Brownies Unlimited Offers A Truly Unique Chewy, Fudgy Brownie Taste

Brownies Unlimited dessert shop in Cebu

Satisfy your sweet tooth and treat yourself to the ultimate chocolatey fudgey brownies dessert. Pick and mix exquisite flavors of the Brownies Unlimited for an everyday after lunch or after dinner treat. Each and every product they offer, really taste pretty good, fresh, and ideal for a quick sweet dessert. One yum brownie square is a mouthful taste of heaven that seems to taste almost like a cake. The brownies are moist and don’t taste dry. Thanks to their fudge brownie recipe in Cebu. Take your buds on the best brownies ever trip and experience a classic confection that’s the favorite of many locals.


They say, once tasted, always wanted! This is what comes into my mind when I first tasted their brownies. The fudgy, chewy, chocolatey, gooey or nutty taste of their brownies will want you to stay seated and eat for more! OMG, just where am I going to put these blocks of sugar now? This place absolutely is one of the best moist brownies cafes in Cebu City.


Starting from the classic gourmet brownie favorites, the Brownies Unlimited offers over 13 kinds of moist brownies now plus the Brownie and Cookie Chips, Party Cupcakes, Brownie on the Go, Sambos, and the Silvanas. This gourmet brownie snack house in Cebu City is really one of a kind!


The moist brownies are available in singles or preassorted packages. The flavors in prepacks vary, because they were bundled already with a bit of price discount. This will allow people to choose the prepacks and experience the opportunity to savor their different brownie recipe tastes.


I swear, they have the best brownies ever in the whole of Cebu. You will know it, when you bite it. Yum!


Brownies are classified into

  • Black & White with milk and chocolate chips for P27
  • Choc O’ Chips fudge brownie with dark chocolate chips for P32
  • Choco-Malt fudge brownie with Milo icing for P27
  • Cheesecake Swirl red velvet with cream cheese swirl for P32
  • Kriss Kross fudge brownie with white chocolate drizzle for P27
  • Mississippi fudge brownie with dark chocolate and marshmallow fluff for P27
  • Oreo & Chips fudge brownie topped with marshmallow fluff and oreo cookies for P32
  • Walnut Swirl walnut brownies with cream cheese swirls for P32
  • Red Velvet brownie with cream cheese icing for P32
  • Rocky Road fudge brownie with marshmallows, cashews, and chocolate drizzle for P27
  • S’Mores fudge brownie with burnt marshmallows, cashews, graham crackers and caramel drizzle for P32




The Meringue is composed of 3 flavors, namely the Ube, Sambos, and the Silvanas. The Ube crispy meringue rounds with butter cream icing coated with ube crumbs.


The Silvanas crispy meringue rounds with butter cream icing coated with butter cake crumbs. The Sambos crispy meringue rounds with butter cream icing coated with chocolate butter cake crumbs.


Good Lord, this store is out to make me fatter each time I visit ha ha. For only P35 each piece of Meringue, you are in for a good sweet tooth treat.


The express brownie boxes are classified into the number of pieces in a box and an assortment of brownie flavors. The box of 12 costs P240 and contains the flavors of Zigzag, Red Velvet, Walnut Fudge, Kriss Kross, S’mores, Mississippi, Rocky Road, Walnut Swirl, Black & White, Choc O’ Chips, Dulce de Leche, and the Oreos & Chips.


Chewy Fudgey Brownies Unlimited Cebu SMBrownies Unlimited Cebu Dessert Shop

Photos taken June 11 2017 at Brownies Unlimited In SM City, Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


The box of 10 consists of the flavors of 2 Zigzag, 2 Mississippi, 2 Rocky Road, and 2 Black & White. This costs P150.


The box of 6 costs P130 and consists of the flavors Dulce de Leche, Choc O’Chips, Mississippi, S’mores, Rocky Road, and the Walnut Swirl.


The box of 4 costs P98 and consists of the Zigzag, Red Velvet, Walnut Fudge, and the Kriss Kross.


The munchies have only two flavors, namely the walnut brownies and the brownie chips. The walnut brownies are individually wrapped and bundled for P60 for 3 pieces or P100 for 6 pieces.


The Brownie Chips are the crunchy, rich, wafer thin chocolate crisps studded with nuggets of milk chocolate sold at P65 a piece.



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The party cupcakes are comprised of the fudge cupcakes topped with Italian icing and added with either sprinkles or choco droplets on the top.


In fact, they just introduced the delicious bite sized brownies with an ice cream frosting. Girl, this new product will make you delirious!



What makes their brownies alluring as a woman?

The best brownie flavors are what we need in life to make it more exciting. I am guilty of healthy eating, but they really know how to make delicious, moist and sumptuous gourmet brownie recipes. What can I say? I don’t think I can turn my back on them!


These moist brownies can really literally sense people’s emotions and basically modify what they think about eating smartly by powerfully controlling their thoughts with physical packaging and top icings. Have we been turned into trolls and goblins?


Still, these brownies are my heart’s desire. Their cocoa brownies have the softest center and chewiest candylike top crust. They all look fabulously attractive, dense with great texture and alluring to the eyes. And if you put ice cream on top to make one creamy fudge brownie, you will definitely end up looking for more each day.


If you have never made brownies from scratch, stop the experiment and just go zap some from the Brownies Unlimited at SM City. Instead of saying baked with love, you can say bought with passion (hah, the passion to scavenge sweets of beautifully swirled top).


Brownies Unlimited Cebumoist brownies SM Mall in Cebumoist brownies dessert shop in Cebu


Brownies are a classic American dessert made popular by their finer points of fudgy, chewy, cakey, warm and fresh from the oven, and cool to the touch. Because of its taste, people are often driven to extremes to get them. The love of sugar and sweets can make you crazy for brownies.


This square baked dessert is a cross between a cake and a soft cookie. They are common treats in restaurants and school canteens, but no one has still beaten the taste of the Brownies Unlimited in Cebu.


Challenge? Put some ice cream on top of the brownie and you will scream with delight. Brownie, so rich and delicious, melts on your tongue. Drool, it’s flawless girl!


Here I am!


Where to find Brownies Unlimited in Cebu

SM City Mabolo 2nd Kiosk

Upper Ground Floor, SM City, North Reclamation Area

Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone 0935 527 6314/ 0916 422 33448


SM City Mabolo 1st Kiosk

Lower Ground Floor, North Wing

SM City, North Reclamation Area

Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone 032 882 0175


Brownies Unlimited easy, fudgy brownies recipe from scratch brings your experience to a different level. Their brownies and treats baking recipes are awesome and really delicious! They offer delicious brownies of all varieties, with special mention of the brownie recipe with chocolate chips. Brownies Unlimited has all the brownies you can imagine in the Philippines.

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