Coron Ultimate Tour, Experience Palawan Island Hopping Tour Package As Joiner For P1,300

Going to the Coron Palawan Island Hopping Tour is an adventure I did not expect to be more fun than I imagined. Actually, I was expecting the same sight as the other islands. To my surprise, the island showed me heaven on earth. You can discover the unparalleled beauty of the limestone islands yourself. The towering formations are magnificent, enchanting, and really stunning you would not want to take your eyes off them. Seriously, I was off to enjoy the most pleasant vacation I ever had!


The Coron Island is a wedge shaped limestone island located in the southeastern side of the Busuanga Island. It is the third largest island in the Calamian, Northern Palawan surrounded by a formation of limestones that started as a coral reef some 260 million years ago. The limestone formation was drafted to its present location due to the tectonic movements from its old location in the Southeast Asia and part of the China Continental Crust.



The island is dominated by Permian limestone of Jurassic origin, that formed rugged terrains and steep cliffs. It provides a different ecosystem consists of coral reefs, seagrass, mangroves, brackish lagoons, and limestone forests that support an outstanding biodiversity. Coron Island became a popular tourist destination due to its karst topography.


Karst topography is a landscape formation from the dissolution of soluble rocks, such as limestone, dolomite, and gypsum. It is characterized by underground drainage systems consisting of sink holes, dolines, and caves.



With awe inspiring limestone cliffs, underground rivers and caves, the karst topography made an impressive cave system and island towers of Coron. Palawan is a home to what is allegedly the world’s longest navigable underground river.


The island was declared as a National Reserve in 1967, and later declared as a Tourist Zone and Marine Reserve. The Philippines is part of the Coral Triangle and a home to over 600 species of coral and 2,000 species of reef fish.


The majority of the population is Calamian Tagbanwa. They were the first indigenous people granted of an ancestral water claim. The lakes found in the ancestral domain are considered sacred by the Calamian Tagbanwa. It is strictly prohibited to enter these areas unless for cultural purposes, such as performing rituals.


Beaches that serve as burial grounds of their ancestors are also prohibited to visitors. Actually, only 7 out of 33 beaches were open for tourism. The fish sanctuaries are considered restricted areas. They are not allowed to fish, drop anchors or to culture seaweeds. There are 6 traditional fish sanctuaries on the island.


What is interesting in these islands is the deep respect of the people towards the Calamian Tagbanwa. The sea and the islands are impressively very clean. No trash! Honestly, you will love the impeccable nature loving lifestyle of the locals there. The limestones have dramatically risen to show cathedral like formations more like about 400 meters above the sea.



Photos taken dated August 18 2017 at the Taraw Beach in Coron, Palawan, Philippines


The Ultimate Tour package is being offered by most of the Travel and Tour Agencies in the Coron Island. The tour may include a licensed tour guide, tourist boat with enough supplies of professional vest, airconditioned van for pick up and drop off, permits and entrance fees around the islands, buffet lunch picnic, free use of kayaks, and light snacks plus bottles of water. The amazing Coron Palawan destinations of the tour we selected are



Taraw Beach

Taraw Beach is the first stop of the Ultimate Tour. It boasts of white sand and crystal clear, very clean sea water. There are cottages there, where you can use for the day. Don’t expect much from this charming, low key island living. You get the barest minimum accommodation. The amenities are a cottage and a restroom you can use located at the top of the beach.


The most interesting part is meeting up with nature and yourself in near solitude with this island. You can forget about your mobile phones and internet, because there is just none! It would be just you, the sky, and the sea on the face of earth.


You can practice taking travel photography and selfies though. The place is just perfect for it. We had an all Filipino cuisine lunch buffet here. I must admit, they cooked well. This trip is worth your time and your money. Meet yourself, meet nature, meet Coron!





Twin Lagoon

This is one of the must see for yourself destinations in Palawan. In this part of Palawan, the temperature of the sea water alternates between warm and cold, where the cold freshwater meets the hot salt water. Imagine clear emerald waters with zero visibility, beautifully nature crafted coral reefs, and stunningly magical limestone rock formations.


It is peaceful and quiet here less the tourists’ noise. There is no need to be a professional diver to take this tour, because it is safe. The tour operators would strictly tell everyone to wear a life vest, just in case you fall off the boat or something. You cannot go off the boat with a life vest on.



The Twin Lagoon is actually two bodies of water separated by a thick towering wall of karst. There is a hole in one of the cliff walls that leads to a second, inner lagoon. This hole can be dangerous during high tide. The hole can be filled up and completely submerged underwater when it is high tide.


During low tide, this hole is pretty visible and you can swim through the narrow opening, which is just big enough to allow 2 or 3 swimmers at a time. The tour guide will accompany you drifting through the hole and to the wooden ladder placed above the hole to help you climb up the rocks and view the second lagoon.



Taste the brackish water if you like. It is truly a combination of 70% fresh water and 30% salt. Often labeled as paradise, I call it as one of the best islands in the world. Twin Lagoon leaves most visitors wondering its real unspoiled beauty.


Boats have access to the first lagoon, while you need to drift and swim through a narrow crevice to get to the second lagoon. With the flickering rays of sunlight and the touch of clear water on your cheeks, you can playfully glide with the group though the hole.




Kayangan Lake

What attracted me much in Coron was its karst landscape. Just the sight of those karst towers surrounded by aquamarine fresh and salt water combination, plus the lagoon and lake are reasons enough to call this place heaven made. The Kayangan Lake is nestled in the mountain walls with a wooden walkway built for visitors who do not want to swim and just sit down and enjoy the view.


You have to climb a steep 10 to 15 minute steps if you are fast or about 20 to 30 minutes when you are not that use to doing cardio. The uphill climb is approximately 300 steps towards the lake. If you hate climbing, there is only one alternative for you, and that is going through the Barracuda Lake, which gives you about 40 steps maximum.


Because of this, you may want to clear your destination with your tour guide if you are not a joiner, or choose the specific combination of destinations of your Coron Tour Package if you plan to do the tour as a joiner. It is important that you know your health condition before you join any of the tour in Coron Palawan.



Kayangan Lake has been known as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. I can surely vouch for that. The lake and the surrounding waters are the only place I have seen that have no garbage anywhere. I am truly tongue tied of how effectively the Tagbanwa tribe guarded and maintained the surrounding waters in Coron.


Most visitors would jump right into the lake. Everybody can be just excited as we had been. The view is really awesome and the lake is so quiet and tempting. This is the part where the, “if only I could swim”, sigh comes out of me.


We had many photo shoots there. My joiner group was fun and lively. I could not wish for more. Everyone seems to enjoy nature and the group’s company. The enchanting Kayangan Lake is the most visited and one of the most photographed tourist destinations in Coron.


If you want to snorkel, you can do it here. Your body will find the mixture of the salt and fresh water quite a relief. If you are a proficient swimmer, you may want to spend more hours here, so make sure you plan and choose your Coron Ultimate Tour destinations according to your idea of fun and adventure.


The entrance of the place is already breathtaking. We made a lot of selfies and groupies at the wooden dock and it was truly fascinating! I did not realize it would be result as enchanting postcard photos.




Kayangan Lake View Deck

You often see this view in Coron Palawan postcards. The photographs are also widely circulated online as a marketing material for Coron tourism and fun adventure tour packages. Kayangan Lake is a mix beauty of natural greenery and limestone rock formations that naturally add charm to the overall view.


Before you reach the Kayangan Lake, is the view deck where you can peep of the breathtaking view of the lime formations below. The place has continually drawn more tourists and is one of the greatest prides of Coron. The crystal clear turquoise water of the dock offers visitors an overwhelming visual delight.


The Kayangan View Deck is the perfect spot to capture photos of the magnificent cove down below the deck. The tranquility of the lake definitely adds to the charm of the place. This travel will change you and how you see life and the world around you! This place is definitely gorgeous!




Siete Pecados

Island hopping is the most accessible offer and activity in Coron Palawan. If you are the type of traveler who wants to dive in and enjoy the water, you should be happy to get lots and lots of it in Coron. The Siete Pecados actually means the Seven Deadly Sins in Spanish.


This place is great for snorkeling, but may sound freaky for some who know its legend. The legend says that 7 daughters went swimming in the area despite their mother’s orders not to do so. They got drowned and left the 7 small islands to take care of their wake.


Snorkeling here is like swimming in a giant aquarium filled with colorful coral reefs. You can see fish of various species and color, small squids, octopus, and baby sharks. It is an underwater haven of a thriving marine life and biodiversity. An option for those who cannot swim is to wear a life vest and take a sneak peek of what it looks down there.


Siete Pecados is the most famous snorkeling spot in Coron, where you can feed a swarm of fish with a bread and just enjoy the view. You will exclaim in awe with this mind blowing experience – fishes surrounding you! This protected marine sanctuary is near the Makinit Hot Springs.



Skeleton Wreck

The Skeleton Wreck features the sunken Japanese ship. Diving into the wreck would mean having a friendly shake with the swarm of fishes that made the ship their home. There is a rope connected to the shipwreck so you will be guided when you dive below.


The shipwreck is about 25m long. The top of the Skeleton Wreck is 5m deep and going down to 22m at the stern. An easy dive for beginners, but if you do not know how to swim, simply enjoy the friendly fishes surrounding you.


The Skeleton Wreck’s name was derived from the fact the ribs of the wreck are almost all that were left of the ship that sank there years ago. This diving and snorkeling site is definitely fun. The water is so clear you can actually see the sunken ship while snorkeling on the surface.


The majority of the shipwrecks at Coron was a result of a sustained air attack by the imperial Japanese navy in 1944. The wrecks speak of a moment in history when nature had turned the tide against the Japanese military. The reef is also swarmed with parrotfish, nudibranchs, cuttlefish and many more species.



Coral Garden

The Coral Garden lets you enjoy the beauty of the big colorful corals around. You can snorkel or simply jump into the viewing mini boat. The name perfectly describes the place, which is a garden of corals.


They are better to see during low tide, because they are just less than a meter deep underwater. You should bring an underwater camera for the whole Ultimate Tour.



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