Kayangan Lake Ultimate Tour In Coron, Palawan

The Coron island hopping ultimate tour was more than I expected to see and experience for a short travel vacation. The Kayangan Lake’s serene yet magnetic beauty made me think that living in paradise can truly be real and happening on earth. The boat trip going to the lake has already bewitched me. The clear and very clean water plus the amazing shapes of the limestone islets mesmerized me so much I just stared and took photos of them throughout the trip. And yes, we were trying to take turns taking our photos at the edge of the boat.

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Twin Lagoon Coron Palawan

Twin Lagoon Ultimate Tour Coron, Palawan

The Twin Lagoon is the reason I went to Coron, Palawan. Little did I know that I would stand dumbfounded enchanted with the beauty of Coron, its amazing island hopping tour packages and travel destinations. Take in the highlights of Coron in short one day trips to the limestone rock formations and lakes. Are you ready to swim with your life in a zero visibility fresh + saltwater lagoon?

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Taraw Beach Coron

Taraw Beach Ultimate Tour In Coron, Palawan

The Taraw Beach is part of the Coron Island Hopping Ultimate Tour package we chose during our Palawan travel vacation. The beach boasts of its white sand, crystal clear waters and clean shores. Indeed, you can jump right into the water without having to worry about an itchy skin later. Let the sand bury your toes and allow the ocean breeze to brush against your skin as you contentedly lie down listening to the sound of the waves.

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Coron Island Hopping For P1,300 Ultimate Tour Package

Discover the unparalleled beauty of nature in Coron Island with the Ultimate Tour Package you can grab for a low price of P1,300. This travel package is called as the Joiner Group designed for walk-in guests, small groups and the budget conscious travelers who are comfortable sharing the tour boat and their fun time with total strangers. So, if you are a couple just looking for fun and would love to enjoy the island hopping tour in the company of other local or foreign tourist, this package tour is right for you!

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Tita Esh Karenderia Coron palawan

Save More, Eat More At The Tita Esh Eatery In Coron, Palawan

Pay less, eat more when you take a brunch or dinner at the Tita Esh karenderia located at the midst of the Coron Town in Palawan. The serving size of their food was above the average. Shall I say surprisingly more than you expect to eat and get in a single serving? This karenderia is definitely the place to check out for in Coron. One large portion is definitely more than any one person can eat, unless you are used to eating big portions!

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Aramintas Souvenir Shop, Coron

Aramintas Souvenir Shop In Coron, Palawan

If the word souvenir brings to mind buying your friends and family novelty gifts, then I guess you can spend an hour or so in this popular holiday gift shop. Many people like a little something that was literally purchased from your travel destinations. Because souvenirs are always linked with the places you had visited, you can shop for keepsakes at the Aramintas souvenir shop.

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Maquinit Hot Spring

The Maquinit Hot Spring Tour In Coron, Palawan

The Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron, Palawan is one of the few saltwater hot springs in the Philippines that would really give you the real time experience of what it feels to be immersed in a large hot tub. With an unusually cold wind coming from the sea and the mountain, you may want to try dipping your fingers and your toes first. At 39 to 40 degrees Celsius, it can be unbearable when you totally immerse yourself without first trying some parts of your body. Actually, you will feel how your body reacts to the cold air and the hot water when you dip into the hot pool. It is like having the cold wind touching the skin of your face and the hot water soothing the lower half part of your body.

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The Coron Plaza Wharf

Explore Coron With The Cheapest Coron Town Tour Rates

The Coron Town Tour in Coron, Palawan is a cheap travel package half day activity offered to both local and foreign visitors wanting to explore the town. Although this vacation deal and tour can be the most convenient, easiest way of experiencing Coron Town, you can go around the town by yourself in the most affordable way.


The tour package usually covers Mount Tapyas view deck, Maquinit hot spring, public market, town plaza, Lualhati park, souvenir shops, St Augustine Church, Harbour Center, and the Cashew Harvest.

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Panget Floating Resto

Panget Floating Restaurant Eat All You Can Buffet Dinner In Coron, Palawan

Are you feeling overwhelmed with work or life? Guess we all feel the same moments at some point in our lives! Right now, I invite you to escape the busy life of the city, pack your bags and travel to Coron with great cheap travel packages. Go to Coron and experience a swift, quiet night trip through the largest mangrove forest in the town of Coron. Spend some time in the sea and witness the magic of nature unfold. There are discount travel packages you can book so you can chill out and spend a romantic evening in an eat all you can buffet dinner vacation deal at the Panget Floating Restaurant complete with a solo live person serenading you with a guitar right at the side of your table.

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Island Boy Grill Restaurant Dine In With Live Band At Coron, Palawan

The Island Boy Grill Restaurant gives you small servings of good tasting food, unlike the other restaurants in Coron. Most of their menus are Philippine dishes and cuisine, that consist of barbecue, seafoods, pork sisig, chorizo, and many more. The Island Boy Grill specialty are grilled meat skewers and sizzling dishes.

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