Would Over Two Sentences Alt Text Image Optimization Help Boost Your SEO?

Alt text can definitely boost your SEO for top SERPS positioning, but can writing over two sentences be detrimental to your ROI goals? Just how important is placing an alt text to search engines’ interpretation of your pictures in your post? When you include images in your articles, you should not forget to write a very good keyword enriched description of the images, so the search engines can also read what you are trying to say about the image through the alt text. For sure, placing a very descriptive alt text can improve the accessibility of your blog as well as drive traffic to your website.

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Just Why And How Do You Optimize Your Images For Top SERPS Positioning?

Here are important image search engine optimization tips you need to know, so you can start to drive thousands of qualified leads and grow your blog in the process. The value of image visualization can’t be overlooked. Without the proper optimization, you are wasting valuable asset that can help you get to the top SERPS positioning. Image optimization creates many advantages. It highly contributes to better user experience. Don’t you know that bots rely on the text associated with the image to fully understand and identify what the image is all about and how it practically relates to your content?

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How To Best Format Your Internal Linking System For SEO?

One of the best SEO practices Carl taught me way back in 2007 is to link related blog posts. However, it got me until 2017 to really seriously do it. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since we last talked about making money blogging online. As we all have experienced this in life, setting aside some tasks can be forgotten, and along with it is your chance for top SERPS positioning. My advice to new bloggers is to set aside some few minutes in a day to write articles and do some on-site and off-site search engine optimization.

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Leverage On Content Marketing To Best Engage Your Audience

Keep in mind that content marketing is not SEO, and is definitely separate from search engine optimization tactics. Make sure that your content is information and highly useful to your audience, because there are many great content out there, where mediocre work has no place in its ecosystem. If you want to survive, be remarkable! The trick is to focus on answering questions your target audience is already asking. A good place to start getting an idea is Quora, which is a question and answer engine that caters about any topic.

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2 Easy Ways To Increase Your Productivity When You Work From Home

Every minute you spend trying to complete your tasks is as important as your life itself, are you managing it right? We all are aware of the fact that there are only so many hours in a day, so managing your time is truly critical to your output or volume of tasks completed in a day. You have two main choices. Either you work smarter or input more hours. More hours would mean stretching your time with work, so you have to learn how to work smarter and complete your work in less time, but earn more than when you input more hours. How’s that for a change? And, just how are you going to do this?

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Can An Enhanced User Experience Get You The Amount Of Traffic You Want For Your Blog?

If you want to earn money from your blog, then you have to review and analyze user experience, and that would be from the time they land on your blog and read your content. The search engines have been designed to connect people with valuable information and are constantly looking for algorithmic signals that widely demonstrate a strong user experience. One thing for sure – you cannot fake user experience! Focus on building quality user experience by creating content with value.

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Is Content Syndication Good For Your Business?

Content syndication, when it comes to SEO top SERPS positioning, will keep you busy, but will ultimately provide your website zero nourishment. If the sites you choose to syndicate and has allowed you to syndicate with are larger and more regarded, then some of that authority can also be passed to you. Content syndication is the process of duplicating and posting content you already published on your website to a third party site. When properly implemented, the technique to drive traffic to your blog may work.

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How Do You Get The Right Visitors To Visit Your Blog?

Traffic acquisition strategy is critical to business growth. You can earn money from your blog only, when and only when, you are getting traffic. You may have the most amazing blog or a web storefront theme, but if you are not getting any visitors, your business will fall flat and you won’t make money blogging online. Learn where to acquire the most common free traffic at first to test your blog, and at least know what type of visitors are being attracted to your content. Just what type of visitors’ persona are being powerfully magnetized by your content?

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What Is The Purpose Of Your Content?

Bloggers should focus on repurposing their content, so they can serve a big majority of their audience’ needs. Roughly two thirds of marketers create content without any documented strategy, and somehow almost all new bloggers do not know what a successful content program looks like. Why am I talking about repurposing content? It is because if you continue doing what you are doing right now, then you would still be getting the same results tomorrow! If you cannot figure out what content metrics matters to your business and how analytics can help you further your goals, that is maybe because you haven’t defined the purpose of your blog or content yet.

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What Do You Mean By Content Metrics?

Regular bloggers who have less knowledge about content marketing, funnels, and social media marketing tend to rely so much on soft content marketing metrics, such as post likes, page views, and shares, to know how their content works in the blogosphere, but is this enough to improve the way you provide value and help you earn money from your blog the way big time bloggers do? There are plenty of technologies and apps that offer help in quantifying the effectiveness of your content, and how it ultimately affects revenue. The problem is, do you even understand how those technologies work, and are they user friendly enough to make it easier for stay at home moms navigate their way from earning cents to dollars?

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