Grow Your Business Blog And Make Money While You Enjoy Free Stuffs Eating Out Alone As A Stay At Home Mom

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Eating out alone and taking digital photography training online for creative travel photography and selfie snapshots can be fun, especially when it sends lots of dollars your way! How come? Well, we all got smartphones these days and almost everything we do is stored right on our phone gallery. You are not going to be rich if you just continue to save your travel photography and selfies on your gallery, but you can earn a few extra dollars when you use some apps and sell your amazing travel selfie photos online for advertisers use!


With the use of some fun apps, you get paid to shop, eat and explore your city with the Easy Shift app. The app gives you the freedom to earn when and where you want it. You can find quick jobs at local stores and shops through the app or simply take photos of products, check prices and review promotions. Payments are sent 48 hours after approval to your Paypal account.


You get the snapshots you need or take selfies on the road and establish yourself as a proven photographer who travel to shoot unique subjects for custom photos on-brand needs. In Snapwire, brands and creatives connect to collaborate and produce wonderful on-brand content.


The Servy app is designed to help improve restaurants and reward qualified diners for giving restaurants a private feedback. Servy is looking for passionate frequent diners and hospitality experts who can dine and at the same time evaluate by giving private, constructive feedback to help restaurants improve their service and offerings. You earn rewards and receive cash reimbursements when you give valuable comments to help deliver excellent service and make some menu changes.


Sell photos online through the Contribute Program of the DepositPhotos website. Register a Contributor’s account and pass a brief examination test that may just be as simple as uploading a few of your best. That is what I call as your portfolio. If you pass the exam, then you are allowed to upload your files to the site for sale.



For the foodie bloggers, who just want to make money from your blog through clicks on your Adsense, you can walk on the streets, visit some restaurants in town and create a good, honest review about the menu and the service. Earn a decent living from writing about your lunch and dinner!


Fancy chucking in your desk job to blog about some spa service? Have you ever started a food blog? Once your amazing blog is up and running, you can rake in the cash by simply enjoying food taste tests.


The more creative bloggers are really working with brands for creative content marketing or simply working as their brand ambassadors. However, one requirement is to achieve and maintain a huge volume of traffic so brands can reach your audience directly, which in a lot of ways can help you monetize your blog.


Eat your way to a younger looking skin and unlimited selfies for the rest of your life. Rejuvenate a rapidly ageing complexion by going out alone and just enjoy a blessed bliss having to put some time to yourself with yourself.


Don’t you know that spending quiet times can be rejuvenating? Forget forking out for expensive creams. If you are stressed, it won’t be effective in banishing puffy eyes and wrinkles. Believe me!


build your skills for your home businesses and make money fast

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Getting a younger skin and preventing premature aging can be achieved just by simply being happy and at peace with yourself. The message is clear – stress can be life devastating.


Get out and have some fun eating alone. You can reverse aging a bit by minimizing your intake of stress and reducing the rise of your cortisols. You deserve to get out once in a while.


I eat out alone

I eat out all by myself and take selfies as many as I can. Eating out alone can create unlimited selfies and can make you fat. As far as I am concerned, this statement is very true.


I have observed my external hard disk getting near the 1 Tb now for no reason at all, but selfies! Your self photos and fat around your waist can increase exponentially when food is easy to reach and the aroma is quite stimulating to the mind. Unfortunately, my body made quite a change as I savor the taste of the different cuisines and menus at the mall.


In fact, I have been wanting to flatten my sagging belly since time immemorial and yes, it is time immemorial, I just can’t make it go flat. I would be happy if I get a visceral fat reduction around my waist for even 4 inches. That would be a big yey!


I love eating out alone and I order a great meal all to myself. Generally speaking, I am not afraid to be alone out there, because I value my time alone. I am a travel and food writer, dining out alone is part of my hobby. It would be a bonus if my daughter tags along with me. Selfie would be just perfect!



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The only problem with being a Philippine travel food blogger is you get to savor trans fat as part of the menu. Dining solo and going solo has some major benefits though. You get to experience some solitude with full authority over your food choices. That would be, your dinner = your rules!


Eating alone can mean eating at your own pace and enjoying taking a lot of creative travel photography and selfies. However, you need to know when is the perfect timing for your dining. You do not want to dine out during peak times. For your own comfort, pick the time with less people in the restaurant. At least try to get some space when you take awesome cheesy travel selfies.


Visualize your alternative dining options and make sure you dress comfortably. Take props so you have something to play with your hand, when you are waiting for the food to get served. Bring your Kindle, iPhone, camera, notebook, and make sure you have access to Wi-FI. Taking pictures and notes helps you practice your travel photography craft and also, keeps your mind off from being too conscious eating out alone.



Making $$s

This hobby can’t be that bad at all. It helps you add up some small $$s to your wallet. I just have to be patient in exploring places and taking photos with the least cost using a phone camera. Now, I am looking to sell photos online.


I love the concept and I think I am going to retain the hobby. Travel, eat out, take better selfies, and sell selfies on the road! Content comes in all shapes and sizes. Turning your creativity into cash makes a lot of sense.


Where to sell your photos with more cash and less work

  • Shutterstock
  • PicFair
  • iStockPhoto
  • Fotolia
  • Dreamstime


Making money as a travel food blogger photographer, like a YouTuber or Instagrammer, is all about harnessing creativity at the heart of your hobby and apply some blog monetization talents, so you continue to earn money from your blog.

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