University of the Philippines Open University, What Is It?

An Open University offers everyone equal opportunities using distance education through specific didactics and media. It has been designed to raise the level of education by providing retraining as a way of attracting potential students who want to pursue a degree, and as a result, raise the level of literacy Continue Reading

What Can Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency And Accreditation (ETEEAP) Do For The Filipinos?

The ETEEAP is a comprehensive educational assessment program at the tertiary level that recognizes, accredits and gives equivalencies to knowledge, skills, attitudes and values gained by individuals from relevant work. It is implemented through deputized higher education institutions that shall award the appropriate college degree. Beneficiaries must be Filipinos who Continue Reading

University Of The Visayas ETEEAP Alternative Education Competency Award

The University of the Visayas was founded by the late Don Vicente Gullas in 1919 as the Visayan Institute in Cebu City. Today, it has grown into an 8 campus, province wide system of higher education and lower level laboratory schools. The main campus in Cebu City, with a 6 Continue Reading