Courting A Filipina, Why You Failed To Win Her Heart?

If you intend to date someone from the Philippines, called as the Filipina, it is very important you know some aspects of the local culture that may put your courtship and dating life in a full swing win-win situation. Are you trying to marry a Filipina? It may be useful to know that you have to go through the proper channels, especially if the girl of your dreams comes from a conservative family. Dating a Filipina can be a long process and it is not, I am telling you, an instant process!


A foreigner can be a good catch for the woman, but the truth is, you are seen and are treated in the same way as they regard local man in all ways. Marriage is not something any woman would want to have unless you show her you truly love her and are ready to take care of her and be with her in sickness and in health.


Filipina women are sweet, courteous, hospitable and beautiful. Filipina women make great wives, but since the Philippines maintains a deeply family oriented culture, you should understand that what their family says, especially the parents and the grandparents, influence their decision making and thoughts about you.


Most Filipinas have a huge family. Sometimes, most people in the neighborhood can be their uncle, auntie, or just any member of their clan. You should be respectful and tactful at all times, when speaking to any member of the family and relatives, especially the old ones.


Be polite when you deal with them, because you have to win their heart and approval first before you win the heart of your girl. Majority of the Filipinas are Catholics. Whatever is her religion, if you do not share it, then at least respect it!



In the Philippines, gift giving is very common. You should bring her family and friends something to win their hearts. It may not necessarily be expensive, but at least it is something given out of sincerity.


The best way is to give food to the whole family, makeup to females, tshirts to males, and chocolates or toys to the kids. The easiest way to get them is to invite them to dinner or lunch.


Another way is to give some budget to your Filipina girl and let her cook for supper. You can eat together with the family. That would be sweet!


Sincerity is a major component of any relationship. So, if you want to give gifts, make sure it comes from your heart. Dating is a long process in the Philippines and this goes with the online dating.


Courting A Filipina


Haven’t you realized yet? She would proudly introduce you to her family and friends over the video call. You are encouraged to bond with the family. Don’t be surprised if she would just suddenly show you a member of the family who happened to pass while she is talking to you.


Not all Filipinas are hard to get. They are just shy and demure. You have to understand that it is part of their culture. They also are quite tongue tied in front of the foreigners and they term it as “nose bleed”. It means they are out of English words. So, if they are silent, you are welcome to talk more.

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