Easy Ways To Earn Money Online In The Philippines

Despite the popularity of the internet, many Filipinos still do not know how to earn money online using technology. Earning extra bucks in the Philippines is an achievable milestone if you just take it seriously the way you treat your day job. You can either build a website and earn money from your blog a few months after you set it up or join professional platforms, such as Freelancer or Upwork.


Grow a blog and offer value so you can increase readership over time. As your audience grows, you gain significant following and may be able to generate thousands of dollars through blog marketing, affiliate product placements, Google Adsense, and more.


The easiest way to sell online and do all those stuffs is by blogging. Try to put on high quality visuals and maintain a great personality that can serve your site’s purpose. Blogging serves a different purpose for each blogger, so you may be a creative content blogger, YouTube Vlogger, eCommerce store blogger, or just plainly an aspiring blogger who is still waiting for that break.


Selling private ads are a great profitable option for you as a blogger. Private ads come in the form of buttons, banners, or plainly links. If you end up with enough traffic, you may not need to find your blog sponsor. The advertisers will come directly to you and ask you to place their ad on your site for a few $$s. In addition, you can sell sponsorship space in your podcasts, videos, and email newsletters.


You can use your blog as a content marketing tool for your business or other people’s business. A blog can easily drive visitors and paying customers. This means endless possibility for you to make money online.



When you strategically built your credibility as an honest blogger, blogging can lead to many money making opportunities. These tricks have certainly worked for many bloggers. If you build it, they will come!



However, you need to understand that you are not going to make money from your blog if you have no readers. You should learn how to build relationships with people who can help direct traffic to your site, such as forums. Don’t be afraid to experiment and tweak the method so it can best work for you.


Here is how you can make money from your blog

  • Write useful content
  • Get off your blog and start finding readers
  • Build engagement
  • Make money from the readership you have in a variety of income streams


This may sound simple, but there are a lot of tasks to do before you can find your engaged readers. The key in creating a content is to make it as useful as possible for your readers. Focus on writing information that can change their lives and make people trust you.


If you really want to earn money from your blog, you have to start promoting it. The key is to build a presence, add value, foster relationships, but never engage in spamming practices or you will get blocked. With a sustained focus on creating great content and finding readers for your blog, people will notice you and start visiting your blog.

Vloggers earn money on YouTube. If you have interesting content, broadcast it in a video format and upload it on YouTube. As long as your delivery of content is consistently giving value to your readers, you will definitely earn money being a YouTube Partner.


At this point, you can switch to building a community. Making money blogging may start in a few dollars that come in during your first two years. In time, it will gradually grow to becoming the equivalent of a part time job, then into a full time job, and last, into a business that employs others.


There are no formulas in making money online through blogging. Each blogger has forged their own path and has a unique story to tell with surprising discoveries along the way. They reach out to different types of audience and monetize their niche differently too. The trick is to read and learn how they do it so you are able to forge your own path as well.


It takes time to build a blog and an audience. Of course, simply because it takes time to build your personality into being remarkable. You have to be patient in building your brand, readers’ trust and reputation. With blogging, there is no guarantee of even coming up with a decent income.


Blogging and earning money from your blog takes a lot of work. It takes considerable work to create one good, highly searchable content on a daily basis. The best way to earn is to build a blog that matters to people.


Write great blog content

Always write compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis to make your blog work for you. You can start by creating titles that can drive attention for the readers to read your post. One of the most important elements of an article is the title.


How do you craft a blog post? How should you write to effectively communicate with your readers? Most people scan as a technique in reading the whole of your blog post. Make your blog scannable by employing bullet points, using bold or italics formatting when you emphasize a point, changing the font size or color to draw your readers’ eyes to the main points, and use subheadings.


Placing images can be a clever way to draw readership to the page. Create spaces after two to three sentences so they don’t feel overwhelmed. Creating a lot of white space throughout the content, looks more appealing to the reader. Get to the point and make sure you say it up front.


Find creative ways to reinforce your main point throughout the post and never introduce too many new ideas in one article. Too much information can be overwhelming. When you need to cover many ideas, try considering a series of post that you can link to each other.


Shaping a post that would take your readers on a journey can be an awesome one, but requires a thoughtful process. First impressions matter so take time to craft your title and creating an opening line. This should draw them deeper into your post.


Do not just write for the sake of writing. A blog post needs to have a point, or shall I say a focus. Add depth to it and make it even more memorable to your readers. This way you also make a deeper connection with them.


Spend time fixing errors, such as spelling and grammar. Small mistakes can be a barrier to engagement. Taking extra time to examine everything always pays off when your post is being interacted by your readers and other bloggers.




Linkbuilding the easy way

Leverage on content creation because it is what brings people to your website. Content creation is generally the start of that process. Some marketers found ways to repurpose their content and convert it into different multimedia types.


One way is to convert the post to a PDF and then share the PDF to one or more PDF sharing sites. Then create a unique 150+ word description for each site and include a link to your site in the profile or the URL of the blog post.


Creating a video can be a good way to build links. Upload on video sharing sites and write a 60 word description with a link back to your site. Vimeo can be a good channel for this also.


Creating a presentation as slides can be done through PPT sharing sites, such as the Slide Share. Be sure to add a quick intro or a call to action on the description.


Extending your social reach with images using Instagram or Pinterest can drive readers back to your blog. Take all these a day at a time. You can do it alone. No need to hire a team.


An example would be

Day 1 – publish your post on your blog.

Day 2 – create and publish the PDF.

Day 3 – create the video and publish.

Day 4 – extract the audio and publish.

Day 5 – take one of the concepts or sections from the original post and write a quick 500 word unique article just about that. Link to the post, images, videos, or audio.


To be honest, your blog relies on great content to attract links. Find the best performing content on your competitor’s site and replicate for use on your own site. Take the time to analyze what performs well and improve your odds of hitting your mark.


You can create all the content you want, but if no one reads it, it is not going to make you earn money online. Do not be afraid to get creative. There are a variety of ways you can make money from your blog. Just make sure you monetize your blog the right way.

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