Da Vinci Italian Pizza And Chicken Restaurant Offers Dine In And Delivery Anywhere Cebu

Da Vinci Pizza Cebu Philipppines

Discover what you are getting for the value of your peso when you order a mouthwatering pizza and chicken at Da Vinci, one of the cheaper and best pizza restaurants in Cebu Philippines. I should say the best thin crust pizza you can get fast with quality when hungry! You find yourself hooked and wanting for more with their best Italian pizzeria menu’s enhanced flavor. It tastes like heaven with dripping cheese when you take your first bite and you try to save your face from such a welcome leaking mess from your mouth.


Should I be happy with the Da Vinci Pizza and Chicken delivery news? I love their white pizza with carbonara and the spaghetti with chicken meals. Whenever I go buy my grocery at SM in the afternoons, I often take my dinner at the Da Vinci expat’s favorite pizza restaurant in Cebu.


The Italian pizza and chicken house is very famous of its white sauce pizzas, but has expanded its menu to include tomato sauce, sandwiches, chicken meals, breakfast bowls, pizza piccolos, and pasta and potatoes.


Priced at P59 a piece, the pizza piccolo is sold in a bunch of three. You can choose the flavor you want to eat as you like at any moment. Try the exclusive chili con carne and the banana Nutella flavors.


I do not really order the pizza piccolo, because they are too small for my big appetite. What am saying is that the taste can be terrific, but the size is definitely too small for me. However, you can try munching their exclusive flavors. You might like them!



Da Vinci’s chicken can be awesome. It is one of my favorites in the Italian pizza and chicken restaurant. Although the chickens sold in the other restos here are nice, the taste of the Da Vinci chicken is really awesome. Besides the pizza, I am sure the chicken is one of the most ordered in their menu.


The Da Vinci has become one of Cebu’s famous hangouts. With the ambience, the Italian food, and the great service all together, you would want to just talk and spend time eating with gusto with your family and friends in the restaurant. This Italian restaurant is a common talk around town and most of Philippine travel blogs.


They offer delightful pastas, such as the carbonara, best lasagna, and the spaghetti. I am not really much into spaghetti and tomato sauce. I love their carbonara most.


One secret. You can do some eavesdropping and take advantage of their Happy Hour Promo from time to time. They really offer a Buy One Take One deal.


Da Vinci gives you a family centered environment that would want you to spend your time there with the kids and just eat all you want, get loaded and go home full, happy, and satisfied.


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Pan gusto is a Filipino palate inspired sandwich meal that contains Pinoy favorites, such as corned beef, bacon, chorizo, and longganiza and egg, jam packed in a freshly baked bread. This sells for only P58 a piece.


Beef up your busy day with the pan gusto bite to go. The baked potato gusto can even be your crispy friendly life saving munch something when you are seated in your car waiting for the traffic to ease on your way home. For only P78, you can munch all the way from the office to your home.


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Photos taken August 4 2017 at Da Vinci Pizza In SM City, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines

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Photo taken August 8 2016 at Da Vinci, SM Consolacion, Cebu


The salo salo meal is a family and barkada treat. It is called as the salo salo together meals, because it feeds as many as 12 people for the value of about P1,888. This meal has been designed to make eating feel like a community experience.


Buffed up and enjoy the Da Vinci menu in as little as P58 to a community meal of as high as P1,888. Good choice, impeccable taste, great value – that is the Da Vinci way!






Minimum delivery is P300. Just dial the delivery hotline 032 268 8888.



Business opportunity

Franchise email info@davincipizza.com.ph


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Here we are


Where to find Da Vinci Pizza in Cebu


Ground level, Al Fresco, Parkmall

Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation Area

Mandaue City, Cebu 6014, Philippines

Telephone: 032 420 9200


SM City Consolacion

Cebu North Road, Consolacion, Cebu

Telephone 032 231 0557


Jones Avenue

399 Jones Avenue corner Arlington Pond

Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City

Telephone: 032 412 5645 or 032 268 8888


Mactan Marina Mall

Quezon National Highway, Lapu lapu City, Cebu

Telephone 032 420 2140



Lopez Jaena Street, Subangdaku, Mandaue City

Telephone 032 516 2517


IT Park

G/F1, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

Telephone 032 415 8881



Paseo Arcenas, R. Arcenas Street

Labangon, Cebu City

Telephone 032 412 0005



Mambaling, Cebu City

Telephone 032 276 7266


Just would like to let you know that Da Vinci is the only pizza restaurant I have known that gives student discounts in Cebu. When you want to have a good fill after your brain whacking study over, you can visit the best place for pizza and chicken student discount in Cebu and enjoy some moments hanging out with your group mates nibbling great pizza flavors.

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