The Dodiongan Falls – Undeveloped But Spectacular!

The Dodiongan Falls

Chasing my dreams to become a very popular travel blogger, led me to climb mountains and boulders for the first time, just to get to the Dodiongan Falls in Iligan City. I easily get hooked to food blogging while traveling and visiting the waterfalls in the Philippines as much of a fixture in my itinerary as the cakes and pastries from the different parts of the islands. Although undeveloped, the Dodiongan Falls got me totally tongue tied with its beauty. Regular punchbowl waterfalls usually drop from a high point to its low point, but this specific waterfall’s water remain in constant contact with the rock wall under them as it cascades forming like something you can see in over the counter displays of thin sheet threadlike falling water. It actually looks like a running electric water following a wire or thread.


For the time that we were there, I just sat on the boulder that directly faces the waterfall and gives you a good view of the plunging water. Simply staring at it would make you wonder about the magical beauty of Mother Nature.


The Dodiongan Falls has a huge, irregularly shaped boulder at its top to which the water flows separately in different ways. The other half flows in constant contact with the rock underneath it, while the other half plunge itself vigorously down to the pool and the bottom.

Staring how the two water flows differently as they make their way downstream will entirely change your insights about Mother Nature. Nature and its beauty are totally breathtaking.


Dodiongan Falls is a 20 meter (65 feet) high waterfall that looks like the wings of an angel. This unique trait sets it apart from the rest of the usual plunge waterfalls we often see in the region.



The basin to which they drop is about 10 feet deep. Do not try swimming if you do not really know how to swim. There are no emergency rescue units or even a lifesaver within or near the area.



Follow the stream

Going to the waterfalls, you have to follow and cross a shallow stream with strong flowing water, so you still need to be careful when doing the fun water trekking adventure.


You will reach the stream only after crossing about 3 to 4 mountains. Before you go for the trip, make sure you don’t have any high blood pressure problems. When we were there, a man with high blood pressure just died there a week before our trip.


It is best to wear strong slippers, but make sure it does not easily slip when immersed in strong water current and when you step on wet rocks.


Dodiongan WaterfallsDodiongan Falls In Iligan CityThe Dodiongan Falls in Iligan City Barangay Digkiaan


How to reach the Dodiongan Falls


Barangay Bonbonon and Barangay Digkilaan, Dalipuga

Iligan City, Lanao del Norte


From the city, you ride a jeepney bound for Sta. Filomena or Dalipuga. Tell the driver to drop you off at the intersection of Barangay San Roque or Baratoan.


You can then ride a habal habal to take you to the mountains leading to the Dodiongan Falls. When we were there, our habal habal driver accompanied us right to the falls. If they will do the same to you, please do not forget to give them something for their services in addition to the fare.


Watch this video to learn more

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