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earn money from home with Remotasks

Remotasks has a wide variety of tasks you can choose to earn money from home while you take care of your kids. Some examples of the current tasks they put on your dashboard are categorization, audio transcription and data collection.


Audio transcription simply transcribes voice recordings for people to read. This is a speech to text process where you convert either a live or recorded speech or audio into a written or electronic text document.


Transcription services are usually provided for business, legal or medical purposes. You may have been wasting hours endlessly transcribing audio, but I am going to share you a secret.


There is a simpler way to do that. It is free, easy and requires no fancy apps or download. Just use the Google Docs, sssh!


Voice Typing is the cloud based response of Google to Microsoft Word. This dictation software tool is relatively self-explanatory. When you speak, the tool listens to you and transcribes what you say into a Google Doc. Task done!



Data collection tasks involve searching the web and collecting data about anything. Data collection is the systematic approach to gathering information from all relevant sources and find answers or solutions to the problem.


As a Remotasker, you are considered as a freelance worker and do not need to work a minimum number of hours to get paid each week.


The website has an active online community where you can get advice about the tasks you find some difficulty completing from the experienced taskers and Remotasks admins themselves. If you want to get more tasks, you can take exams to unlock more tasks.


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