Sugar Addiction, The Reason Behind Teen Violence

Limit the amount of sugar you consumed every day and avoid getting in trouble developing diabetes. In most cases, the chocolates and the cookies are not the only source of added sugar in a typical day. Added sugars found in soda, juice boxes, breads, dairy desserts, ice cream, soft drinks, Continue Reading

Stress Causes Depression And Impotence

Depression normally starts after a major life change, trauma or failure, but is controllable. Unknowingly, depression might be caused by major nutrient deficiency and stress. Stress can lead and cause a person to get depressed without even knowing it. However, mindfulness, lifestyle change and nutrition can help reduce the episodes Continue Reading

How Do You Recognize A Nutritional Deficiency?

Micronutrients are the crucial vitamins, trace minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes you get from food sources. They are crucial for sustaining health and in preventing diseases. At present, there is a steep decline of micronutrients due to raw food selection and dietary habits leading to nutritional deficiency. The human body derives Continue Reading