Chowking Chinese Food Served In Seconds, Enjoy Your Cebu Food Trip

Chowking is a quick service fast food chain and restaurant in the Philippines that offers a variety of Chinese influenced menu, such as the Beef Wonton Noodles, Chao Fan, Meaty Asado Siopao, and much more top selling delicious and satisfying meals in their iconic menu.


If you don’t feel like waiting for long, you can hop in the store and enjoy meals that are cooked in as fast as 3 to 4 minutes. I usually come here to slurp some hot wonton soup or hot lomi after my grocery. This gives me a quick dinner before going home.



I had enjoyed eating my quick meals at Chowking. The restaurant has carved out the landscape of flavors specific to the taste of the Cebuanos. What makes the Chinese cooking distinctive in Cebu? The cooking and the menu officially set people on a virtual tour of China.


If your idea of a Chinese cooking is plainly egg rolls, wonton soup, and fortune cookies, you are about to get a wake up tap on your shoulder when you stand on the order counter at Chowking. Chinese cooking offers an endless variety of flavors and cooking techniques. Just think of the overwhelming menu of their imperial dishes.



Chinese chefs pay a great deal of attention to balance, contrast and harmony, not only in terms of life and energy, but also when cooking their food. So, everything they practice about balance translates to food by harmonizing the ingredients and creating a good meal that maintains a healthy balance of taste, texture, and spiciness.


The Chinese philosophy in life has not only intrude in their personal actions and decision making, but also in creating meals that are not only tasty, but also philosophically stimulating. For much of China’s history, you can buy and taste its grandeur cooking at the Chowking chain of fast foods. The restaurant has taken the pride of turning them into masterpieces for their iconic menu.


Literally, the fast food chain is the best place to start meeting your Chinese ancestry or getting a better chance of taking a virtual China tour. Have a visit and check out their menu plastered right on their walls.


Photos taken July 5 2017 at Chowking In SM City, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines

Photos taken July 2017 at Chowking SM City, Consolacion, Cebu


The restaurant menu consists of Beef Chao Fan, Pork Chao Fan with Steamed or Fried Siomai, Yang Chow with Fried or Steamed Siomai, Chinese Style Fried Chicken Lauriat, Sweet & Sour pork Lauriat, Lumpiang Shanghai Lauriat, Noodles Wonton Mami, Hot Lomi, and side dishes or extras of Mami, Pork Siomai, Meaty Wonton Soup, Pork Tofu, Crispy Chicharap, Chunky Asado Siopao, Choco Pao, and Kangkong with Bagoong.


Their desserts and drinks are the Nai Cha, Supersangkap Halo Halo, Milky White Halo Halo, and Brewed Coffee. They offer grand platters for groups and families wanting to save, such as the Pork Chao Fan Grand, Beef Chao Fan Grand, Yangchow Grand Platter, Egg Fried Rice Grand Platter, Sweet & Sour pork Grand Platter, Chopsuey Grand Platter, Pancit Canton Grand Platter, and the Sweet & Sour Fish Grand Platter.


For breakfast, they have specifically created a special menu that consists of the Yang Chow with Fried Pork Siomai & Egg + Drink, King’s Special, Pork Chao Fan with Steamed Pork Siomai & Egg + Drink, and the Beef Chao Fan with Fried or Steamed Pork Siomai & Egg + Drink.


The signature Chowking’s Chinese style fried chicken is a mouthwatering menu that provides a crunchy, tasty, and sumptuous meal for the Filipinos. This Taiwan inspired recipe uses a batter mix, which is best known as the breading used for the tempura, to give the perfect crispy and satisfying bite taste.



This great recipe gives the chicken an extra crispy breading style needed to make your lunch or dinner a very satisfying one. One good big bite of the thick chunk of chicken meat will definitely shower your tongue with a powerful mix of Chinese style flavor that makes the juices flow into your mouth and tongue.


Chowking Chinese cooking techniques include being clever in understanding the thickness and size of the ingredients used in cooking, which ultimately contributes to the texture, taste, and visual delight. The innovated taste of their chicken has appealed to both Western and Asian tastes, specifically the locals.


I considered the Chowking fried chicken as a wonderful taste treat and a light exploration into the Chinese cuisine that was perfectly modified to cater the differentiated taste of the locals.


The Chinese chefs have been known throughout history as experts in developing endless alternatives in ingredients and cooking in the face of scarcity and hardship, which is one big reason you are now munching the most tasty fried chicken in the streets of Cebu at a lesser peso expense.


The Pork Chao Fan is another one of my favorites along with the Steamed Siomai. If you look at it, it resembles the fried rice cooked in a different way. The recipe can be frugal, but the serving is satisfying to the taste and filling to the stomach already at a price of slightly over a P100.



The dish consists of a steaming hot, yet moist stir fried mixed with pork slices in a specially blended sauce of thick shrimp paste, sacha sauce, kangkong leaves, small versions of pork chunks, chorizo bits, and sprinkled with spring onions. This is often eaten with a Steamed or Fried Siomai, which can be included or excluded when you place the order.


Fried rice is a popular street food in Asia. This is very popular because you can either it as a stand alone or with a side dish. Honestly, just eating the fried rice alone is already fulfilling, because of its ingredients. Can you imagine a meal that would only cost P50?


It is tough to find a better way to stretch your peso, especially if you level yourself with the budget travelers out there. So, if you want a full stomach before takeoff, then visit and give Chowking a taste test.


Chao Fan has 4 flavors, namely the pork, beef, spicy, and the Yang Chow. Toppings can be Steamed or Fried Siomai, Dumplings, Egg, or Lumpiang Shanghai. Besides being yummy, I can say they are reasonably priced food that is right to the budget.


The Chopsuey is another one of my favorites in Chowking. Whenever I get tired of eating home cooked food and am looking for fresh veggies cooked all together, I just go to Chowking. No other food has much influence over the people here in the Philippines than the Chinese food and the American cuisine. They are everywhere.



Chopsuey comes in many versions, but the most credible and well-loved version is the Chinese Chopsuey, made of meat, vegetables, liver and gizzard, and seafood with a savory sauce enough to coat everything with flavor.


Although this is a common dish here in Cebu, Chowking has its own technique of cooking it that the local variation taste so differently from their recipe. I love the taste of their Chopsuey. Sometimes, I just eat the dish with their Wonton Noodle Soup.


The Chicharap is a side dish that makes you want to eat for more. It is crunchy and really tasty. I can eat 2 boxes of Chicharap at the resto. Sometimes, I eat the Chicharap before the main dish. I don’t want it set aside. I am afraid it won’t be crunchy anymore by the time I finished eating my meal. Makes sense?



The Chinese Style Fried Chicken Lauriat is a combination of 1 piece fried chicken, pancit canton, chicharap, 1 piece of buchi, 2 pieces pork siomai, and egg fried rice, served with a small platter of gravy sauce. This is one of the costly items in the menu, which may run to as high as P160 to P170 but below P200. Still, good price for a good meal, yeah!



Sweet & Sour Pork Lauriat is a combination of sweet & sour pork, pancit canton, chicharap, 1 piece buchi, and egg fried rice. The marinated, deep fried tender pork slices are coated with a moderately thick sweet and sour sauce, and topped with sautéed green bell peppers, red onions, and pineapple chunk with minimal appearance of charred portions served with a cup of egg fried rice.


Lumpiang Shanghai Lauriat is a combination of 3 pieces of lumpiang shanghai, pancit canton, chicharap, 1 piece buchi, 2 pieces pork siomai, and egg fried rice, served with sweet and sour sauce and plain rice. The deep fried lumpiang shanghai spring roll is filled with a mixture of ground pork, ground shrimp, minced onion, minced carrots, and other spices, and served with sweet and sour sauce.



Chowking Delivery

You can order online at the Chowking Delivery here


I encourage you to take a look at the Chowking Delivery menu because the food items on their menu are displayed here together with their respective prices, apparently just so you get an idea of how much you are going to spend in the restaurant.




Where to find Chowking in Cebu

Chowking is found anywhere in Cebu. Wherever Jollibee is, Chowking is also there. You will never miss this fast food chain, especially in malls.

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