DBP HELPS Student Loan, Study Now Pay Later Plan

DBP HELPS Re-Lending To Poor Students Through Partner Schools

The DBP Higher Education Loan Program for Students, or DBP HELPS, is a wholesale loan facility using qualified educational institutions as conduits for student loans. The educational institutions with transparency and good governance practices and tie ups with employers or manning companies are eligible to borrow under the DBP HELPS program. Under the program, educational institutions and their accredited partner companies or employers shall conduct the prequalification and selection of student borrowers.

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SSS Educational Assistance Loan (Educ Assist Loan)

The Social Security System created the Educational Assistance Loan Program for workers and beneficiaries to borrow or lend money for enrollment, technical, and vocational courses. SSS has just liberalized its rules on educational plans to make it more accessible to the members. The agency also raised the eligibility cap for members who want to avail of the program.

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Study Now Pay Later Plan Act of 2017

Study Now Pay Later Act of 2017 program mandating all private higher education institutions (PHEIs) to let poor students get a degree and pay when they land in a job when they graduate got a push from Baguio lawmaker Marques Go in the House of Representatives. Go filed House Bill No. 5066 to allow any Filipino citizen enrolled in any degree program at any PHIE and whose family income does not exceed P300,000 per annum to pay the tuition when the beneficiary has been gainfully employed.

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