Coron Island Hopping For P1,300 Ultimate Tour Package

Discover the unparalleled beauty of nature in Coron Island with the Ultimate Tour Package you can grab for a low price of P1,300. This travel package is called as the Joiner Group designed for walk-in guests, small groups and the budget conscious travelers who are comfortable sharing the tour boat and their fun time with total strangers. So, if you are a couple just looking for fun and would love to enjoy the island hopping tour in the company of other local or foreign tourist, this package tour is right for you!


The Joiner Group gives you the chance to meet with the locals as well as a number of foreign tourists, make friends and sometimes, grab some business opportunities with likeminded people. The key is to smile, interact and just let the conversation flow. Many travel bloggers get travel discounts even good paying blog advertisers from those who attended in the same group boat tour.


Depending on the size of the island hopping tour boat being used in your Joiner Group, the minimum would be at least 6 participants to a maximum of 10 to 15 persons.


If you plan to go to the island in a few weeks and have already paid your plane fare, you can book your travel tour package and just deposit your payment to the designated bank of the travel agency. However, if you are already on the island, you can call and make the reservations through your hotel or on your own. They will collect your payment after the tour or through the hotel.

Coron Ultimate Tour P1,300Ultimate Tour P1,300 Coron




The tour includes the land and boat transfers, entrance fees, cottage rental fees, government permits, and life vest rentals. You can rent a mask and snorkel at an additional rental fee of P150 to P200.


The tour package provides a buffet lunch and mid-afternoon snacks plus limited bottles of mineral water. The views of the islands are spectacular while the service plus attitude of the boat tour crew are super amazing.


The Ultimate Tour almost always includes 7 destinations. Depending on your travel agency and the travel destination combination you selected, the boat tour destinations may vary according to availability. Guess, it wasn’t called an Ultimate Tour for no reason.


Spend a day in the midst of 70% fresh water and 30% saltwater with views of towering limestone cliffs that look like small islands themselves. Sit on the boat, love the company and simply enjoy your snapshots with a backdrop of the crystal clear turquoise water plus limestone rock mountains. Superb!


Coron Ultimate Tour Package


Prices may vary depending on the season you take the island hopping tour. For off peak seasons, most prices range from P1,200 to P1,300 per person. On peak season, the prices range from P1,500 to P1,700 pesos per person.


Here is one trick I can give you. As soon as you arrived at the Busuanga Airport, get all the pamphlets publicly displayed on the counters. Pick which travel packages you like to join and simply text or call the vacation tour operator.


One tip. Bring your phone and camera, but make sure you put them in waterproof bags. Ask the saleslady if it can endure underwater without damaging your phone and camera, because you really are going to swim when you get into the Twin Lagoon. Just to rev up your imagination. The view inside the hidden lagoon is spectacular.




Our 7 Coron island hopping tour destinations

Skeleton Wreck

The Skeleton Wreck is the most popular snorkeling area in Coron. The Skeleton Wreck is actually a sunken ship that became a home for the fishes living near the area. You can feed the fishes with bread so they come near you.


Capture a bit of the sea kingdom when you see a flock of fishes swimming around you. It was such a delightful sight. I really enjoyed the moment. The Skeleton Wreck was our first stop.


Skeleton Wreck Photos by Shirley ChioSkeleton Wreck FishesShirley Chio In Coron Skeleton Wreck

Photos taken August 18 2017 In Coron, Palawan



Taraw Beach

The sand is white and there were no corals in this beach, which is good, because you can enjoy the water and your early morning swim out here. The shallow parts of the water seem to be rocky so it would be better to wear aqua shoes.


We had our lunch here. You can drink and eat buko if you like. Everything has been going on great. The Taraw beach was our second stop.


The Taraw BeachTaraw Beach Group TourTaraw Beach Lunch


Our video


Twin Lagoon

The Twin Lagoon is another most visited and photographed place in the Coron island hopping tour. The place boast of 2 lagoons, where the other one is hidden and you need to swim about 70 meters just to get inside the small cave entrance. Kayaking is allowed in this area, provided you wear your life vest, because the waters have zero visibility.


Twin LagoonTwin Lagoon limestone islets



Kayangan Lake

The Kayangan Lake is the most photographed and most remembered vacation destination in Coron. You are allowed to swim into the lake only when you put your life vest on.


From the base of the limestone mountain, you have to climb about 300 steps to reach the Kayangan Lake. The lake is truly awesome. It is very clean and quiet. From the boardwalk, you can see the rock formations.


The Kayangan Lake is what I call as paradise. Heaven on earth, it feels like being in a different world. No, it is not a miniature Jurassic Park.


Kayangan LakeKayangan Lake Group Tour



Kayangan Lake View Deck

The hike to the viewing deck is 165 steps and the hike down the lake is 200 steps. Although the stairs are steep, you may find it comforting the government did a good job cementing the steps.


When you take your photos of the view below and of yourself sitting on the big rock of the view deck, you would likely congratulate yourself of a good postcard snapshot. You do not need to be a professional photographer to get one. The lake will simply aid you in your travel photography.



Coral Garden

The coral formations are truly remarkable with lots of fish swimming in a variety of species and colors. Definitely, a great place to start your snorkel adventure. Guaranteed 100% great visibility of the coral forest under the seawater.


The Coral Garden allows you a close encounter with the marine life. The diversity of the marine life is a once in a lifetime opportunity. See what lies underneath and snorkel with the other Joiner.


Coral Garden


Siete Pecados

The Siete Pecados actually means 7 islands. These islands are so small and located so close to each other. Siete Pecados allows you to do snorkeling, but you cannot touch the corals. Because it is a protected area, the coral reefs are very abundant in this place and so are a large variety of fishes living in them.


The colorful coral reefs are simply awesome to view from above the water. Its beauty and the experience will haunt visitors’ cameras in their lifetime.


Folk stories say the Siete Pecados mean the 7 deadly sins. The islets served as a reminder of the 7 sisters who disobeyed their mother and went ahead to swim in the deep water. The 7 sisters drowned, and after it came the 7 islets.


Siete Pecados


Our video


The Coron Island hopping tour can be your quick weekend getaway, but to maximize the experience, you need at least 5 to 6 days to immerse yourself with the limestone islands, boat trips, diving spots and the island’s different culture.


The Coron Island is certainly one of the stress free travel destinations in the Philippines that is easiest to reach by plane. It is the perfect destination for men and women who wanted some moments on their own without the hassle and noise of the city.

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