Coron Villa Hotel In Palawan, A Home Away From Home

Coron Villa Palawan is a small hotel, more like of a pension house, located at the heart of Coron, Palawan. You can book your perfect vacation Coron Villa Palawan accommodation through and if you are lucky, you can pick the cheapest hotel deals and promos, just like what we did. Whenever Coron Villa offers discount rates and hotel deal promos in Palawan, they really intend to give you more savings on hotel accommodations, so you can happily spend a big slice of your travel money on Coron budget travel tour packages rather than simply the room, which you only get back to sleep at night. Makes sense?


Hunting for the best possible deals while planning for your next Philippine island travel destination can be an overwhelming and involved process. Enjoy a seamless travel experience when you book at the Coron Villa hotel. They will take care of your travel tour package itinerary, including Coron transportation arrangements.


If you are anything like me who wants to stretch a dollar for the best airline prices and comfortably safe, cheaper hotel room lodging rates in Coron Palawan, you need not comb through different travel agencies. You just search through and select Coron Villa for the day’s best discounts available.


You will love the well-mannered, tactful, smiling, and friendly staffs in Coron Villa. I cannot think of anything to best describe the friendly atmosphere, including the cooking, but this phrase, “a home away from home”. It would be a relief to see the owners personally managing all operations of the hotel. We noted the excellent service received during our stay.



I am particularly impressed with the friendly staff and of course, their welcome drinks. What a great way to greet you after an hour flight and almost an hour trip from the Busuanga airport! When we arrived, we were given cold orange juice drinks. Everything is just perfect and very professionally accommodating. I would give it a 10.


Photos taken August 17 to 20 2017 at Coron Villa, Palawan, Philippines


Enjoy the super cold welcome drinks, best hotel hospitality service in Coron, with the friendly and homelike atmosphere at the Coron Villa. Finding a home where you feel comfortable and safe is of utmost importance for even local tourists like us. There is a 24 hour security service at the hotel.


The Coron Villa actually started as a 5 room family house that accepted guests due to market demand. Foreign travelers who passed by the house asked to rent some rooms for an overnight or a week’s stay. The location of the house is really literally just a walk to the church, the Coron town, the police and the eateries. Spell convenience, what more can you ask?



Get absorbed with the wonders of Palawan by first booking on the most affordable hotel with the best convenient location in Coron Palawan – the Coron Villa. Coron Villa also maintains apartment rentals for a long vacation stay located within the same vicinity of the hotel and right beside the small garden.


If you like sailing, swimming, diving or snorkeling, Coron is the place you should go. Coron is located on the island of Busuanga and is a gateway to the amazing limestone islands that are accessible by boat or ferry rides only. Coron is a small fishing village at the Southeast of Busuanga Island and the official ancestral home of the Tagbanuas.



Not much to do on the land, but the water is so tantalizing, cool, and clean. If you love to try swimming in a 70% freshwater and 30% salt water, then fly to Coron Kayangan Lake! Busuanga Island is a paradise for people who love nature, especially the sea. You can find the Coron Busuanga package tour best deals upon booking with Coron Villa.


Find the Coron Villa interesting user reviews on You will never get lost when you stay at the Coron Villa, because all the trike drivers know where it is. Most parts of the island are wild and undeveloped, with little to see beyond the Coron town lively fishing community.



You can compare your Coron Palawan tour options right at the hotel’s front desk. Consider the staffs at the hotel as your Coron travel guide who are more than happy and willing to lend you their thoughts about places you should go and enjoy the most. I can vouch for their sincerity and trustworthiness.


Book a room that fits your budget and a hotel that is warm enough to make you feel at home, comfortable, and safe. Staying at the Coron Villa is just the start of a long day that seems to be filled with hours of great experiences. You may not need a map in Coron. The town is small, but the sea is huge.



You are not allowed to go out of the sea without a tour guide anyway. You can either get a Joiner Coron tour package or Private. Joiner means you join with others in a group, while private means you rent the whole boat to yourselves. Private can be costly!


Find your ideal hotel in Coron Palawan and save money when you book at Coron Villa. You avail great savings on your stay when you book online through and select Coron Villa. We arrived in August 17, 2017 and left on August 20, 2017. I can’t say more, but a great thanks to the owners and staff of Coron Villa for making our stay a perfect one.



We all know that choosing the right place to sleep and relax when away from home is very important, especially convenience, transportation, and safety. How can you balance comfort, facilities, and cost in choosing the perfect hotel in an island?


Let me tell you what to look. Obviously, you would want a hotel that is centrally located and at least near to restaurants or eateries. Where to find food during the night when you just came from your day’s tour is essential. Besides, picking a hygienic resto on an island can be a good choice.



The more centrally located the hotel to the hot spots, the better convenient it would be, but the price may be higher, which is one reason I told you to try searching and picking up the Coron Villa hotel through because they have the best hotel promo deals there.


The last thing you would want is to travel far from/ to your hotel for a change of clothes or to leave your shopping bags behind. It can be a real pain for such valuable time seen wasted on unnecessary trips from the hotel to the wharf. I have nothing to complain with regards to the location of the Coron Villa. It is so near and accessible to almost everything, even the Coron Town fishing wharf.


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Coron Villa function room

Parties and conferences? They have the function room that can accommodate about 50 or more heads. The place is nice, tidy, can be used with aircon or open air. If you happen to get tickled in having a birthday or wedding anniversary party, you can simply call and rent the room – go ahead make your day.


The Coron Villa function room has the right facility to cater for all your special events and corporate needs with ample space for cocktails, drinks, lunches, dinners and other pre-function arrangements. The function room is also available for small business meetings fully served with discreet and well-trained staff.



Get the most out of your meetings. The Coron Villa function room is equipped with complete audio-visual facilities. Outdoor functions may be arranged, but it may be too noisy at the garden. Find a meeting room at the Coron Villa hotel at a very affordable price per hour plus per head dinner or lunch food catering.




Where to eat in Coron Villa hotel?

Wild Fern Bar and Restaurant in Coron Palawan is owned by the Coron Villa. It is perched right on top of the front desk. You can go upstairs to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or just simply drink and chill. The theme is very native or shall I say ethnic.


The décor, art paintings, and sculptors are ethnic. The island is defined by this shared heritage. These were passed down from their ancestors and continued to be used as heirlooms. Their heritage is their way of life and not a stylish fad to exploit. Their wooden sculptures are amazing.


Communicating ethnic and cultural identity has never been easier at Coron Villa. The Wild Fern Restaurant is even made of bamboo. The front desk of the hotel is also made of bamboo. Given such cultural framing, you cannot expect much from an ethnic theme right. Because ethnic actually may mean simple living!



Living in simplicity is the greatest theme of the Coron Villa. I see that the ladies on the island do not wear makeup. Oops, I can’t let go of my eyebrow pencil. Eyebrows are crucial travel selfie component for me. Don’t worry, you can still express your individuality in the midst of ethnicity in Coron Palawan!


If you have been watching your weight, I think you should forget it for awhile when you arrive in Coron, because their portions are big and they do home cooking even with the best restaurants in Coron Palawan. When we first tasted our lunch, we thought it may not be that good, because they are island recipes and may be totally different from the flavors of the city.


We admit being totally wrong. The Coron traditional meals and island recipes at the Wild Fern Bar and Restaurant are superbly delicious and addictive. Once you tasted their home cooked all-time best dinner recipes, you would always come back for more. When was the last time you tasted a home cooked meal?



These delicious meals are never elegant dishes, but they are what you can call as Philippine cuisine, which defines the island’s culture. By the way, the food can be quite spicy at times. I highly recommend these home cooked healthy meals for your kids and teens.


We can think of few things better than walking through the door of the Wild Fern restaurant after a long day and knowing that a home cooked meal awaits us. My daughter did not want to eat in any other restaurant, but just at the Coron Villa Wild Fern Bar and Restaurant. This your Coron best friend guide to eating delicious, healthy dinners for you and your family with minimal effort – just go upstairs and eat!



At night, the staff would parade the simple dinner wooden plates covered with plastic wraps outside the front desk along with their barbeques. Very enterprising. The staffs also seem to be enjoying their cooking and all the kitchen work. It was the sight that greeted us when we came back to our hotel at about 7pm from the hot spring.


They are delicious cheap dinner meals you would not miss for anything in Coron. If you want to experience a life on the island, go to Coron Palawan. It is a place with no malls and no fast foods. Eat simply. Live simply. Live life in Coron Villa Palawan. See you again soon, I hope.



Take a look at this video, and see if you can eat as much as we did…


How to get to Coron Villa


134 National Highway, Barangay 1

Coron Palawan

Mobile Phone: 0917 963 5928


*They have a very keen customer service for chat and text messages. You will never afraid to get lost in Coron. They will always answer any messages and calls. I really like their service.



Ride is never a problem. If you book at Coron Villa Palawan through, they will make the arrangements to meet you at the airport. There will be a P150 per person charge for airport transfers from the Busuanga airport to Coron Villa.

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