Is Condo Living In Cebu For You?

Is Condo Living For You

Don’t call the movers yet. Condominiums are a great place to live, but there are unexpected restrictions and bumps such as condo dues and the homeowners’ policies or living in the condo terms and conditions. If you are thinking of buying a condominium for sale in Cebu, you should know that condo living isn’t for everyone.


Do you like to plant and decorate your house? Well, I guess that may not be the case when you live in a condo. As I just mentioned, there are house rules you should abide.


Condo is the short term for condominium. People from other countries refer to it as an apartment.


A condo can be a townhouse or a high rise building that may require less maintenance efforts from you or none at all, because the assigned property management uses the monthly condo dues to maintain and take care of big repairs so you do not have to personally deal with the chores.


It is true that there are things you may want to have in life, but may find them too expensive to get on your own. Do you dream of having unlimited access any time of the day to a gym or a swimming pool?



Most condo developers here in Cebu make sure you have both so you can socialize and at the same time, enjoy your life at the condo while being on top of your health. These basic amenities are considered and referred as the real time great perks in condo living Cebu.


Compared with the price of a single family home (house and lot), the total contract price of a condo in the city is way lower than building your house. If you want home ownership but are in a tighter budget, buying a condominium unit can be the first step.


Another thing about owning a condominium unit in Cebu is that it helps you spend more time with your family instead of spending time driving around and getting caught up in the middle of the city traffic. Living near or within the city makes it easier to go shopping, grocery and fine dining.


One major benefit is the value of the investment, which keeps on increasing over time. Rent a place and you find yourself spending thousands of pesos but not even owning anything.


The homeowners association fees and the homeowners booklet guide can be one major downside if you are not ready to take any rules after the ownership. Monthly condo fees vary widely between developments and largely depends on the size of your unit.


Living in a condominium for sale in Cebu means you have to live by the management rules. If they tell you to put on the white curtain outside so everything looks clean and uniform, then you should put on a white curtain before your favorite color.


The restrictions may not be okay for some people. In addition, there are condominiums in Cebu that do not allow pets. Indeed, others find the rules stifling!


Common areas are

  • Pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Fountains
  • Recreation centers or clubhouses
  • Grounds
  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Exterior siding
  • Roofs
  • Hallways
  • Fencing around the grounds
  • Entrance gates


We are the so called condo generation. Condo living in Cebu gives us the things we want in life, such as convenience, security and comfort. This is one of the reasons, the developers are almost out of supply for the high demand in Cebu.


Mixed use high rise developments make you more efficient because of the access to commercial and retail centers on the lower ground levels, which can be done without having to drive around, waste time and spend gas.


No more salt? Just get inside the elevator and walk in your pajamas to the grocery store. That simple.


Condo living is a representation of the modern generation’s dream, which is owning a personal space that comes with resort like amenities plus retail centers.


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