Create A Blog, Build An Audience, Grow Your Traffic And Make Money Travel Blogging

You can earn money from your blog telling stories about your travel. You can make money off almost anything once you build your tribe around something. Creating the means to live a laptop lifestyle may not be that easy at all. It means being ejected so far out of your comfort zone you get too exhausted and feel unglamorous at times. How do you earn money from your blog and make money travel blogging? The key to all the money making scheme online is building the brand, the audience, and the foundation where you can promote your product or service.


When you are determined to be a travel blogger and get paid to travel, you should accept one fact that you cannot build riches overnight so you do not get too disappointed within a year of blogging. Because you cannot build a skyscraper over an inch slab of concrete, to create a profitable blog, you need to learn how to build a solid foundation of your travel blog and make your travel lifestyle more exciting.


Every business takes a learning curve and an investment of time and commitment. Figure out the best way everything would work for you depending on your target audience demographic. Learn the basics first. Later, you can always innovate and add different income streams whenever you have the leverage to study some data that would help evaluate what needs change, so you can make money travel blogging for eternity.


You can create a blog free and start to make money blogging online. This task does not have to be complicated. Every person nowadays has a blog to share talking about what they were currently working or doing with their lives.


Of course, it can be pretty intimidating the first time without the basic skills. Girl, did I get intimidated in 2006? Experience and having the right teachers help immensely. MicroMentor has free gurus to help and guide startup businesses.



Based from my experience, I tell you girl, it is not easy to get a guru, especially if the business model is purely blogging and if you are a Filipina from the Philippines. Travel blogging takes an investment of money, a thicker face, guts, and determination to build a brick and mortar business.


The huge mental crossover is to think like an entrepreneur and stop thinking as an employee. Do you want to blog for money writing for other people’s website or do you want to blog for money writing your own quality articles and generate income from your blog? We all have to experience our ups and downs along the way.


Be brave, it is not the end of the world yet. During the first few years, because I was not focused on my blog, I sometimes earn zero to a $100 only. Blogging ultimately requires intense work to establish authority and an unlimited imagination to create interesting informative blog posts.


There is no other way around this. There are too many variables at play and it is totally up to you how clever you find ways around your brand so you can move closer to your goals. I work for the lifestyle I want!


In 2006, I got crazy about the anti aging skin care topic that leads to learning and writing more than just skin care, but includes anti aging fat loss, and wellness lifestyle.  Don’t you know the ultimate guide to really learning how to look beautiful and forever 30, if that’s the way I want to call it, is to make intensive research about nutrition, diet, exercise, and keeping your immune system healthily functioning?


I never expected this insight. I never see this coming. All I know is you need to have a couple of dollars budget to spend from anti aging creams and all other beauty skin care creams to keep your youthful looks longer.


Guess what? Before I became a full time blogger making research about anti aging, I was buying a lot of creams for my face and overall skin care, but with minimal results. It was only after I took care of my diet and the other things I just mentioned that I enjoyed maximum benefits.


The blogging life is a road less traveled, because of the complex process and many factors at play that may make it difficult for you to earn money in an instant. You can turn your blog into a business, but you have to learn from those who have been around travel blogging for long.


You can say I was just curious if I can write and share what I think about anything. I had several blogs before (you cannot imagine how many), but for over 10 years of blogging, I got overwhelmed having to update everything, that in 2017, I decided to create one travel blog where I can publish my research, manage my time writing articles, and still have the propriety to enjoy a few moments of travel selfies and foodie travel photography of at least once a week.


The blog came out to be a website that provides real time information with almost anything I love to talk. I cannot seem to figure out how the tech part works, was quite a struggle for me, but I am on it. Brows sweating, I made my way into the blogosphere!


Because I have a longing not to grow old with a crinkled face and a sagging tummy, I decided never to stop blogging about beauty, weight loss and wellness. My first blog was actually hosted free on Blogger. Now, Blogger has been renamed to BlogSpot. At present, it would only take less than 5 minutes to create a blog.


One thing I would like to inform you. Most bloggers earn next to nothing. Only a few made it to making a full time income. Depending on your time and commitment, it usually takes years to earn your first cent blogging! Furthermore, blogging for anything is crowded and there are dozens of new entrants every day.


This is not to scare you or put you off. I just want to tell you not to give up your day job first until you earn at least a thousand dollars a month. Your audience is hungry for content. Whatever it is, that is an opportunity you have to discover on your own. Set up realistic expectations and you will be fine!


How do you set up a blog?

This is usually the first question. Stop it. You do not even have a niche yet. What are you going to write about? What topic are you passionate writing?


Writing articles, not to mention the research and the hard work of promoting across social media, is very time consuming. In addition, editing photos and creating videos plus looking for noncopyright music takes longer than expected. You need help, but what kind of blog can you do on your own for now?


Your niche is basically what you write on your blog and what your blog is all about. Finding a niche can be confusing, because there are so many things you would want to write about. Think of something that can make you write all that you are interested writing.


For example, this 2GoSelfies blog writes about travel in the Philippines and anywhere around the world. Being a solo Filipina traveler is not easy. You have to think about being presentable and pretty as well as fit and slim, so there goes my anti aging fat loss and my anti aging skin care interests.


That was the main reason, I did not have much difficulty setting up this blog. I already have thousands of articles on my computer hard drive that I can edit to fit in to the theme of my Shirley Travel Guide Philippines theme.


Is your blog for profit or is your blog a hobby? You can start writing as a hobby and learn how the other bloggers do it. Monetize the blog later when you already know how to do basic html, creatively write an article, and pick a blog layout with easy navigation tools.



Passionate blogger

Passion can make you write about anything to forever. Blogs are about content generation. If you are not passionate about your topic, you can never be innovative and creative.


Do it with a style! Let passion rule your writing. Creative writing to win your audience attention and admiration is not always easy nor too difficult. Just to give you an idea, writing for even one article would take me a day, because it takes time to do some quality research.


Progress can be really slow during the first few months. Take the plunge once you decide what to write. Create a nice blog and let your creativity rule. Test drive writing whatever makes you happy.


Do you want to write about dating? Or do you want to shift to writing about your life. Mixed blog? It is okay. Whatever you want to write, just write. This is the way you will discover what really interest you most and which topic can make you write forever.


Don’t worry. I have done that and it was a very good experience for me. Find a niche and create a blog. You will notice that along the way, you will meet countless business opportunities to generate a passive income stream online. That is why, I told you from the start – just write!


I hope you stay motivated enough to blog regularly. There are few bloggers who generate even a hundred dollars a month from Adsense alone. Most of the time, you pay for the stuff and trips you have to do out of your pocket.


Practically, bloggers are digital nomads who work remotely anywhere like virtual assistant, programming, graphic design, bookkeeping, consulting, or just blogging for another website. Typically, they work from home.


Blogging for money online in 2017 is not the same in 2005. Whether you are looking for a full time income or just to supplement your day job earnings, it may take a few months to first earn money from your blog. Pick a profitable niche and build a huge following. How do you monetize a travel blog? I say, let your creative travel photography ideas and selfies on the road do the talking!

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