How To Get Your Postal ID

A postal ID is also known as the postal card. A postal ID card is the most widely accepted means of identification in postal transactions worldwide. Generally, banks and other financial institutions honor the postal ID as proof of identity in their transactions. In the Philippines, a postal ID is a government-issued ID that is one of the easiest and fastest to obtain.

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How To Get A Senior Citizen’s ID And Purchase Slip Booklet?

The Office for Senior Citizens Affairs deals with the receiving of communication from other offices, issuing of nationally uniform ID for senior citizens as well the Purchase Slip Booklet for medicine and 5% PSB for basic necessities and prime commodities; assists the SSDD volunteer workers for their duties and responsibilities; monitors establishments violating RA 9257 otherwise known as the “Expanded Senior Citizens Act” and assist the senior citizens complainants by our legal officer; disseminates information about senior citizen privileges from various barangay and establishments; organizes senior citizen association and attending their induction of their new officers.

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How To Get NBI Clearance In Philippines?

NBI clearance is a very basic requirement for employment either here locally or abroad. There are various types of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance you may want to know first before you apply, such as job application, visa, and for travel abroad. Starting October 2017, the bureau has decided to provide only one type of NBI clearance, which you can use for any transaction that may require it. This is called the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance that you pay for P115 a copy and is valid for one year.

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How To Get Your Philhealth Number And ID?

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), has been mandated by law to provide a social health insurance coverage to all Filipinos. PhilHealth assumed the responsibility of administering the former Medicare program for government and private sector employees from the Government Service Insurance System in October 1997, from the Social Security System in April 1998, and from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration in March 2005.

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How To Get A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) From Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)?

Any person, whether natural or juridical, required under the authority of the Internal Revenue Code to file a return, statement or other documents, shall obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to be indicated in the return, statement or document to be filed with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, for proper identification for tax purposes. You will be using the TIN for anything that has to do or relates with tax filing. It would be wise to get your Philippine Taxpayer Identification Number first before you apply for a job to facilitate the recruitment and hiring documentation process.

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How To Get Your Philippine Social Security Number?

If you are a Filipino and is living here in the Philippines, you should get your Philippines Social Security Number and ID as soon as you are of age and are allowed to become a member. Basically, the SSS provides for a replacement of income lost on account of aforementioned contingencies. With the Philippines Social Security Number you enjoy sickness benefits, maternity benefits, disability benefits, retirement benefits, death benefits, and funeral benefits.

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