How To Get Burial Assistance From DSWD?

DSWD Burial Assistance

Assistance to shoulder funeral costs and related expenses, including but not limited to, cases of bringing home the bodies of their deceased loved ones. The social worker will conduct intake interview using the prescribed General Intake Sheet. The social worker may gather collateral information about the client from immediate family members, relatives, referring parties and other sources if necessary.


The assessment of the case shall be based on the data gathered during interview, client’s current need, and supporting documents presented. The assessment shall likewise include capacity of the family in addressing the problem and available resources that the family could tap.


The assessment of the worker shall be the basis for the recommendation. The assistance shall be immediately released once the amount has been determined based on the interview/ assessment and submitted supporting documents.


If necessary, the social worker handling the case shall prepare a case summary indicating her assessment and recommendation, and include the case summary on the referral letter to be provided to the client. The social worker may escort the client to the referred agency for proper endorsement.


A social case study report is required as supporting document for assistance more than P10,000. The maximum allowable assistance that a social worker may grant is only up to P25,000 in normal circumstances, but may not exceed P75,000 in extremely justifiable cases. Any assistance given beyond P25,000 is subject to the approval of the Secretary or authorized representative.





Registered Death Certificate

Funeral Contract

Permit to Transfer (transport of cadaver)

Barangay Certificate/any valid ID

Social Case Study report from LGU (optional)

Referral/Endorsement Letter from legislator, if applicable




The SWAD Team Leader for DSWD FOs shall act as the special disbursing officer of the Satellite CIU Office, provided that he/ she holds a regular position. Should there be no available SWAD staff holding a regular position, the FO may provide an SDO for the office.


The designated SDO of the satellite office shall be bonded with a minimum cash of P50,000 and a maximum of P150,000 specifically intended for the release of the cash assistance for the CIU clients.


Further reading,


The disbursement of the said cash bond should be subject to liquidation and immediate replenishment in order to sustain the continuous operation of the satellite offices.


The payment to the service provider should be based on the billing made by the service provider of the actual amount of services/ assistance provided to the clients. The billing of the service provider should be on bi-monthly period or in cases when amount assistance provider is already within maximum credit amount.


The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) offers different types of assistance to those in need which include the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations (AICS). Under the AICS, the DSWD provides medical, educational, burial and transportation assistance to persons/families in crisis situations, specifically those belonging to the informal sector and other poor, marginalized, vulnerable, and disadvantaged individuals.


Please see the PDF below for complete details

DSWD Burial Assistance



Where to apply?

Nearest DSWD agency in your area

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