Chapter 1 Significance of the Study PhD MBA Dissertation Paper Outline

The Significance of the Study in your sample PhD dissertation research writing emphasizes the significance of your research paper to the community or to where it could give the most potential impact. Where do you think this thesis could make the most difference in terms of creating or revising new knowledge, applicability of theory, or impact that may be transferable to other contexts?


The rationale of the dissertation research writing may be cultivated from models that you may find from your literature review. This can be a form of calling a society improvement or development of technology and processes. Here, you can make an outline of the evidences you gathered from your preliminary review of the past and current related studies.


The study may contribute to solve a particular problem or development of sustainable policies. It may also demonstrate novel use of procedure, technology, process, or technique that can potentially contribute to a programmatic research effort.


The technique here is to examine other studies related to your studies and find some relationship based on its theoretical or practical applications and turn this relationship one major concept. The significance of the study section is a bit difficult to write.


You need not only think about the practicality of the study, but you need to learn how to use the results in order to improve some aspect of the profession. This section should focus on the contradictory findings of past studies, gaps in knowledge on certain areas, and the potential contribution to practice.



The length of this section may vary largely depending on the topic. For example, if you are into psychology dissertation research writing, present the argument in terms of fulfilling the purpose of the study that may be important to the field of psychology, to some specialization within psychology, to a community of persons interested in the problem, or to researchers interested in the problem.



In the section, write an outline or summary of the audience for your study and why it will be significant to them. Here are some questions that might help you write the significance of your Phd/ MBA dissertation research paper writing

  • Where does it make the most difference?


  • What drives the need for the study?


  • Why is it worth doing?


  • What is its importance?


  • Who cares about its results?


  • What is the urgency of your study?


  • Who will benefit the study?



This section provides and states the value and contribution of the study. It gives the readers a good idea why the study is important in terms of the society, human population, or other factors. It can emphasize about the timing and relevance of the rationale of the study as it relates to one significant factor.

One great significance that you can give is to state possible solutions to an existing problem or improve an unsatisfactory condition, such as a possible contribution to cancer, health, or technology. In addition, you can state who can be benefited out of this study and how they are going to get benefited.


You should be able to explain how your research paper and its outcome can give contribution to the body of knowledge in a specific discipline.

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