Explore Coron With The Cheapest Coron Town Tour Rates

The Coron Plaza Wharf

The Coron Town Tour in Coron, Palawan is a cheap travel package half day activity offered to both local and foreign visitors wanting to explore the town. Although this vacation deal and tour can be the most convenient, easiest way of experiencing Coron Town, you can go around the town by yourself in the most affordable way.


The tour package usually covers Mount Tapyas view deck, Maquinit hot spring, public market, town plaza, Lualhati park, souvenir shops, St Augustine Church, Harbour Center, and the Cashew Harvest.


Mount Tapyas

What we did was to create a separate package tour for the Mount Tapyas so we can really climb its 727 steps and see the view of the whole Coron town at the top of the mountain. Actually, we just hired a motor to take us at the foot of the mountain and take our cardio climb from there.


Captivate the panoramic view of the whole of Coron town and its scenic coastline from above Mount Tapyas. Finding the place on your own is worth every effort you put into it. If I had known that I can just easily climb the base of the mountain from the main highway, I would have not paid P400.


I am sure it was too much, because everything was just within a walking distance from where we stayed, which was the Coron Villa Hotel.



't limit yourself. Enjoy life. Climb Mount Tapyas.


Further reading, http://2goselfies.com/mount-tapyas-coron/



Maquinit hot spring

We also did a separate tour for the Maquinit hot spring so we can spend at least a half day dipping in the hot pool and also, take our lunch there. The pools were really nice and great for a family picnic.


You can chill and take a few minutes dip in the unique and natural saltwater of the Maquinit hot spring near the mangrove forest and shoreline. It keeps you relax while you enjoy the sunny afternoon and a good lunch at the undeveloped resort with your friends and family.


You can go around the town for a change renting a motorcycle. Believe me, it would only take a few minutes to circle the town proper. You can park at the plaza, where there is a wharf, and right a few steps of it, is the town market.

Maquinit Hot SpringMaquinit Hot Spring CoronShirley Chio Maquinit Hot Spring


Further reading, http://2goselfies.com/maquinit-hot-spring/



Around Coron

You can see the town plaza, public market, souvenir shops, Lualhati park right beside the plaza, the wharf right beside the plaza, and the St Augustine Church near to the Coron Villa Hotel.


The wharf looks clean and safe. This is where the main business of the island took place. All the speedboats were docked at the wharf. Foreign and local tourists came here to get a ride for their trip to the limestone islands and also, to visit the famous lakes around Coron.


Coron Wharf Travel Tour PackageThe Coron Wharf, Coron, PalawanThe Coron Wharf, Photo By Shirley ChioThe Coron Wharf, Coron Palawan

Photos taken at the Coron Town Wharf dated August 19 2017



Video of the Coron Wharf



The face of the Coron Plaza


Coron PlazaThe Coron Plaza Wharf



Coron Harvest

The Coron Harvest is a cashew factory where you can buy the best cashew products in town. This is the best place to buy for pasalubong for your friends and family.


They offer a free taste test of the crunchy garlic, sun dried, brittle (sweet and cooked with honey), bandi (traditional way of cooking the cashews, sweetened and caramelized with a hint of coco flavor), and toasted cashew. I suggest you do a separate tour for this. Who knows you might be able to see the farm itself?



Discount travel packages are not really needed, because you can actually explore the town on your own. Spend a delightful afternoon around Coron and learn a little about the people and their island culture.


See several local arts and crafts on foot. The stores are just right beside, or if not, across each other. There are many stores in the market too. Tricycles are everywhere, so you don’t have to worry about transportation.


Step out of your rooms, pack your bags, and go fly see and feel the magic of Coron. It is more than just an island. It is the most perfect island that nature molded by its magic hand. Engage your adventurous self with the locals.

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