Blogging + Vlogging Online Business Marketing Strategy

blogging vlogging online marketing strategy

With an online small business blog, you can share premium content and sell digital or physical products. There are literally many ways to make money fast online, but you have to make sure your information gives value to your potential customers. Blogging and vlogging are very effective strategies to generate the maximum amount of traffic for your small business blog. They are both easy to set up and requires not much technical expertise. If your hobby is reading books and writing articles, then you can make blogging work for you. Using a bit of SEO in optimizing your website, you can make a living simply writing powerful, helpful and shareable content.


Keep your blog updated at least once a week minimum. Do it on a consistent and regular basis. Over time, you will gain someone else’s attention. They will come!


Learn how to integrate blogging with vlogging and you will be fine. To achieve maximum content marketing success, use both mediums together while being mindful of your time and resources.


They are highly effective getting discovered in search and social media. If you already have plenty of content in your blog, you can repurpose and turn those ideas into video form. Get discovered by your target audience easily this way.


The key is to make each video and blog post a distinct piece of content that complement each other. They may come out more unique and discoverable on its own in search.



They should be designed to be easily found by your intended users via the social media and search engines. For example, when promoting your videos, you can either share the link on YouTube or the link of your blog post.


The major idea here is to drive your target audience to your own website and not over a third party site. Your promotion should be strategic and focused on the properties you own.


Building links to your YouTube channel may not help much your business website SEO, but if you want to earn as a YouTube partner, then that could be a good idea! The content of most companies is also featured on their YouTube channels, which may distract users from their own site’s premium content.


This is another reason why you should drive traffic to your own small business website, because you are in complete control of the user experience there.  This approach may attract more links to your website business blog if you provide useful information.


Obviously, one of the most difficult tasks in creating a successful small business online is developing a strategic, long term plan. 6 months is the ideal time frame.


combine blogging with vlogging


It is far enough to build concrete calls to action and timely content, but not too long down the road that you cannot easily shift course if needed. Map out your branding approach across the 2 different formats of content to ensure a uniform voice and perspective.


Identify the tone and style of your content. Brand your blog post and videos effectively. Be strategic on your choices about the title of the video, thumbnail and the description.


Any graphics included in your blog post and videos are a reflection of your brand’s taste and aesthetic. Effective execution would mean taking chances in covering topics that tie back to specific brand goals.


Foster human connection. If done correctly, the reward would be connecting to a larger audience.  If you can balance the different requirements of advertisers and audience, then you would be able to make money from your business blog digital content.



Working with brand advertisers

Brands are keen to work with bloggers and vloggers. If you can generate successful content and have a loyal and growing audience, they would be chasing you sooner than you expected!


Brands may send free samples to be reviewed or given away through competitions. However, before your following is large enough to attract brands, you can monetize your website business content independently. Just be sure to promote products or brands your readers will be interested in.


You have to put in the work to gain a following and regular traffic. Without top quality posts or videos, you wouldn’t have a large audience in the first place.


If you try to set up a channel or blog just to make money, it may not work. It requires passion and needs to be organic. If you talk about something you love, it shows.

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