Send Money Your Way Using Email Marketing

Grow your business using email marketing. Simply make some efforts to grow your subscriber base and earn money from email newsletter marketing. Find out how you can make all processes more efficient and profitable. How do you think you should do this? I know email marketing services and their fees are an all time high, if you are just a regular blogger, then you need to create your own email marketing solution to make money out of email advertising.


You can collect emails through your website, social networks, videos on YouTube channel, or even at the back of your business card. You may include an online email marketing subscription form inside the article posts, a welcome popup form on the site or a popunder when they leave the site, or a sticky form that can be seen always at the bottom of the screen.


When it comes to call to action, adding the word download increases conversion by at least 1 to 2%. The calls to subscribe on YouTube may work well for you.


Conversion from business cards showed 50%, from YouTube 7%, and from the site is 7%. The secret?


Make sure there’s something in it for them and never ever spam. Think about the emails you open and those you delete immediately. Remember that these people are not just marketing email addresses.



Offer useful resources as a way to gather email marketing targeted addresses, such as free tutorial videos. Promote your newsletter signup throughout your website. Do the hard work, but never ever buy an email list for your email newsletter.


Here is another trick. Put a newsletter signup link in your email signature. This way the people you communicate with via email will always have the opportunity to sign up for your email newsletters.


Building your email list is a process that takes time. Be consistent in providing quality content. Capture your email leads without disturbing your visitors on the site.


Many business entrepreneurs have grown their businesses on the strength of their email list. For small businesses or small blogs, obtaining one huge email list can be pretty tough.


It is difficult to build a solid list, but emails are a great way to keep in touch and form relationships with potential leads. Ask for it during engagement or interaction.


The easiest way to get visitors to provide their email addresses for your email marketing is to simply request it. Build rapport before you ask for their emails. It is less invasive and more personal.


Another way to get their emails is to provide a comment or response cards. This may help engage them in the form of feedback or questions. If the customers feel strongly about their experience, they will be willing to jot down their thoughts and email address.


Get the emails using a personal and caring approach that encourages them to join your newsletter. Offering customers to send the receipts of their purchases to their emails is another way to collect emails.


Many appreciate getting receipt to their emails instead of the paper copies. Emailing targeted leads is more direct and personalized.


Customers tend to respond to stimulus that are more personal to them, or connect with them on a more basic level. Email empowers them to take action immediately.


The recipients are more likely to do their own research and learn more about the content of the email message. Email marketing is a very powerful business tool that can convert leads to paying customers.


Out of sight, out of mind. This is the reason why companies and brands make it a point to always run ads on print and other media even if they do not have a new product or a new campaign. The same principle holds true with email.


When you don’t sell, you can simply use the email to stay in touch or stay connected with them, which is the reason you are going to send them newsletters. Sending them helpful content would be valuable and much appreciated by your subscribers!


Even if you do not have a fully operational email marketing program in place, it still would not hurt to collect email addresses. Should you decide to fully launch into email marketing, you have already half of the work done by having an audience waiting to be tapped.

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