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Forget extreme makeovers. You can achieve true beauty through these simple techniques that can highlight any woman’s unique beauty. Do you need to get pretty in a wink? Sure, a good makeup makeover can cover whatever imperfections you may have, and yes, it can make you look pretty in a wink! But first, you need to follow few beauty tips to make the cover up easier. Suck away the dead skin cells to fade acne scars, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles first through exfoliation, so you reveal a much younger, fresher, and healthier skin. The cleansing and exfoliating skin treatments can give you a glow that looks truly awesome. Before anything else, you should understand that daily skin care is important in maintaining your looks.


Makeup makeovers can either make or unmake you. You can live an enjoyable colorful life with the best makeup for eyes, lips, and face, that enhances natural beauty and brings on the drama. Depending on how you use these colorful things, it can sometimes be a beauty blunder and in the process, make you look older than you are.


Let us be honest. We are not perfect and we all make bad choices. Trust me, I have made my fair share of mistakes, from very thin eyebrows that made my eyes pop out like a fish to putting on too many dark colored eyeshadow, which made me look like a clown.


Mistakes may not haunt you forever, but the travel photography close up photos you got when you were wearing your mistakes can haunt you forever yeah? That’s it, makeup mistakes are different. They remind you of how bad it was way back then.


Hop in the beauty chair and get glam. Discover fresh ways to accentuate your features. The beauty hall can be a scary place and far too intimidating for people like you and me. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a makeup newbie or a fully fledged beauty pro, it is easy to get overwhelmed.



With so many brands out there, I know it is quite a difficult job to achieve a glam look appropriate for your event and your beauty. Here is why you do not need life altering cosmetic surgeries that can deliberately empty your pockets.



Shape your brows

Get a skilled eyebrow shaping to totally transform your face. This can help you look younger and more polished. Maintenance simply involves cleaning up the brows underneath and removing only the strays on top.


Wearing face powder after foundation is a great way to get fuller coverage and to matte oily skin, but when you apply heavy face powder, it will result in a super flat, unnatural look to your skin that can age you tremendously.


The eyebrow color can be a shade darker than your locks. Make your thin brows appear thicker. Be more you, look good, and feel good. Little eyebrow touchups can give your beauty a boost and up your confidence in no time.


Like a hairstyle, the shapes of your brows are not one size fits all. Getting one perfect eyebrows really depends on the dimensions of your face. Knowing how to shape your eyebrows based on the shape of your face can make you look younger, and even let your natural beauty shine wearing less makeup.


The right brow shape can work to improve the overall symmetry of your face and open up the entire eye area. The perfect brow will make you look fresh, rested, young, healthy, and overall, more attractive.


shape your brows makeup 2GoSelfies.comthis is how to shape your browsshape your brows, accent your face makeup



Regardless of your face shape, there are 3 golden rules to follow when it comes to brows.

  • The head of the brow should begin at the bridge of your nose.


  • The arch of your eyebrows should be about two-thirds of the way out. The center arch gives you the dreaded rainbow shape look.


  • Don’t cut your brows short. The tail should, at the very least, end on an imaginary line from the corner of the nose to the corner of the eye. Make sure your tails always taper to a crisp point to best lift the eye. You can allow it to extend slightly further as long as that tail doesn’t end lower than where the head begins, which can make the eyes look droopy.




Tools you can use to fill in, shape, tweeze and trim your eyebrows

  • Transform your eyebrows by filling in think or patchy spots with an eyebrow powder


  • Use a one angled powder brush and one spoolie eyebrow brush for applying the powder and combing through hairs.


  • Use a tweezer for removing stray hairs.


  • Use eyebrow pencils with a spoolie brush on the end to correct the shape of your brows and then filling them in.


  • To grow your eyebrows, use an eyebrow serum.


  • You can use an eyebrow highlighter underneath the arch to emphasize the shape of the brows.


  • To keep your eyebrow hairs in place once you’ve groomed them, you can use a clear eyebrow gel.






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Whatever you do, do not pluck brows into a thin line. It will make you look dated and unnatural. Remember, it is not easy to correct once the damage has been done. Restoring botched brows can be a major pain in the arch.


Filling in your brows will make a huge difference in your face shape because it frames your eyes and can pull a whole look together. However, finding the right shade is crucial or you’ll look unnatural or washed out.


For darker hair, going one to two shades lighter than your natural hair/brow color will define your brows without them looking unnatural.


For lighter hair, going one to two shades darker than your natural hair/brow color will define your brows without them looking unnatural.





Putting on face powder

Powder settles into fine lines, wrinkles and pores. This gives your skin a haggard look. Apply powder just where you need it somewhere on the T-zone of your face and lightly on your cheeks.


If you want a full coverage face powder, opt for a translucent setting powder. Translucent powders do not add color, but simply matte the skin with a very refined powder that won’t cake.


A face powder can be reapplied throughout the day. You can start to shop loose or pressed setting powder to provide the perfect finish. There’s more to powder than blushing and bronzing and I must say they are necessary to beauty buffs makeup and in setting a clearer complexion.


Setting powders seal the deal by gliding over the foundation, while the concealer ensures you a flawless look. Setting powders are the best finishing and a total lifesaver. The wrong one can make you look unfortunately cakey.


Setting powders go directly on top of your foundation. They are designed to set and mattify makeup. They are best for everyday use. Are you worried about looking like a powdered sponge cake?


The key to achieving a flawless finish with a powder foundation is to find your perfect shade and to use the right amount.


shaping your eyebrows can make you look younger



What about eyeliners?

Eyeliners are used to define the eye and give the illusion of fuller lashes. Applying a liner to both the top and bottom lash line can create a depth that gives the eyes a larger appearance.


Over lining the eyes too thick is a huge mistake. Not only does it create an unnatural looking black ring around the eyes, it also makes your eyes appear smaller.


You can try using an eyeshadow and a smudge brush on the bottom lash line to lightly define your lashes. Eyeliner is one of the can’t live without beauty products due to its magical ability to transform the shape of any eye.


You can dress your eyes differently using liquid, gel and pencil eyeliners. Eyeliners and eye make can make you look differently and stunning. Give your eyes the edge of high impact look and precision definition.


Eyeliners let you define, stroke, and smudge your way to eye opening effects. Give your eye makeup more definition and achieve remarkable eyes.


Dark eyeliner and shadow may have been great in the past for achieving a party-ready, smoky look, but in older age, the key is definitely to lighten up.


Dark lines can look severe on an aged skin, making eyes look smaller or even drawing attention to crow’s feet. Opt for a soft smoky chocolate tone in mascara and eyeliner, which will give sultry definition to the eyes without overpowering the face.


It’s not uncommon to be keeping the same beauty regime from your early twenties, but heavy dark mascara or eyeliner on the bottom water line or lower lashes can add years onto your face, by drawing attention to dark shadows and fine lines.


Switch it up by keeping the eye area understated, instead opting for a few coats on the top lashes, and making eyes look fresher and more doe-like.


Choose the best eyeliner to handle that perfect look with long lasting intensity, enough to create the ultimate smokey or winged eyeliner looks.


Build intensity using a rich eyeliner and easily achieve that everyday look or a bold cat eye look. Get your favorite beauty must haves and perfect that winged line or dramatic flick.


Define your style with the eyeliner and choose how much drama you want to add to the day. Give your eyes some extra definition with waterproof eyeliners. Achieve a lined eye on the waterline or above the lashes for a stronger look.


Define and highlight your features with waterproof eyeliners. Define and create an expression. Color your world and be bolder.


Skipping the mascara

Some would say nooo. Mascara does wonders for the eyes. Not only does it define the eye without using the eyeliner, but it gives the appearance of a larger, more youthful eyes.


When you skip putting on the mascara, it will give you the appearance of an unfinished makeup look. Some mascaras are formulated to curl the lashes so you can skip using a lash curler.


Make sure you don’t over apply it or you will create a spidery effect. This will weigh down your lashes and give a tired look to the eyes.


Waterproof mascara is seriously amazing for those times where you don’t want your mascara running down your face. However, wearing a waterproof mascara every single day will dry out your lashes and make them brittle, causing shortening of lashes or even lashes to break off.


Try sticking to regular mascaras on the daily and only using waterproof for those special occasions. Give the eye a final touch using a volumizing mascara or lengthening mascara.


Mascaras are used to enhance the eyelashes. It may darken, thicken, lengthen, and define the eyelashes. Find the best mascara for you and get the lashes you want, guilt free.


Add a lashing of mascara for an instant hit of girly glam to any day. Get that perfect look for every lash. Get the most out of your lashes. Get truly beautiful eyes, luscious lashes and look splendid.


Build volume, length and life to achieve a lush, long lasting lash looks. Mascara is a blessing. It offers ways to lengthen, curl, plump, amplify, condition and thicken your lashes. It simply gives your beauty routine an edge.



Eyelash curlers

Eyelash curlers are makeup tools used to create a beautiful curl to the lashes. The proper way to use a curler is before applying any eyeliner or mascara. You start at the base of the lashes and then curl up, creating perfectly curled lashes.


If you use an eyelash curler after applying liner and mascara your liner will smudge because the curler is touching the base of your lashes. You will also create kinks within the wet mascara that you just applied.


If you wait to use your curler after mascara is dried, then you will be prone to breaking lashes or kinking them in an unnatural angle. Try curling lashes before applying liner and mascara to create natural curly lashes.



Wrong primer

Both foundations and primers are either silicone, water, or oil-based products. To get the smoothest coverage, figure out if your foundation is silicone, water, or oil-based. Then start experimenting with primers.


If you have a heavier coverage silicone based foundation, using an oil-based primer will cause your foundation to slip off.


If you use a lighter coverage foundation, using a silicone-based primer might cause lightweight foundations to break up.


Experiment with primers and foundations, but also try silicone-based primers with silicone-based foundations, water-based primers with water-based foundations and oil-based primers with oil-based foundations.


Foundation is meant to look like real skin and to conceal any uneven skin tones, but not to hide your true self. Wearing too much foundation will not only give you a “cake face” look, but it will actually make you look older.


When you apply too much foundation, it starts settling into fine lines, wrinkles, and pores and drawing attention to these areas. To avoid this, try applying foundation only where you need it and then conceal any other areas like blemishes with a concealer.


Unfortunately, as you near the years when you particularly need a concealer, it can let you down by settling into any fine lines, accentuating the ageing process.


To keep it from drawing attention in a negative way, only use in the inner halves of the under-eye area, and also opt for liquid, highlighting varieties, which are more likely to moisturize and smooth lines over.


Wearing glittering or colorful eyeshadow



Wearing glittering or colorful eyeshadow

Although it may seem like a good idea to experiment with color and frosty shades in later life, this can in fact add years on – drawing attention to saggy eyelids and dark under-eye bags. Opt for tasteful matte shades that give the eye a subtle definition without appearing too overpowering.



You need ample light when you apply makeup

Doing your makeup in unnatural light (like bathroom lighting!) is a huge mistake because it creates harsh lighting that either makes you put way too much bronzer on or not enough foundation.


Try applying your makeup in a room with the most natural lighting. This will save you from looking like you had a little too much fun putting blush on.


There may be a lot of changes to get used to as you get older, but there’s no need to let go of an effective and suitable beauty regime. From skipping lip liner, to going too heavy on the concealer, there’s plenty of common beauty errors that can leave you looking old beyond your years.



Clean your face before you sleep

As we sleep, our skin goes through a renewing process so that we can wake up to a rejuvenated, glowing skin after a good night’s sleep. Wearing makeup to bed not only clogs your pores and causes breakouts, it can also age the skin by sucking all your skin’s moisture out which can cause wrinkles or dry patchy skin.


Taking those few extra minutes to take your makeup off and applying a skin care regimen will save your skin from looking tired, sallow, and patchy.


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