Creating Your First Landing Page

creating your landing page

A specially designed landing page should clearly give website visitors its message, help people find what they look for in a straightforward manner without distractions, and strategically more on magically steering people to the direction you want them to take. Landing pages need to be extraordinarily simple and must not have any extraneous information that might distract and prevent potential leads from converting.


Unlike how you write on your small business blog, every single word in the whole copy should be clear and concise. The landing page is not the place to show creativity.


Keep your focus on your goal! Get to the point and keep their level of interest humming like an engine.


The reason they clicked through was because they were interested in what you presented them on your Facebook ad or other forms of advertising, but they may not have the same level of enthusiasm when they arrive on your page.


Every single sentence should serve a purpose, which is to support your call to action. Be very meticulous in editing your copy.



Give them what they want to know in as few words as possible and get them to respond to your call to action as quickly as possible.


If it includes a form, ask only the most important information. For example, if you want them to subscribe to your email newsletter, then make sure you just require the email address because anything more than that lessens the chances of making them finish and submit the form.


The design of your page is just as important as the copy. It is expected to support the call to action. Less is definitely more. The simpler the page and its design, the more likely it is to convert.


A landing page should not have the usual site navigation bar. All they do is just clutter up the page. It also increases the likelihood that website visitors abandon your page.


Pay close attention to the fold. Make sure the call to action is located near the top of the page, so the website visitor is able to click through it without having to scroll.


Place the call to action just above the fold and make sure it appears at regular intervals on your page, if ever you decide a longer copy.


creating your best landing page


Avoid visual clutter or anything that distracts the visitor from your message and goal. When we talk about landing page, it is a page usually built for a very specific purpose and defined as a highly focused web page.


You should create a landing page that is optimized for your internet marketing goals. When your page is all about everything, it is diluted and has no focus.


For example, if you offer many services, you should create dedicated landing pages for each service. Using highly focused, relevant landing pages are a smart small business marketing strategy.


Your landing page is an indispensable part of inbound marketing, especially for lead generation efforts. Studies show that lead generation marketing becomes easier when you remove distractions and all other irrelevant navigation.


It is designed to meet one goal only and that is to convert. It eliminates all distractions to keep them focus. With a clear message, your visitor turns into a lead.


Test and optimize. Test different colors, images, headlines, copy and form fields to see what’s getting people to convert and what’s stopping them from doing so. Rinse and repeat based on what visitors respond to the most.

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