Can Direct Advertising Generate Enough Revenue For Your Blog?

Can direct advertising generate enough revenue for your blog

Direct advertising works the same way as the direct marketing. It is the process of soliciting advertisements driven directly from a brand or its agents of distribution. In particular, this is a brand’s offering to a customer based on its understanding of your blog’s segmented audience willingness and ability to buy a product or service. It is an ad that rarely has the intention to deliver value because it is directly targeted to a list of people who meet specific standards only.


Direct advertisements involve a specific call to action. Companies who employ direct marketing are usually credit card companies, media companies, technology companies, retailers and non-profit organizations. Direct advertising can be a solid way to bring in a few thousand dollars each month and cover the cost of running a blog.


Make your blog clutter free until you gain the trust of your readers. Do not display too many ads in one page. With a steady set of buyers, some blogs earn as much as $500 to $2,000 per month.


Direct ad sales have always been a great way to increase your blog revenue without affecting any other methods you currently use to make money online. Keep things as simple as you can for you and your advertisers.


You can charge above the fold website sidebar banner for $500 per month with the promise of 50,000 impressions. You can charge below the fold website sidebar banner for $350 per month with the promise of 75,000 impressions. Or you can charge an ad in one weekly newsletter for $150 and send to 20,000 subscribers.



You need to create a media kit. Many bloggers skip this step. You need to create a document that explains everything, such as what you have to offer, including the size of your community and traffic.


Running your ads is simpler than you think. All you need is the ability to upload banners/ graphics directly to your site. Reach out to brands to score ads.


Smaller bloggers might find this worth a try. Start small and then attract larger companies that are willing to pay more for an ad space.


Keep in mind that blog advertisers do not intend to lose money boosting an offer that give no value to its business and at the same time, do not even give them a single lead. Direct advertising is one of the most reliable ways to get customers on board.


How to find blog advertisers



How to find advertisers?

Type your blog topic into Google. The advertisers that comes up above and to the right of the search listings obviously have budget for advertising online and are looking for exposure. Possibly open to direct relationship too.


Visit similar blogs and websites in your niche and find out who is advertising on them. More often than not, they are more than willing to test new sites that have relevance to their industry.


Identify affiliate programs in your niche. Hit the classified ads. Give them a ring.


Another way is to Google some keywords and look at what businesses were listed in the search results, particularly those below in the rankings. Pay special interest to online stores that generates direct revenue from their sites.


If you have a blog with relatively low traffic, you should be willing to price your ads relatively cheaply until your traffic grows. However, this can be a good deal already than having no income at all. Establish the relationship and grow with your advertisers as your traffic increases.


While there is no hard fast rule, many bloggers would shoot for 50,000 page views before looking to sell ads. However, if you have a truly loyal, engaged and niche audience, the advertisers might want to advertise on your site even before you reach that point.


In addition, advertisers want to know who they can reach through your site. Big blog networks have people dedicated to the task of finding advertisers. They often work with ad agencies.


The key is to target advertisers in your niche that have products that really closely relate to what you were writing about. If you start with the intention of building a quality site that has a large readership and its own good income stream, then you are likely to find buyers down the track.


Each month, you post a call for sponsors on your blog to see if any blog readers or fans would like to promote their business or blog on your site. Advertising is the soul of every blog.



Direct advertising is the most reliable method of advertising and the best one too. How do you impress advertisers?

  • Facebook page with over 100k likes.
  • Great number of organic visitors.
  • Add your social media channels to your blog.
  • Keep the name of the blog short and memorable.
  • If possible, make your Twitter and other social media like to over 100k too


You keep 100% of the sales and revenue generated from direct ad sales. The space on your blog could be in your headers, footer, sidebar or within the content of each blog post, which is very strategic.



You should

  • Set your own rules for advertising
  • Set your own rates, payment schedules, payment options/ gateways and time slots
  • Set the sizes you offer and the amount of offerings


As you continue to grow your blog following, you may be wondering if there is any other way to monetize your free content. If you are looking for a hands off way to make some extra cash from your blogging efforts, then partnering with a blog advertising network may be a good fit for you.


Blog advertising networks do much of the work for you, such as partnering with well-known brands and letting you take advantage of their close relationships. Some advertising models will come out producing more income for you than others.

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