. This is all part of your personal branding and reputation management efforts.


Branding is very important in reaching out to people, because it is part of the process of building genuine and sincere relationships with others on social media, your professional network, and around the blogosphere. Just to give you an idea of how tedious blogging can be, you have to find the places on the web your target audience used to hang out.



Branding and connecting with people

Find the right individuals who can make use of the information you provide, get to know them, interact with them, and work out things between you and their group of friends, so they may like you and recognize the value of your writings. There are 54,000 new blogs everyday around the world. Bloggers often fail because they do not have enough information about marketing themselves and their blogs.


As a new blogger, you have to consider the image you want to represent. Take time to think through your brand and its implications for your content going forward. One hint. Decide on your photograph or visual presentation when you create your blog’s personality.


Create a voice for your blog and determine the language used. Your blog is the crock pot of your branding. A secret recipe that can make your content and voice irreplicable is your path to ultimate success. Work to find your voice and then build your recipe around that.


A brand is a symbol for quality, trust or efficiency. The idea of developing a brand for a blog when properly implemented can make you earn money from your blog. To be an authority, you should establish a clear goal. A mixture of subjects and forms of posting isn’t a sign of professionalism at all. The way I see it, it is more about consistency, so it is not difficult to become a brand in such a context.


A good communication with the readers is the perfect way in making your blog popular. Even in the social media, the word of mouth has its rather unique influence, so better get it before anyone else does. But, how do you create an identity that is immediately recognizable and differentiates your blog from others in your niche?


Whether or not you know your blog has a brand, it already started the time you clicked publish on your first post. Your post graphics, tone of voice, photos you used, and the lingo used are factors contributing to your overall brand. I know blogs are not an immediate overnight success, but you should be consistent to gain trust.


Here is what consistency is all about

  • Create a blog style and stick to it
  • Create consistency in your post schedule
  • Create consistency in your visual style
  • Create something that resonates with your audience as well as potential sponsors


Of course, your personality, your voice, your opinion, and what you write in each of your blog post are what defines your brand as a blogger. Being a blogger, you should consider yourself a one of a kind talented individual with great skills in storytelling, marketing, social media, and more. Your complete mix of visual elements, strategy, voice and emotional connection with your readers, highly constitute branding.


Branding for bloggers is really a way to show who you are. If you desire to grow your blog, you may consider working with bigger brands, or maybe collaborate with awesome bloggers. The blogosphere is a huge and very competitive industry. Networking with others can make you stand out.


If you want to be remarkable, recognizable, and make your blog an extension of your personal brand, then you can beat on consistency as the absolute key in branding your blog, because in the advertising world, advertisers and big brands are always on the lookout for content and personality that can be relatively consistent and a good fit for the brand.



Be happy writing

Do not expect to make money blogging for three months. It takes time to drive traffic and it takes a lot of effort to make them click on your ads. Just write and let your target audience (traffic) find you over time.


Leverage on content creation that provides a mountain of information useful for your readers. Over time, your traffic will increase, and you will start earning.


Maybe you should start with this format that may help you think how to build your brand

Blog theme: My blog is known and respected as the best place on the internet to find ________________________.

Key, content related words:






Write your personal nicknames that describe you here:






Whether or not your brand is relevant to your content, it will quickly develop one relevant attribute, which is your reputation. If a reader finds your blog insightful, entertaining, and relevant, a visitor will always return even if he does not agree with your commentary or layout.




Your blog must exude seriousness. You must be serious about your subject. For some topics, that may mean accuracy and timeliness. Reputation is everything. As you build your blog brand, remember what you want a reputation for and consistently strive to earn it.


Your title does not even have to be professionally created, but it must exude a professional quality artwork. Create it yourself, including your content. Make creativity work, enough to entice people to pay you to do theirs.


Everything on your page should contribute to your page, and your links are no exception. They should be well-organized to help readers navigate smoothly on your site. Your links are an asset. Distribute them in a way that maximizes your blog’s value. As well as organize them in a way that your reader finds what he wants.


Your page, when viewed for the first time, should speak most loudly about your theme, every object on the page should do its best to illustrate and reinforce that theme in the mind of the reader. Remember, your goal is to catch the reader’s attention and to illustrate, in as little as possible, the theme of the blog.


Blog entries are important and should be relevant as well as consistent to your theme. Your visitors will always return to visit your blog because of your entries. Your prior entries set the expectations, so make sure your hard work on every blog post count.


Expectations can be insight, relevance, timeliness, accuracy, and consistency. Your readers expect to find something new, unique, and worthwhile in each visit. Your insight and your dedication to providing value and quality are what will draw them back.


Perhaps your blog is a reference blog that collects and publishes links by subject. Consistency and thoroughness are again the watchwords here. Whatever the theme of your blog, your readers will expect every entry to be timely, relevant and accurate. Consistency makes a good impression.


I would recommend you read the book “Building A Blog Empire For Profit” written by John Hunter. The content should be simple, friendly, conversational and easy to read. When readers leave a comment, it is a promise of something nice that may build a huge following with an actively engaged audience.


Create a brand that inspires and develop your family and friends to become your first level brand ambassadors. If you are very clear about what your brand stands for, then you are going to attract like-minded employees.


If you are an entrepreneur, you should know better than to choose employees who do not simply work where they can earn money. Choose someone who can make a difference and contribute to some greater goal. You can leave your name and contact information, if you want me to work for you. Reduce your cost for advertising and start branding by making your blog as an extension of your personal brand.


You do not need to be a celebrity blogger to become known in the web. You only have to share information with value and insights worth the time of your readers. You can earn money from your blog when people recognize you as a good blogger of great insights and brand.

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