How The Majestic Chinese Food Got Hip And Changed The Culinary Landscape In Cebu

Majestic Chinese Restaurant in Cebu

The Majestic Restaurant, a popular Chinese restaurant in Cebu, has done a great job putting together Chinese dishes that its increasing fame stirred up a crest of culinary interests, which includes several Cebu food blog entries. There is no denying that the Chinese cuisine appetite for anything has been perceived to be natural and healthy that made the locals more than willing to pay a premium for one delicious, healthy food served hot on the table.


With the restaurant’s penchant for simply organic and natural stuffs, the authentic Chinese food fads are some of longest trends to have settled in the island. Certainly, the steamed dishes use almost no fat. So, eat your fill of dimsum, hot pot, and several of their special dishes as many as you can.


If you know your way around a pair of chopsticks, then you can browse the menu and pick impressive Chinese dishes right at the heart of the city. Don’t spend hours searching for the best Chinese food takeout, when you could be spending that time actually eating it.


How did the Chinese cuisine become one of my favorite foods? It is not that I was born part Chinese, but really, I had long embraced the delicious taste and the stomach filling menu of my ancestors as a Filipino Chinese. It is the oldest cuisine with a very complex way of cooking, especially the ingredients and the sauces to come up with such an exotic taste.


The Majestic restaurant has brought the exquisite taste of China to Cebu plus an added value of fine dining and other culinary treats. It has made the restaurant one of the best known and most visited Chinese restaurants in Cebu.



If you go to their branch in SM, especially during lunch and dinner, the place is always filled with people from all walks of life. This is what I call, amazing business!


Most of the locals here love the taste of Chinese cuisine. Family owned and friendly, you will feel more comfortable if you know the restaurant owner takes time to run the kitchen. Being a local favorite, this resto became famous due to its word-of-mouth advertising.


There is plenty of food to choose from the menu, but watch out for the prices. Flavors vary considerably across the menu. Don’t get too carried away or you might end up paying a bigger bill.


Do you know that Chinese food has 5 key flavors that must be balanced according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine? That would be sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy? Also, Chinese eat far more fruits and vegetables than the West or the Filipinos. No wonder they are very lean.


Majestic Restaurant in Cebu

Photos taken April 10 2016 at Majestic Restaurant In SM Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu, PhilippinesChinese Majestic restaurant in CebuChinese food restaurant in CebuMajestic restaurant in Cebu lunchlunch at Majestic restaurant in Cebu

Photos taken July 3 2016 at Majestic Restaurant In SM Mabolo, Cebu City


If you want to experience authentic Chinese food culture in Cebu, come to the Majestic Restaurant. This resto has the most patrons in the island.


The pancit and the patatim are very famous and are the top buys in their menu plus the fried bread that goes with it. You can buy it solo, but it is more delicious when you combine the two.


When you start looking at the menu, you will soon realize that choosing what to eat can be truly difficult because everything in it looks yummy and the prices are very affordable, yet not cheap. Eating there is worth every penny you spend.


The Majestic restaurant is one of my favorite restaurants to hang out with my family or friends. You can go there for fine dining, celebrate a birthday or other special occasions, or just chill with friends. Most locals love its differentiated taste.


The food is well cooked, which is one of the reasons the restaurant is one of the most sought for eating places in Cebu. The place is usually overcrowded on weekends.


Family lunch at Majestic restaurant in CebuMajestic Restaurant in Cebu menuMajestic Restaurant in Cebu breadMajestic Restaurant in Cebu humbaMajestic Restaurant in Cebu patatimMajestic Restaurant in Cebu cold drinksMajestic restaurant in Cebu birds nestMajestic restaurant in Cebu birthday pancit and breadlunch at the Majestic restaurant in CebuMajestic restaurant in Cebu lumpiavalue meals at Majestic restaurant in Cebu

Photo taken July 29 2016 at Majestic Restaurant In SM Mabolo, Cebu City


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It is necessary to make reservations if you are planning to eat lunch or dinner with your family, especially if it is a special occasion, such as birthdays. The restaurant accepts catering and parties for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or even small group meal gatherings.


The classy restaurant offers a generous space and meal size for its patrons. There are many Chinese individuals living in Cebu, which is the main reason you see many Chinese restaurants in Cebu.


From the menu, people often choose the lumpia shanghai, steamed siomai, patatim with fried bread, birthday pancit, sizzling gambas, Majestic fried rice, calamares, sotanghon, crispy pata, fish fillet, and many more.


The chop suey was created to satisfy the cravings of real Chinese people. It’s fascinating how the traditional mainland style of cooking could evoke history. The Chinese-Filipino owners have adapted some of the Filipino culture and innovated the taste to fully cater what the local Filipinos, including the tourists want.


Taste it once and you will find yourself coming back for more. The taste is really super delicious. The menu is kind of interesting.


Majestic Chinese Restaurant BirthdayDelicious Chinese Food in Majestic Restaurant Cebu

Photo taken June 8 2013 at Majestic Chinese Restaurant In SM City, Mabolo, Cebu City


Chinese food is famous across the globe. The Chinese boasts of its countless delicious, fantastic Asian dishes. One funny China highlight is the thought that the Chinese eat almost anything and almost all kinds of animals. In fact, its Chinese eating spree has caused issues with animal extinction. Funny perspective. I hope this is just a joke!


The restaurant prepares the dishes in an authentic Asian, preferably Chinese style. The traditional, healthy Chinese diet is mainly vegetarian, but the restaurant has innovated the menu to serve the taste of the locals.


Chinese food and cooking has a distinctive culinary style and taste of its own. The emphasis is in the preparation, which style originates from the diverse regions of China.


The food style has been developed by Filipinos with Chinese descent who are living in Cebu. The admirable cuisine culture is deeply rooted with the Chinese seasoning style and distinctive courtesies. It is one of the dominant ethnic cuisines here in Cebu.



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It is a fact, that this Chinese restaurant fills up quickly, and yet you can see people lining up outside waiting for their turn. I would rather take my meals earlier than usual so I can be seated at one of those tables near the wall. They are more comfortable for hanging out.


Chopsticks are the main eating utensils for Chinese food, but you can always request for a spoon and fork. I do not know how to use chopsticks, so I always ask for a spoon and fork.


When you eat to celebrate your birthday there, at least 6 of their staff will take their time to sing you a happy birthday. You will really love the intimate way they take care of their customers.


For a price slightly over P2,000, you can celebrate your birthday here with all the best items in the menu on your table. Step aboard for a wondrous culinary journey in a captivating cuisine.


Majestic restaurant in Cebu meals


With every dish crafted to exceed even the most discerning appetites, you will find enticing food and dining options at the Majestic Chinese restaurant.


Food is served with ample amount of time. You have to wait and share some memories and get a lot of selfies with your friends first before you start filling up that empty stomach of yours. The place is really busy and would get crowded soon. So, enjoy and just have a good time!


My best entrees are the chowpatchin, patatim, yang chow fried rice, steamed fish in soya sauce, beef with mushroom, calamaris, maki mi, chopsuey, lumpia, and crispy pata. Gosh, this article is making me drool and wanting to go there right now.


When you go for a food trip, you may discover great dishes, learn what’s good at any restaurant and be an expert food spotter. Take snapshots and share the selfies.


eat and relax at Majestic Restaurant Cebu


Where to find Majestic Restaurant in Cebu

SM Mabolo

3rd floor SM City

North Reclamation, Mabolo,

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone 032 232 0720 or 032 232 0558


SM Seaside

2nd floor, Cube Wing, SM Seaside

SRP (South Road Properties), Cebu City, Cebu

Telephone 032 511 2500



4th Level Outdoor, Ayala Center

Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Telephone 032 231 3534 or 032 233 7668



Choosing only one Cebu Chinese restaurant for that oriental flavor won’t be too hard for you at all. Get those slippers out, take those shoes on, open the door and take a hike to the SM Mall in Cebu City. Discover unlimited dimsum and pancit canton recipes, plus the patatim with white bread, when you dine at the best Chinese restaurant in Cebu. Majestic offers a taste made in China Chinese food in Cebu. Visit, relax, dine, and burp!

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