DSWD Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Through 4Ps

The Philippine government shows its serious effort to combat poverty through the continuing expansion of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), which is the Philippines’ version of the conditional cash transfer (CCT) program modeled by the Latin American countries. The 4Ps is the most comprehensive poverty reduction program and social development strategy of the country.


The government provides conditional cash grants to extremely poor households so they are able to improve their health, nutrition, and education, particularly of children aged 0 to 14.


The 4Ps offers P6,000 annually or P500 per month for each household for their health and nutrition expenses. It also provides P3,000 per child for one school year for 10 months or P300 pesos per month for educational expenses. Only up to a maximum of three children for each household can receive a subsidy.


The Department of Social Welfare and Development selects the eligible beneficiaries from the poorest municipalities based on the 2003 Small Area Estimates (SAE) of poverty incidence generated by the NSCB. Eligible households have income that are equal or below the provincial poverty line, have children 0 to 14 years old and/or a pregnant woman at the time of assessment.



What is 4Ps?


The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) is a social development and social assistance/ poverty reduction project of the government that provide cash grants to improve health and nutrition as well as assist in the education of the children aged 0 to 18.


The Modified Conditional Cash Transfer (MCCT) Program caters to families in need of special protection, which includes street families, itinerant indigenous families, families displaced by natural and man made disasters, families with a person with disability (PWD), child laborers, children in conflict with the law, and families with members having terminal disease and victims of human trafficking.



Cash grants

The 4Ps gives out a health grant of P500 per household every month total of P6,000 per year. The program also gives out an education grant of P300 per child per month for 10 months total of P3,000 per year to a maximum of 3 children.


For a household with 3 children, it may receive P1,400 every month, or a total of P15,000 every year for 5 years, from the 2 types of cash grants.


The cash grants are distributed to the household beneficiaries through the Land Bank of the Philippines, or if not feasible, through alternate payment schemes such as Globe G-Cash remittance and rural bank transactions.




Pregnant women must avail pre- and post-natal care, and be attended during childbirth by a trained professional;


Parents or guardians must attend the family development sessions, which include topics on responsible parenting, health, and nutrition;


Children aged 0-5 must receive regular preventive health check-ups and vaccines;


Children aged 6-14 must receive deworming pills twice a year; and


Children-beneficiaries aged 3-18 must enroll in school, and maintain an attendance of at least 85% of class days every month.



Further reading, http://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/programs/conditional-cash-transfer/


For more information, https://pantawid.dswd.gov.ph/index.php/home




Department of Social Welfare and Development

Constitution Hills, Batasan Complex

Quezon City 1126, Philippines

Telephone: 02  931 8101 to 02 931 8107

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