Simple Tips In Determining Reliable Sources For Essay Writing

Academic journals are a great way to find peer reviewed articles. One good example is the Google Scholar, which is a search tool you can use to find scholarly articles in the internet. The Microsoft Academic Search is a search tool provided by the Microsoft in locating technical papers over the internet, such as physics, mathematics, biology and engineering. Still, books are one best way to find credible information. There are free digital libraries now per state community or you can pay for one month subscription at Questia.


How do you search for credible sources? Practically, any one can create a website. There are over 600 million active websites in the world, where the owners can print anything they want, so people can learn more about what they do. With so much content and so little oversite, determining which information is reliable can be quite difficult for first time essay writers.


You can always first check with your local library. They are still one of the best places to search for reliable information. You can still use their traditional free digital data by simply using a login. However, these libraries do have access to research databases, many of which may require a subscription or a small fee.


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