Drinking Too Much Water Leads To Over Hydration, Leads To Electrolytes Depletion

Dehydration can be damaging to your anti aging skincare, but drinking too much water can also result in the depletion of your potassium, which is a form of electrolyte essential for a number of bodily functions. Electrolytes regulate the nerve and muscle function, hydrate the body, balance blood acidity and pressure, and help rebuild damaged tissue. The electrolyte levels can change in relation to the water levels in the body plus other factors, which can directly impact having too high or too low electrolytes in the blood.

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Is 6 Hours Of Sleep Enough To Keep Your Energy All Day?

A new study about sleep published that an average of 6 hours sleep is no different than what our ancestors had even before we were born! These days, every human being, child and adult are getting less sleep, due to long working hours, longer travel time, television, social media, and the internet. The new study suggests that people living in an industrialized region do not get any more or less sleep than those living in primitive societies.

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Can Eating More Cruciferous Vegetables Enhance Your Immune System?

Have you known that the key to boosting your body’s defenses and be disease free is eating more cruciferous vegetables? Simply experience living without the costly sick days and annoying trips to clinics, by just eating more cruciferous vegetables. If you want to be on top of your health, then focus on boosting your immune system with the right nutrition. For someone without a well-functioning immune system, a mild infection can hang on for weeks, worse yet, it can develop into serious consequences, such as a heart damage or a nerve paralysis, or it can blossom into a difficult to treat bacterial infection, such as life threatening pneumonia.

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Eat Right To Turn Off Tumor Growth

Do you believe in healing through nutrition? Have you ever heard about the famous saying, “Let food be your medicine”? With nutrition and the right combination of foods, nothing is impossible with a good diet meal plan. Many would want a holistic approach for disease intervention, but do not know how it is done. In taking charge of your health, you should know better than to pay attention to what you eat!

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Can Sunlight Exposure Help You Sleep Well At Night?

Amazing, but how much sleep you get and how well you sleep is profoundly affected by how much light you have been exposed to during daytime. It means maintaining a day to day natural exposure to daylight, and being in total darkness at night is critical in achieving optimal health and a sound sleep regardless of your diet and exercise. Your quality of sleep has a lot to do with light and darkness.

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Fluoride Turns Children Into Zombies Of Low IQ

The ability of fluoride to damage the brain reminds me of the movie I just saw – zombies! Several studies claimed the overexposure in varying levels can damage the human brain (not yet a zombie) and reduce intelligence or develop an impaired capacity to learn. Water fluoridation and putting fluoride in toothpaste have been creating debates around communities across the world. Is this toxic fertilizer byproduct used to prevent caries and tooth decay doing us harm?

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Dietary Intervention Is Key in Losing Weight Fast And In Preventing Metabolic Syndrome

We all know the billion dollar weight loss industry is full of tricks and myths. We get all sorts of crazy advice from know-it-all individuals who are trying to get some kind of confirmation what they do is right and effective. Well, if you want to be their guinea pig, then go follow, but if not, try to read more about nutrition and plant based fat loss strategies that are easier and proven to be safe. Just how do you lose weight fast in a world surrounded with addictive processed food products and fast food takeaway restaurants?

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Alugbati Medicinal Health Benefits

Alugbati is a fast growing smooth, twining, succulent, soft stemmed vegetable vine, that grows abundantly on its own, without much care, and reaches a length of several meters. This vine is also called as the Malabar spinach, Ceylon Spinach, basella, or simply the red vine, because of its fleshy round and somewhat heart shaped leaves that can truly replace the spinach. The young leaves are popularly used as a food ingredient in the Philippines. The vegetable vine is widely found in tropical Asia and in Africa, where it is commonly prepared as leaf vegetable.

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Pito Pito Herbal Supplement Health Benefits

Pito Pito is literally a blend of seven seeds or leaves of traditional herbal medicinal plants in the Philippines. These seeds and leaves are usually prepared as a decoction to treat a wide variety of illnesses and diseases, such as headaches, fever, cough, colds, migraine, asthma, abdominal pains, diarrhea, fever, flu, acne scar reduction, and many more. The traditional combination is banaba leaves, ampalaya leaves, mangosteen leaves, mango leaves, pandan China leaves, guava leaves, and honey.

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Simple Sciatica And Slipped Discs Pain Management Tips

Sciatica is a symptom of structural problem in the lower back, where the sciatic nerve becomes trapped or pinched. The pain tends to affect the buttocks and the back of the thighs, can travel down the back of the leg and even as far as the feet. It may also cause numbness, feel pins and needles, or weakness in those areas. The most common cause is a trapped nerve, but it can also be caused by a slipped or bulging disc in the lower back, causing pressure on the sciatic nerve.

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