Eat All You Can, Burp It Loud At Burrow Unlimited Chicken

Chicken wing lovers can now enjoy delectable flavors of Mild Teriyaki, Chili, Asian Barbecue, Classic, and Garlic Parmesan for an affordable price of P199. Eat all you can chicken wings plus unlimited rice every day, any time. You can add bottomless iced tea for an additional P40 per head. Visit and simply enjoy unli chicken wings and lick your lips the whole time you sit there!


The chicken wings are wonderfully fried and dip to perfection, but sometimes, due to the flock of mostly student customers, the place is crowded. You will be lucky to get one table during lunch or dinner. If you are a tourist, I suggest you go eat there at 2pm or 3pm.



A crowd of students love to hangout and savor the taste of the chicken wings in this eat all you can restaurant. Although they have other items in their menu, most diners come to this restaurant for the popular unli chicken wings only.


As you enter the place, you can see them happily licking their fingers. Many diners use their hands to eat the chicken wings. What can I say? Even myself love to eat the chicken wings without spoon and fork – just hands! More fulfilling to the feeling.



Burrow is a good place to hang out when you are really hungry and can savor the last juicy bone of the last piece of chicken wings served hot and plenty on your plate. You can stay there and indulge yourself with the different flavors as long as your stomach can take.


Of course, you have to leave when you fulfilled your destiny, because others are just right outside the door waiting for their time to take a seat and start eating the flavored chicken wings. You cannot let them go hungry, yeah? Others claimed still feeling full until the next two meals.


Throughout centuries, the chicken has played a starring role in many of the world’s cuisines. With chicken, one can create unlimited possibilities, because its mild flavor is compatible with an almost endless variety of herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables.


You can actually serve chicken with a pasta, rice, fruit or vegetables. However, the chicken wings offered at Burrow are served with rice. In any ways it is being served, they taste really good, juicy, tender, but a bit crispy. It will definitely get you crazy in an instant.


The chicken wings are an ultimate comfort food that require only a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes to cook. Less waiting time for you then! However, due to increasing demand, Burrow may take more than that to prepare your order. Just telling you ahead what you are up to.


Photos take July 30 2017 at Burrow Unlimited Chicken In Park Mall, North Reclamation, Cebu City, Cebu

Photos taken July 15 2017 at Burrow Unlimited Chicken, Park Mall, Cebu City, Cebu


Anyway, as the trend goes on, restaurants offering unlimited chicken are starting to pop up these days. Actually, there are two others already offering the same in their menu near the Park Mall and a few steps near Burrow.


If you are working on a low carb diet, this treat may sound fantastic for you. You could be eating all the chicken wings that your stomach can handle every day. I just bought chicken wings from the grocery and starting to wonder how I am going to cook it like what Burrow did.


Creating the treat for you means eating lots of chicken in the restaurant, which can be enjoyed hot, at room temperature, or chilled. Regardless, you may not bother to see temp details, because you would be quite busy nibbling on the chicken wings’ bones.



Budget food makes a healthy body create a healthy pocket

In Burrow, you will savor and experience how the chicken wings just pull apart and slide down on your throat, hot, moist, juicy, and tender. One article even wrote about a man who lose 60 pounds eating unlimited chicken wings and two fruits a day (unconfirmed).


How we think and live shapes the way we eat. Because Filipinos are a bit frugal and really value the word “unlimited” or “eat all you can”, you can see the locals lining up at the Burrow. Indeed, they all follow one house rule to eat what their stomach can take for an affordable price of P199 (as of July 17 2017, prices may change without notice on this particular blog post).


You have to eat only from your own plate and no swiping of food from other people’s plates. Grab a bite and a handful of what you like. Consume everything you ordered without help from anyone or you pay additional charges.


Sometimes, the easiest and most healthful way to eat less is to eat more. What do I mean with this? You eat more low calorie, high nutrition, filling foods, such as the chicken wings and simply flush your fats out.


You may want to try this out and improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but clear this with your doctor first, because the wings are deep fried and they are cooked in oil. It seems that all the flavor stays well in the skin, and you know what that means.


Let your dishes control your portions. With the chicken wings, the statement really makes good sense. But, read this. A chicken wing with skin contains 62 calories and the barbecue sauce adds another 20 calories, that makes at least 82 calories per wing. This meant an averaged of 11 wings per person can be eating over 900 calories. As I have said, you need to clear this with your doctor first if you are on a diet.


With unlimited access to fried and flavored chicken wings, it is no wonder the Burrow is packed with students, working professionals, and tourist traveling on a budget. The free flow of finger licking good fried chicken wings is a great value meal for everyone.


With a new level of unique, fantastic flavor combinations, you can enjoy the Mild Teriyaki flavor of Japan. Well, if you want flavor, you gotta have the skin and the fat.





Mild Teriyaki

The teriyaki is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine where the chicken is lacquered with a sweet soy, honey mild flavored teriyaki. The teriyaki sauce is a salty soy sauce usually used as a condiment, marinade or dipping sauce.


The classic chicken wings are being dipped into the teriyaki sauce to add a different twist. Putting in some extra effort to eat around the bones that are technically called wings are really satisfying and yes, I must admit, are highly motivating to make you add more pieces on your plate. You get a lot of chicken taste with the teriyaki as background, but in Burrow, the teriyaki seems to dominate, which means better tasting chicken wings.



Classic flavor

The classic flavor is the base of all things they cook in the restaurant. The fresh, plump, absolutely divine and perfectly seasoned deep fried breaded chicken wings are most kids favorite. This is the meal that makes tail wags.


The fried chicken is arguably the most crave comfort food in the Philippines, second to the pork bbq. Fried until crispy, this dish is the key to unlocking the success behind this unlimited chicken wings trend.


With the unli chicken wings classic flavor, Burrow has just lured people jumping into their restaurant seats. Diners are definitely hungry for comfort classics with refined culinary touches.



Asian BBQ flavor

Exciting flavors in the coating or dip are a key component in selling this trend. The Asian connection brought about by this creative mix of familiarity of ginger, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, spices, and honey has provided such astounding and succulent taste. The wings are a hit!


Get the Asian BBQ sauce and create the ultimate messy finger food in the next few minutes. Make them sweet, juicy, and savory rather than hot and spicy by choosing the Asian BBQ flavor. Think of a super bowl party served with unlimited supplies of sticky, sweet, syrupy, and thick Asian BBQ flavored chicken wings!



Garlic Parmesan flavor

The creamy taste of the garlic parmesan flavor blends well with the nice golden buttery taste of the classic chicken. Burrow made excellent wings out of this flavor enough to tear you out of your eating contest company for the time being.


The combination of butter, garlic powder, oregano, salt and parmesan cheese as an alternative can be exciting. With this simple recipe, the taste of the wings is sinfully delicious and one that you would really enjoy at the restaurant. So, buckle up and hope your stomach can expand more, because it would be different when you get on board with this restaurant’s flavor train.


This is a great alternative for people who are done with the classic taste, but do not like the spicy flavor. The wings are perfectly coated with its light garlic parmesan flavor. I doubt if anyone can beat the amazing flavors of Burrow chicken wings.



Chili flavor

Fancy your wings hot and spicy? The chili wings got a deep, mellow red chili flavor that gives your tongue a nice little burn. This flavor got a tasty combination of spices that provides a spicy kick to the wings. If you don’t like the regular classic taste or the blunt taste of the garlic parmesan, then you give the chili flavor chicken wings a taste test.


This flavor produces delicious chicken wings that served as the appetizer and the main course at the same time. The hot sauce and chili powder makes the wings taste and texture pleasurable to eat, that is making them hot and spicy to the bite.


Get ready to crave for some chicken wings flavor and get your desires fulfilled at the Burrow. This restaurant will change the way you eat chicken wings forever.



Just in case you still don’t know the health benefits of chicken

  • Chicken is full of niacin, B vitamin that protects against cancer and other DNA damaging illness.


  • Eating chicken is a way to promote bone health. The phosphorus in the chicken is an essential mineral that supports the teeth, bones, kidney, liver and the nervous system.


  • Chicken is one of the best sources of lean, low fat protein that promotes muscle growth and development.





Where you find Burrow unlimited chicken in Cebu

Hotline for all Burrow Brances is 0922 738 5067



Ground Floor, Tsai Hotel & Residences, Wilson Street

Lahug, Cebu City


Park Mall

2nd Level Facing City Times Square, Alfresco 4, Park Mall

Ouano Avenue, Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, Cebu



2nd floor, Alfresco area, Island Central Mactan, Lapu Lapu City


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