Top 10 Ways to Develop Your Research Writing Speed

To develop your research writing speed, you should first choose a topic, set your term paper writing mood, and get your focus onto research paper writing, before you finally start writing your research paper. Research and writing skills always go together. This means, if you are a aiming to be a freelance PhD dissertation writer, you need to develop both research and writing skills.


Always keep this in mind. The speed of your research and writing should be enhanced without sacrificing the quality of the information provided in the term paper. This is crucial to creating the outline, choosing reliable resources, collecting reliable information, and organizing the research.


I understand that conducting research, analysis, along with the writing process, is a very overwhelming work. Some people are more gifted as writing machines. Once they get an idea, they write and pound it out of their laptop in minutes.


For the students and beginners in essay writing, it is a process found to be slow and grinding. It seems, one can never write fast enough, especially when it comes to writing a thesis paper.


Below are 10 ways that a freelance writer like you should follow to increase the writing speed

  1. Develop your research skills. You can attain a faster speed if you know where to go for your kind of research or topic. The subject familiarity is important. You can know where to get your content and reference it, if during your research, you save the links and take note of the topics a certain educational site is providing their readers. Making notes and bookmarks can help you acquire relevant information in a very fast and systematic manner. Use the right keywords or keyword phrases when looking for a particular research topic. The use of “x” may help to emphasize the exact words that will come out in the search engine search page. Analyzing the right keywords is important to obtaining the right information when you are writing essays or trying to figure out the best topics for your research paper. Obtaining the right information facilitates data gathering.


  1. Create a blog and write more. Blogging can enhance both freelance writing and research skills. When you write a blog, your research skills are being developed as well as your writing speed. Because you jump and browse one website to another for information, you will learn how to identify good, reliable websites that provide good, valuable information. Just blog about the topic you like. This is a good way to improve and practice your research paper writing skills.



  1. Highlight important points that need more time and intensive research. Research, writing, and time management are important factors to consider when trying to meet deadlines. You should know which topics needed more time for the research, gather the data, save the links, and get back to them for more reading and analysis.


  1. Write the essay in less grammatical errors as much as possible. Reading other people’s journals will help improve your grammar, writing style, and sentence construction at the same time. Learn how the other writers write an essay or dissertation at a PhD or MBA level. Research paper writing needs a good writing style, smooth presentation, organized flow of ideas, and average grammar skills. You can use free tools, such as the Grammarly or Ginger in checking your spelling and grammar. There are other English grammar check tools in the internet. Download the tool and save on your computer.


  1. Present the topic, argument, or theory in a consistent and organized manner. You should know how to present the subject in a way the reader can understand the message and the argument easily, especially when you are writing the abstract for your research paper. The Abstract is important and it should be interesting enough to make your reader read the whole dissertation.


  1. Do not try to impress your readers by looking for scientific sounding or intellectual sounding words. Word choices matters, but most clients prefer a research paper written in plain, simple English language. Writing in a simple manner can help the readers grasp the message or understand the argument immediately. Most of the time, the readers may not understand the objectives of your paper and they still need to immerse themselves with the first paragraph before going to the succeeding paragraphs. They need to understand what you are writing. Only by writing your paper in a simple manner can they immediately grab what you are trying to tell them.


  1. Develop your typing speed. Try not to look at the keyboard when typing. One hint for developing the typing speed is to practice proper finger and keyboard placement when you are typing and writing essays. Looking at the computer’s monitor allows instant proofreading of the essay and reduces typographical errors.


  1. Stop writing and then read aloud one or two completed paragraphs. This prevents burn out, avoid typos and grammar mistakes, and make you understand more what you are writing when you hear your voice. This helps prevent boredom too if you work from home and writes essay day in and out.

  1. Develop speed in reading. Increasing the writing speed means developing and increasing your reading speed. A freelance writer should know when to linger longer in a certain web page or material and when to leave a site. Some essay writers would just search for a particular keyword in a site and get one or two good ideas and then proceed to the next site.


  1. Bookmark visited websites. As a freelance writer, you can facilitate data gathering by bookmarking the website you visited. Another way to organize your links is to create a Google document and put some phrases or hints that will help remember about the content of the website. Paste the link below the phrase and then go back to those links later for intext citation and creating the bibliography. Google documents save pasted text automatically, which eliminates trying to remember saving documents and fearing losing links. You can develop your own system later as you go with your writing.



Inexperienced writers lack practice. You can develop the skill through blogging and developing a systematic research paper writing system that would work for you. This avoids delays in the collection of data and performing the analysis.


You should also develop your ability to determine reliable from unreliable information just by reading the first few sentences of the article or pdf papers. The best way to improve this skill is to read more about academia topics.


Lack of experience makes a big difference. You should start to develop your freelance writer’s visual motor perception and focus by writing at least one article each day. One article a day can help enhance your research, reading, and typing skills.

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